Sunday, May 22, 2011

The process of scrap quilting at my house

The starting of something new for me is usually done to avoid doing something I do not want to do like paperwork for my business, or finishing a quilt project where the thought process is not an easy one.  There is absolutely no conscious thinking in grabbing two kinds of old pink fabric and cutting it into 3 inch strips.  Maybe subconscious, since I knew I had already a draw full of 3" scrap strips and that I had not worked with pink in awhile, but to me that was not thinking.  Grabbing random old scraps to put with the newly cut pinks was relaxing and no thinking...All random and relaxing.
 Slicing these sewn strips was also mindless to me as the board is marked for three inch cuts and that was all I was doing.  Here are the cut pieces.
 Mindless strip sewing these two piece halves together is also mindless since the strips were all pressed toward the pink and thus fit together just fine...relaxing strip piecing.  But, now the thinking the strip piecing goes on...the mind starts working.
 How in the world am I going to showcase 108 pinkish 4 patches so the quilt will be interesting??
.Stay tuned...but then, this requires some thought so I guess I could start something new???  ha ha
Well, it is late, so Pumpkin will help me think...tomorrow!

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