Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Night

This on the design wall tonight..tomorrow will be brighter.

Fine...everyone has vacation but poor old Grandma here...
MP in Ireland, MW on the beach, KG in London, EM in Minneapolis, etc.
But, I have three friends here tonight to enjoy the evening with me:
Mr. Breyers, Ms. Hancocks of Paducah and there!!

Of course, I did not use this terrible word and I did not write this...but I love it.
Of course, I may have already posted it...but..I am allowed..
Of course, I have mud brain.

After the children are on the bus early in the morning,
I see the dew rising in the meadow and I feel your presence..
The home we loved together.
Missing you.

My yard looked like death  itself with grass up to the windows and weeds galore.
Grateful nephew mowed the grass,
And, my sister pulled weeds and fixed the bottle tree.
 So so happy...Tonight I bumped into a dear friend.
She gave me the ol' potholder motivation.
Guess I will start on the holiday thing now.


Holee said...

Today I put 3 snowmen on the kitchen window sill all holding gifts...they are so happy and made me smile all day! You need to do something besides potholders...something that keeps you smiling every time you look at it. Oh how I wish I had some little ones to make Christmas fun...instead I'm working on doll quilts for Get You Mrs. Claus South Carolina.

I know..and sorry, no one is in the Christmas mood yet but under the circumstances at my house I really needed to be able to enjoy it.

What a beautiful house! It is so homey and inviting.

Debbie said...

Well, the house looks great now.....and I LOVE that sign. I would love to see a picture of your bottle tree!!

smazoochie said...

You & I are the poor, sad vacation-less. :(
What a dear home, full of memories, full of love.

Rachaeldaisy said...

That saying made me laugh out loud!!