Saturday, September 1, 2012


1.  I figured out Flickr...a lot of it and I have uploaded some more of my Antique/Vintage quilts from my exciting.  My daughter set it up for me 3 years ago and I have not touched it since..

2.  While my husband was at his doctor's appts, I drove to see my mother, stayed 30 min and only had to rest a bit when I got home.  Tonight I figure that I am 50% better...took 2 months..but I am hopeful...hopeful..AND, I was able to free-motion quilt a bit!!

3.  My husband did the shopping at Aldi..was gone forever...when he got home, I found a brand new Ipad 3 for me on the table for my December birthday we can sit in our recliners in our old age and email each other:)  So excited.  Now, I need to know Apps for above.

Not good news, my husband went to the spine doc today and now has to have a MRI on day at a time again.....

Good night...

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I had to laugh at the sentence about emailing each other in your recliners. When I was in Charlotte for my show DD and SIL and I would be in the family room unwinding from the day with our computers, Ipads, etc. and we were emailing photos back and forth to each other.