Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rose of Sharon from forever ago

Well...I see that here is another story. This is a group quilt started by quilting friends of mine in Miami. We called ourselves the "Rose Quilters"..probably because my husband grew roses back then. Actually he had about 80 rose bushes before we adopted our two children. Children are expensive and time consuming...thus, all the roses died and our antique quilt collection stopped. It was ok...nice new things came...Anyway, the exchange blocks went thru this group, but since I was ambitious and wanted big, I also sent them to my husband's sisters in Ireland and to my grandmother and sister and friends, etc. I ended up making a few extra to complement the quilt size. It was lovely and just what I wanted. That was 25 years ago. And it sat and it sat and it sat. I took it out to share with my group here in Charlotte and they noticed brown mildew spots starting to form on it. Oh...I get it now...nothing lasts forever? So I made a huge decision and went against all my downhome values and sent it out to a longarm quilter by the name of Deborah Norris in Gastonia, NC. Now this hurt. It hurt my pride that I would never hand quilt it and it hurt my pocket book and it hurt my fantasy that there was no time limits on life. Reality is tough stuff. Now the good part. I love it and it is done and I love it again. Deborah did a wonderful job and I still have all the memories of blocks hand appliqued by friends and family... some long passed on to another world...(ps the spots came out) And so, now I show you my Rose of Sharon from forever ago.

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