Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pink four patches...tops done...all 108 blocks used up

Here are the last two of three quilt tops I have made with the pink 4 patches, all 108 blocks now used up with no orphans!  yup...finished.  So, for the record, I am no longer striving for calm.  It is not possible and why would I even think of it.  I do like to do all quilts, modern, antique reproductions, liberated..but mostly love scraps.
 The blue batik used in the above scrap quilt comes from a town called Mountain View, I think...We used to stop there at JoAnn's fabric store on the way to Pittsburgh from Charlotte to visit our daughter when she was in college at Carnegie Mellon.  It was such a treat since Charlotte doesn't have a JoAnn's store.  I just love a fabric memory.
Finishing this cuddle quilt above with the last of the pink four patches reminded me of the sale at a local quilt store a number of years back.  There were hundreds of bolts on sale for $4 a yard and crowds and crowds of women in line to buy fabric.  Whenever a bolt was emptied, they would ring a big bell and was great fun.  When I finished this third top this evening, that is exactly how I felt!!!  Ring out these pinks with a big bell and a shout!

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