Sunday, August 28, 2011


1.  The good thing...Thanks to my wonderful honey..I now know how to add a "button" to my blog:)
2.  The not so good news....My mother has not been the same since she got out of the hospital 3 weeks ago.  She has been unable to go out for a ride and she is fatigued.  Disease process.  Hate that Parkinsons.
3.  Medium news.  Bad me decided to go ahead and buy the grey owls for the border of my Trip Around the World.  I just really like it and am indulging myself.  Good news is that when I put "Alexander Henry's Spotted Owl Fabric in Grey" in the google header, it came up with several places to buy it with different choices on price.  That is very good news in our busy society instead of calling stores, etc.  So I bought it.  I chose this site Fashionable Fabrics because they were cheapest and varied the shipping price and were fair about it.
4.  Good news is that it is soon September and I am cleaning my screened in porch to have my friends and family join me outside and maybe even my sewing machine soon:)
5.  Good news is that after 20 years of living in Miami terrified of hurricanes and sleeping under mattresses in the hallway during hurricane Andrew, I no longer live on a coast.  


Jan said...

Isn't it exciting when you can locate the fabric you've searched for? Love the internet!
Keep your chin up with your mom. My mom pretty much eats something at meals, but naps afterward. I guess it is better than being awake and not feeling well.

Taryn said...

I enjoyed your musings - life is a mixed bag, isn't it? I would celebrate leaving hurricanes behind. Irene was nothing compared to Andrew and it was frightening. The wind is just relentless. Sewing on the porch sounds like a little slice of heaven.