Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's doings..

What started out as a little project for my mother using up old fabric pix, has turned now into a much bigger event.  Everyone wants their picture on "grandmother's new quilt".  So, with Sunday's Hobby Lobby coupon, I will need to get more fabric sheets.  I have framed the pix I have with the DS grey dots and like it a lot.  Bright colors will show it off as I put it all together.
Then there is more.....This am, hubby woke up all headachy and is small wonder with taking care of me and the hospital calling him at 2 am and then at 5 am, two nights in a row to fix their computer remotely...jeeze louize.  In spite of how he felt today, he still took me to PT and to my concussion guru appt.  Both seem to think I am improving and that I should heed celebrating the positive strides instead of what has not happened being able to drive and read....fine..I will try harder!!!!  Yes I will too!!!

My 25 year old niece is having an MRI on Monday for a hearing issue hopefully not related to the mild Spina Bifida she was born with.  One more scare for the family.  My husband also has an MRI on Monday because he cannot feel a few toes on one foot....he surely manages to play tennis however! 

 My brother and his wife and their 19 cats left South Florida today for New Jersey.  That ends a 36 year life that he had in Miami.  Wow...big changes for my colorful family.  

 And at the Hospice annual visit to my mother today, it was revealed that she now weighs 95 pounds, down from 130 and up from 88...I had no idea.  She is in good spirits and life of the party at her residence.  Oddly enough, her doctor told her the same thing as mine told me today.  He told her to celebrate what she could do and not what she couldn't...Of course we all know that it is easy for them to say. 

All the drippy details of our life having been shared.... tomorrow is so exciting.  My group is coming to my house for the first Sit and Sew in months...just months..maybe in forever  .We will do it as a group, so I have to prepare nothing...of course the homemade fudge is made already:)   That is the Friday update.


Debby said...

Your Mom is going to be over the moon when she recieves this quilt!!! Have a great time at your sew in sounds like fun

smazoochie said...

Lots going on with you & yours! Best wishes to everyone.
The memory quilt project is just the thing to distract everyone & bring them together -- & your Mom will LOVE it!