Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Candle Lighted

Just when out of the blue, despair is upon me
Just when I cannot see the light..
When I am furious that Social Security and my love's pension are four months missing
and they tell me that it might be September before I have any income.
.I am uplifted.

From Laurel in Katy, Texas comes mighty fine leftovers from her now closed bookstore.
Can you imagine...quilting books!!!!!
 And, in my mailbox arrived a piece of Art Gallery, Morning Walk.
Saguaros....reminding me of happy days growing up in Arizona.
I have gone from feeling sad that I have to hire help when Himself could have done it all...
To being grateful for the competence and availability of Andy, our handyman
for doing such a brilliant job.
We now have LED lighting in the attic, garage and laundry room,
Awesome lighting so I do not fall and break my aging neck in the night.

We have screens in the screened in porch that are dog proof, children proof 
.....and probably meteorite proof.
Dylan has a new laminate floor and a new bed to enjoy.
All so good...
Now, if I could only find out who hid my Hershey syrup for my ice cream
replacing it with some organic blah blah...


livelymonkey said...

Hooray to all!!!

Mary said...

Your courage is such an inspiration!

ES said...

A good handy man is worth his weight in gold :)

smazoochie said...

I'm sure those simple chores can really get to you. For me, it would be reaching things on the high shelves.
I am so grateful for your support net of friends, continuing to be there for you.
I wonder if I know your Laurel in Katy?

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm happy to know you're safe from meteorites!! 3 cheers for Laurel for sending such a great selection of books.