Saturday, August 8, 2015

Shot the quilt and in the brain..

I was thrilled to finally be finished with this shot cotton experiment..
Then...I realized that I liked another border much better...
Jeeze Louize.. I really???
 What do you think???  The subdued dark purple..or the wild yellow batik??
I think I prefer the purple..
.Of course, now I have half of the yellow sewn on..
My muddled brain..
It should not be too hard to take off...just frustrating like most things are now-a-days.

Every small loss seems gigantic.
Another huge loss coming...will I be strong enough??
When I think of it, I get waves of concussion symptoms and feel weak and dizzy.
Can u believe it????  Still...3 years after the concussion symptoms ended???
I want to feel safe like Pumpkin...behind closed doors, immersed in fabric!!!


smazoochie said...

You frighten me with suggestions of an impending loss. Just a relocation I hope.
I am afraid I agree about the borders, I like the dark purple.
The words on widowhood are good for me to hear. In my brush with grief, I told a friend who said she did not like to ask about the ailing loved one, that the grieving cannot tell the difference between delicacy & indifference. Always ask, I said! She would not be bring bad thoughts to the griever's mind because the bad thoughts are always on the griever's mind. By asking the griever knows she is being thought of.
I am thinking of you.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Could you do a mix of borders for something different? one side yellow and the other sides purple? Your talk of more loss worries me too...