Monday, February 16, 2015

Big Crab Grandma...again..

This morning the kids and I dropped off Muggs' Valentine sailboat block.  It sat in her mailbox until this evening. She said that her mailbox was frozen shut...I hope that does not bode poorly for the storm coming our way tonight...knock on wood.
 Evan took one look at this block and said...I wondered where my shark boxers went...
Ha ha Evan...They were a waste on you are only 9:)
Anyway, a quilter has no qualms about theft if it will make a design work better!!

 Braving freezing rain, the boys came tonight for a visit.
We are calling it...Boy's night in!
Mr. O'Quilt just loved it.
Long time friends giving us a lift.

Sitting here going through my mother's paperwork and bank statements.  Gotta get this done while my man is still alert enough to advise me...God help me...Who would have known I would have back to back Hospice..Mom and Mr.O...seems like a nightmare..
.Jeeze Louize am I a crab.
  Guess now is not the time to stop eating chocolate and diet!!!
Maybe it is the time to go to bed???
I have called Hospice on how to handle an electrical outage with my man...they referred me to Duke Power disability page.  After filling it out, I called..
.Nope, said the lady..that is only for planned outages, not storms.
  In a storm call 911.
Then I called the fire department.  They sent our address and name to our local station who said...
In a storm call 911
So,..911 it will be..Praying that it will not be needed.
 Himself has decided that he no longer needs anyone to spend the night with him/????  What??
 Stephanie almost went home with ice storm coming and school out again tomorrow..
TBTG.I  had enough energy  left to throw a she is
Guess my darling is stable if he starts bossing the show again...
Everything is plugged in to keep the charge...cell phones, cough assist, suction, Trilogy machine, hospital bed, electric wheelchair,etc...
We are holding on for the ride!!


smazoochie said...

Just looked at your weather, doesn't look good. I am hoping for the best for the O'Q household.
Shopping for fabric in your sister's stash or your grandson's underpants -- if they help keep some calm in the midst of the life storm, then they are ok.
Take care.

Rachaeldaisy said...

The shark fabric is so funny and perfect for your block! Fingers crossed that you don't have to call 911.

ES said...

Good luck for the storm. I've been sewing orange peel blocks today :)

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Hope the storm does a detour round you. I love the boat, with sharks. That is a lovely photo of the men. Hope the positives continue.