Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bath Toy Bag

The bath toy bag is a tutorial from It was alot of fun to make and I should have made it long useful. Instead of buying mesh fabric, I bought an already made mesh bag from Walmart for $1.98 and cut it in half. Before cutting it in half, I anchored the mesh by doing a zigzag stitch on either side of the cutting line.

Instead of using ribbon, I used Batik fabric scraps as they do not fray. I attached the scraps with a zigzag stitch. For the top edging, I first pinked the edges and then folded Batik scraps over the edge and did a zigzag stitch in the middle of the binding.

These two bags cost $1 each to make. The awesome, strong suction cups from Walmart were $3.98 a package of two.

One is for my bathroom and one is for the bathroom at my grandchildren's house. Thank you Ashley for the tutorial and great idea.

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