Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quilting soothes the crabby day....St.Paddy's Day process

Today I was the crab of all crabs...grrr...My husband hurt his back and has spent all Easter with severe pain in the bed.  Yesterday we went to the spine doctor..me on my cane and him on me...Jeeze Louize..the nurse had to walk the two of us to the car just like old folks!!  Today, my clients were tough and the paperwork was annoying and on top of all that, my mother's bills were due..and due now, so I had to just sit down and pay them.  The highlight of the day was that my daughter in from Europe, cut our grass!!! So, finally what did I do that always works...sat down to my awesome Janome 6600 and quilted my St.Paddy's Day quilt...ooooo does that crabbiness just melt away....lucky me (and lucky those around me too:)


MariQuilts said...

Amazing how that works.

Teresa said...

Oh so sorry - that does sound like a day that would make me crabby too! Lately I like to take a nice glass of lemonade, tea or fresca, some handwork and sit out under the shade tree in my swing...that does the trick for me.