Monday, April 27, 2015

The Queen of Crabby McNasty

The disgruntled nine-patch...
dark and dreary...I will fix it with borders...but... glad you all live way far away...I am so crabby that if I open my mouth, I might have to go to the laundry room for time out!!
I was so excited to start the old UFO that I put on my screen saver..but...
I cannot find the blocks.
Stephanie cannot find them, 
Evan cannot find them.
No one else dare come in to look.
In the process of looking I found like 3,897 UFOs and I became disgusted with myself!!

Tomorrow I am going to try a Hospice bereavement group.
When I tell them that my mother fell out of her wheelchair and broke her neck 10 months ago,
And, when I tell them that my dear man died two weeks ago of ALS.
And when I tell them that I cannot find my blocks.....
They just might closed!!
I will just have to see.

Maybe anyone would be cranky if their room looked like this:
Today I went to the credit union to have them take my man's name off the account...They said:
"Not so fast" are too must leave it open in case checks come in in his name..
I cried.
My daughter and I went to Verizon to cancel his phone.
It is too much.
Should I do root beer floats all day, every day?????


Courtney said...

Wish I could give you a big hug and take a little of your burden from you. I'm sure the logistics of accounts and such is just awful to deal with. Keep playing with your fabric. Keep sharing with us here.

Holee said...

Oh I just love your room. Every inch is speaking about love, a day when Mr. O told you to "Go Sew", a day when someone surprised you with a postal surprise of pretty fabric. I wouldn't clean it. I'd be so afraid that all the chatter and love would run to some dark corner and get lost where I couldn't find it in all the clean.

I'm still here reading your blog. Some days you just lift me up where I need to be. Today I found a scrap of Cats on red. You were visiting me and I did enjoy the visit! Life will be different now for you and certainly different for me & Mr. O. But we're all connected by love so on days when things fall apart just look inside and Mr. O will be there with a beautiful memory from days gone by.

ES said...

I am sure this is a really tough period in your life, well done for managing some sewing, sometimes a bit of busy work helps keep your mind occupied. You are in my thoughts. X

smazoochie said...

First: curses to all the work involved with a death in the 21st century, it just seems such a cruel thing to do to a grieving family.
Second: from experience in the kiddie pool of mourning, I hadn't the attention span to complete anything. Invite your quilting friends over to help organize your space, get all your UFOs contained & at hand, then dip & dabble & abandon with impunity. No guilt!
Hugging you & yours.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

But you could move some of the money in the credit union to a different account so a criminal can't come in and pretend to be him and empty the account.

Bridget said...

Your room is a testament to you and to your dear man who said, "Go quilt." When the room hits critical mass and you can't stand it any more (like mine is today), spend just 15 minutes putting something, anything, away. Then, "Go Quilt." Hugs and love from Northern New Mexico.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I love your dark dramatic quilt. I don't think a tidy room is necessarily conducive to productivity.
Your room is cosy and welcoming. You are expecting too much of yourself, I hope you can find someone to chat to.

Karaquilts said...

You will show up at the Bereavement Group and speak your heart and all of the others will say/think "She's saying just what I wish I could say!" and welcome you with open arms!!!

I have some quilting thoughts, but I will save those for another day ~ ~ maybe you should just pull out all of your favorite fabrics, UFOs and assorted favorite quilts and throw them on the floor and then flop down and roll around on them all for awhile. Let it all touch and surround you and feel all of your feelings with you. I'm sure just touching and lolling on fabric would have to help ~ ~

justdonna said...

Sweet Diane, haven't seen you in a while and didn't realize all that has happened in the last year. I am so touched and inspired by your strength. Look forward to seeing your beautiful quilts again. Donna