Friday, March 15, 2013

Overdoing it!

Then, crawling into bed, I could not help snapping this.....Like , Who could be morose sleeping once again until a quilt more than 100 years old..on a cold March night??  Who??

Now...Good Night......


Courtney said...

Go to bed! I do love these blues and your hexies. Get some rest and feel better tomorrow : )

MelaniƩ said...

Wow, looks Great!

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Teresa said...

Hi Diane, just catching up on reading your blog. I have been looking at the Janome 8900 and just dreaming, I hope you are enjoying yours. My cat, Felicia, had a tumor in the exact same as yours . It was so sad to see it growing and it did get very large. Thankfully there was no pain. She lived to be 18 years old.

Enjoyed all your quilts posts.

Karmen said...

I noticed my blood pressure when down significantly after a 12 hour night of sleep, so, my unsolicited advice is don't short yourself on the drug called sleep.
PS LOVE those blues!