Friday, April 10, 2015

The two sides of love

My daughter-in -law came for Easter to see her children.  She took some selfies and other pictures...on a walk by the creek behind our house.  I just love the I am sharing. 

I cannot sew.  I am grieving tonight for no reason at all...out of the blue... The day was good...I went to water exercises...I read my book...I watched the kids ride their bikes and go to Karate...then...when the caregiver was putting the mask on my love for bed...the straps were missing...I went nuts...Finally I found them underneath clean towels in the bathroom...He insisted that he could sleep without the mask...He is probably now blowing at 15% of what is normal to breathe...yet he has to be the stoic...even if it kills him..and I cannot stop crying...I find this so unbelievable that no matter how much support I have, nothing stops the core issue...a terminal illness of a wonderful man.
Now...vino tinto...enjoying these pictures..and bed for the crabby, irrational wife..
PS  My friend Mona...says that Pearl has a sister....Wendy Whiner....OMG


smazoochie said...

Good days underscore the inevitability.
I would give you the biggest hug, let you sob & pour you a glass.

Mary said...

Beautiful pictures of DIL and the little ones. Take care of yourself!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Such lovely fun sweet photos of the children.
It's so understandable why you feel overwhelmed with grief.

Debby said...

I think of you so often :) You are doing amazing with all the Lord has placed in front of you. Prayers of strength for the days ahead