Saturday, October 1, 2011

Musings again!

When folks say that life is just like quilting, I say, AMEN.  Just when I am going in one direction, life/quilts take me in another.  As you can see from Milito below, I am not the only one searching...I left the hutch door open for just one minute, hair on my favorite batiks.
 Accomplishment today...the block of the month for our Guild...done
 While cleaning up the piles on my table, I found several UFOs.  The following I decided to put on my design wall, again.
Next, I found these blocks that I have been keeping for 20 years for a quilt for my daughter, Emily...age 
8.  Now Emily is 28...too late for her, but...  

I just put both blocks together in one quilt for another little girl in my life!  Twenty  years to make a decision?
On the way to one place, oh, no...another place.  A huge stash of Christmas fabric.  Now what? 
So, isn't it all like life?  Starting out here and ending up there?

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A Quilter Awakens said...

It is never too late. I finished a quilt I started for my finace' in 1979 and gave it to our son on his 30th birthday. I couldn't give it to my former husband; that would have been weird. Karmen