Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daddy's shirts #5

I know why I just love quilts when I touch this one. It is so soft. I made it six years ago as the last of 5 quilts made from my father's shirts. I found it upstairs in my son's old room and decided to add more quilting to it. Soft, with memories of Daddy flooding in. He was born in rural Alabama, one of five. His mother died on Christmas day when he was twelve. Christmas then was a shotgun fired in the air to memorialize, no presents and no tree. He dropped out of school at 8th grade and joined the Air Force as soon as he was able. The Air Force gave him his education as an airplane mechanic and gave him a nice life. He met my mother at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.
We had so much fun growing up with Daddy cooking breakfast at sunrise in the desert and travelling all around Europe while based in England and France. He had the best heart and he could build and fix anything. He was a whiz at the card game Hearts..remembering every single card played. I feel this all with the patches from his shirts here on Daddy's shirt quilt # 5.

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Momma Made This said...

Beautiful! And such a nice memento of your Daddy.

~ Ronda