Thursday, August 13, 2015

Passing....Passing it on...

Tonight is a sad and anxious night...ALS is stirring that nasty pot once again and a friend will soon be on her way to life's  last great adventure...
A brave and wonderful leader...xxoo Patsy...You are surrounded by love.
But...I am selfish..and every loss brings back the memories of past losses..
Mine are too raw right now.
Beside vino can that anxiety be tempered...
You guessed sewing...So smart you are!!!!.
Tonight, I have ripped up Mr.O'Quilt's suit jacket and with the help of the
I have made a small bowl for my sewing room.
I miss you, my love, but I am finding all kinds of ways to keep you close:) xxoo

Among my losses....are my gains...hmmmm

Grandma....wake up...I wet the bed...Ok..just let me sleep a bit longer...
NO...Grandma...I wet the bed and dreamed that there was a snake biting my toe...
K..Just strip your bed and go back to sleep...No..I am getting up..Ok. 
And then....He is a liar???  She called me a robot butt???
A robot butt??? 
 Grandma would not cry if someone called  her a robot butt..!!!!!.
Why are  YOU crying..???  OMG
I am exhausted...They are going to camp early. This one starts at 8 am:) two of cheer camp.
Now they want the kids to sign up for lessons, especially Lynsey.
No money for that...but a fun camp.
On the way to visit my nun....I got a peak...a glimpse of what I could possible become..
.Just sayin'
I could be brave like my husband, 
 I could be brave like my mother, 
I could be brave like my grandmother..
I could be brave like Patsy...
Just maybe..
an outside chance, but still a chance....

Unfortunately, every time I sit down to chill in my recliner, this old lady falls asleep????
What is that about??


ES said...

Being woken in the night is the worst! Hugs x

smazoochie said...

I think the lady falls asleep like a person whose mind & body have been through a trauma & is dealing with things as best she can -- and is doing much better at dealing than she feels she is. Your sewing room is a blessing & sewing up things that keep your Mr. close at hand even more a blessing. He's right there with you.

Gisela Suski said...

Falling a sleep in the recliner is a good thing, your body is telling you to rest. You are a remarkable person. God Bless!

Debbie said...

you have a broken wing, may it soon be healed!! the bowl is sweet, made from your husbands shirt?????

ps...i am yarn obsessed!!!!

Karaquilts said...

I am convinced that we are never able to evaluate our own bravery! I have never FELT brave in my life, but others have attributed that quality to me. So, yes, dear one, you are very brave. You got out of bed this morning. Your little ones are fed and loved and directed. You share your heart and creations with the big wide world and inspire each of us to face our days with greater insight and courage.

Brave on and we all cheer and share with you!!!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Your body is telling you it needs to rest. You are doing a wonderful job of raising your grandchildren, it is not easy in the night, I too need my sleep, if sleep deprived I become very unpleasant.
Making things is the way to go, I love your useful bowl.

Holee said...

I wanted you to know that my granddaughter has been allowed to come home for short stays...She needed a key fob for the front door. YOU provided that for her (the red fabric with the crazy cats). It's healing. Made us both laugh. It's so hard to get this sick child to smile let alone thank you dear lady. Sometimes we heal through others because it's just too hard to heal in our own pain.