Saturday, July 16, 2016

"Grandma" is a grown-up name!

I cannot do it, said the whiner...I have a bad shoulder.
But do it, she did...shoulder and all.
I covered my ironing board with fresh new fabric from IKEA!!
Duct tape is my favorite wonder tape!!
 I love this..!!
Here are the all done potluck covers...
Thanks to my Wednesday night group who pulled thru all the elastics!!!!
Here I am...alone for the weekend...being a grown-up!
Yup...went to the library and looked for an hour thru some quilting books.
It was quiet and I had a beautiful view!
Also, I walked in without a cane...did so fine...
Went to visit two friends at their shops..
Came home with so much energy.
Went to my meeting in the rain...but used my cane..
Good Grandma!!
Big, bad thunderstorms...
I am having a surprisingly hard time with grief lately.
I just see my love everywhere...missing him with despair!!!
Proud of grown up Grandma..getting out of the house and
just getting things done!!!


Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm proud of you!!!

ES said...

I'm proud of you too! Your previous post really made me feel sad for your little grandchildren, the things that they can remember and the fear is really heart wrenching. Good for you to buy little vouchers for your local police officers, I'm sure they have thankless jobs most days.

I had a little cry just now, reading about Nice, France, it's just senseless isn't it?

Hugs to you x

barbara woods said...

been there , know it's hard

Holee said...

Wow, you moved ahead and don't know it! Seeing him all around is not grief. It's knowing your true love is there to help you on with all your shoulders carry. Before he was gone and buckets of tears came with that...but seeing him all around is strength, the strength the 2 of you had together! Once I was able to see my son being all around as the person who made me laugh, at myself, the one who pushed his Mom forward to finish all the things she said she couldn't..then I moved on and with each step I shed a little grief. We're gonna be okay. You and I are paddling our boats down the river and we're pretty good at it now!