Friday, September 16, 2011

The busy...

  So, what am I supposed to do while the ongoing drama of the new kitchen proceeds.  Cannot walk on the newly laid tile, gotta get all those potholders done..DONE!  30 potholders...I have outdone myself.
 10 are spoken for for the fall bazaar, 4 are gifts of great thanks for folks who were irreplaceable when my mother was in the hospital, 2 are for my sister who wants to give them for gifts and has no time to make them herself...That leaves only 14 for my holiday giving.  But, as we know, done is such a wonderful word in this busy life of ours.  Remember this post, if you want to make some yourself.
 Above you can see the gift of love as friends help baste a small quilt made by my sister for a soldier's child.

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