Monday, August 22, 2011

Trip Around the world process

I always feel good when I am in the middle of a process that is going well.  I only have one more set of this Trip quilt to make and then I will make them into tubes for the quadrants.  I just had to share a good moment cause I surely can share the crabby ones:)  Ruth gave me the directions.on paper, but now Ruth is on a plane on the way to Scotland to start her masters degree.  I found a similar site here at  Ludlow Quilt and Sew and at Quiltville
 Then I found this backing which is perfect for the boy cuddle quilt.  It was a child's bed sheet from IKEA..3 yards for under $8 and I have quite enough.  If you keep a fabric long enough, you will find the piece it is destined for !!
Happy Day!!  This morning when the phone rang, I expected the worst...but, it was the greatest beginning to a happy day.  It was my daughter, Emily on the phone.  I couldn't believe it..she sounded like she was calling from next door, but she was calling from her vacation in Barcelona, Spain.  She sounded soooo happy.  And as we all know, a happy child makes a happy mother...even when they are grown up.

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