Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The day so far...

  Resting the brain, then just because I had decided that enough was enough....enough was not enough...Fabric.com's blowout sale of $3.95.  After I did this on the computer, my eyes were shot..so I took some pictures.  I am so proud of myself using my favorite fabrics and of my random piecing.  I am very pleased with this little quilt made with a charm pack and my own additions.  You know I really love a one patch, no need sometimes to make it all so complicated.

 If you like my new blog format..we can all thank my friend, Wanda, who mentioned so sweetly that maybe the new blogger would show off my quilt pictures better.  She was so right.  Thank you Wanda.

Now as week 7 has passed, I have this mother problem.  She cries to all that I am sitting around my house sewing  and not calling my dear old mother.  Evidently, she says, I do not love her any more.  I call and tell her that I love her and did she not remember that not only did I call, but we had a great chat..yesterday.  She says that she does not remember.  I know she is used to seeing me very frequently which has certainly changed.  I used to go every other morning and my sister every other night.  Now my sister goes every night with great exhaustion.  When we talked last night, she told me that she thought that my sister did not love her either.  She was frustrated that she did not remember.  I told her that I did not know what to do about all this when I  left messages and called her and she did not remember and cried.  She said for me to take care of myself and that all that was Parkinson's emotional incontinence and improper processing and that she knew that but couldn't help it.  I feel sad.


smazoochie said...

Try not to let your Mom stuff get under your skin. You Really Are Doing The VERY Best That You Can!!! Don't feel guilty for finding some pleasure with your sewing. You aren't any good AT ALL to your Mom if you push yourself beyond your concussion recovery.
p.s. love the quilt

Dora, the Quilter said...

Diane, Can you give her something to count the calls with--I'm sure she feels bad about forgetting. Maybe some lengths of ribbon--one color for you, one color for your sister, and have her tie on on a plastic clothes hanger or something each time she talks to one of you on the phone. That won't help her remember what was said, but at least she'd have something she can see to remember that they did happen. I'm sure there could be other things to remind her, but I'm thinking the act of tying would be one more clue, and you and your sister could talk her through that each time.