Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lynsey Turns 6

The 16th was Lynsey's 6th birthday.  She celebrated with a joint yearly physical appointment with her brother who turns 5 in two weeks...Here they are...(before the shots, that is) 
Evan and Katie made the cake...Evan was so so so proud...Here they are..showing Granddaddy.
 Evan and Katie made a secret "Frozen" present..He is a proud big bro.
She is thrilled, he is thrilled, I am birthday.
Happy Birthday Lynsey!

 This morning the gift came in the form of Brandy and Katie...They took the children for the day.  I thought I was going to cry...again.
Working with my cotton and steel quilt...It certainly would have been dismal if I had stuck to only dark fabrics.
Unfortunately, I put several blocks together wrong...How could that be???  Look left side of quilt bottom four and five...The middle of the squares butt against each other.  I never knew that there was a direction to this pattern.  Oh, well there seems only  to be three or four blocks to be taken apart..not bad.
 I asked my husband if he felt despair. He said not.  I said..oh, come on...we could do despair together..
He said...Go sew:)


smazoochie said...

Those kids are so cute! I'm sure they have their "moments" but they always look sweet& loving.
Mr. O'Q is amazing. I am going to try to learn from his possitive attitude.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Your man is one in a million. I hope you enjoy your sewing. What a lovely birthday and big brother.

ES said...

A great birthday - and some sewing. fab.

ES said...

We're running late (sorry for short message today!)

Sharon said...

What a great birthday! You're giving those children some great memories as well as Life and Family lessons.

Your Mr. is a smart man. Sewing beats despair every time.

And don't fret about a couple of blocks sewn wrong. Not a big deal in the greater scheme, right? And if you hadn't pointed them out, I'm not sure I would have noticed them!

Karaquilts said...

Oh, you and your dear man get me every time. I am too often depressed and it ALWAYS lifts when I quilt, but sometimes it is sooo hard to get past it to get started on the quilting.

and I still can't find your mixed up blocks!!

Sew on ~ ~

ES said...

I'm hoping you're all safe with the bad weather xx

Shasta Matova said...

They are sweet kids. Happy birthday Lynsey! I think your quilt is sweet, and what you say is a mistake looks fine to me. Just a different design. I would leave it if it was my quilt. It looks like a free spirited quilt, and you just made it more so.

Rebecca Grace said...

Your Cotton and Steel quilt is lovely. You know, if you only had one pair of blocks matching up to make a triangle instead of a bow tie, it would be an obvious mistake, but since you have several that you sewed "wrong" -- why not leave them that way? I think it looks interesting; slightly random and deliberate. Just a thought. :-)