Sunday, April 23, 2017

The O'Quilts clan carries on

Shoulder surgery....4 weeks to cure...NO
7 weeks to cure...NO
Every online link says 6 MONTHS to cure.
Where have I been????
Under a rock, I guess.
This comes as a shock to the impatient one.
 Today's progress... vintage blocks., rows sewn.
First time to sew this size blocks since surgery.
My left arm could not put them on the design here they stay.
Half way up!!  It is better than not sewing at all.!!
I found that these hand pieced blocks are the dickens to put together.
It will be hard to quilt with one arm....Maybe I will have to cough up the $$
for the very fine Mary Jerz at Seamless Expressions for long arm help.
I do not know...I have so many quilt tops to quilt little little energy little money
...and with one arm.
 A big thanks to Mary Jerz for the quilting...for Mary Coop and Kay Herald for the binding.
My now X DIL's wedding quilt done...but the grateful.

I just have to share...
My in room number two. Two rooms of mess.
Way to go Mrs. O'Quilts.
At least I can piece now, if not to quilt.

My daughter has just left the French Alps.(without the parrot)
Evidently the Muldoon Alps connection is very fond of red wine as well...
Em has gone to Belgium and Dublin and now is walking the fields in County Cork.
Amazing life she has.

Tomorrow starts a new quilting group...the SSSSSS group.
It is an extension of our Wed nte group..but at Sherry's house.
LOL...last Monday morning of the month for 3 hours and out to lunch.
So excited..Then....
A wonderful few days set  up now for cousin Ann.
Looking forward to another lovely sleep tonight with windows open
listening to the rain...sigh.
Life is good.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The April World of O'Quilts...

The unbelievable two....Black Belt Graduation of the first degree..
They even have their name on their belts now...
Soooo proud.
Boo and Stitch....loving that I made my bed!!
One am..and the way Dylan sleeps...soundly, I'd say...
Today was the day that my DIL of 13 years married a different man.
A good man....
I passed the baton to the new MIL...
Now my sweet grands have a very nice step-father.
They love him already
Cousins in the wedding.
Dylan...handsome and charming like his daddy...
 That is why he is named.....Dylan Eamon....
In the extended the beach is our Mamacita..
Looking for new adventures, she is now the bird woman....
Two months short of 100 years is a push to find something new.
Love you Mamacita.

And so it goes...but sew it not goes not.
Tonight is the night I will sew.
Whew....this life of ours....
Stephanie came with me to the wedding.
I  still am on the cane and in pain, but...
my brain is clear and my heart is happy.
What else can I ask for..??

OH!!!  Yes...Cousin Ann...coming Tuesday.
My cup runneth over.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Friendship and quilts

Our retreat....friendship and quilts
Cheraw, South Carolina.
Cabins in the state park there.
Evidently Sherman found this town so charming, that he decided not to burn it.
We agreed
The River's Edge Restaurant....Mennonites, quilts for sale and awesome desserts.
I bought a quilt, looks like it is from 1900 to 1920..stellar condition..
. I could not leave it behind.
What is the pattern?
My friends got quilt fever, as
 Look...a quilty visitor. to our cabins on Saturday.
.Joye with an "e" a local. She came to visit, bringing
show and tell...including the cool scissor holder around her neck and
the cool hexie notebook cover

Presents, Joye brought me a much needed adorable pin cushion.
Thank you for all...Joye..I am thrilled to meet  you.

The most important part of the trip was healing.
We are all part of a widow's group here, in Charlotte.  We have known each other for a year.
It was a death anniversary this Easter weekend for some of us.
I lost my love two years ago..
We wanted to celebrate our lives together with the happy,
not the sorrow.
Cabins rented for the weekend, Wonderful times had by all..
(Of course, someone we know...cut her finger with a knife and spent 4  hours at the ER)
Cough...wonder who that was???
Still had a great time..
The next day, a picnic by the Pee Dee river and homemade ice cream.

Outside in the beautiful, soft starry night,
We lit candles.
With hands held, we celebrated the joy and gratitude in life.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The O'Quilts' Update

First up...the naughty behavior of Stitch O'Quilts!!!!
New Parsley plant is not to eat!! Neither is the Basil!!
 Pretending it was not you????
 Who went into the laundry room, up onto a shelf and took the duster.
Who then, brought it thru the cat door into the living room to mess??
Just when I am trying to present a somewhat normal home for tomorrow's quilters.

Then....there was Lynsey..who called her grandma a very naughty word when she was mad.
Soooo naughty...
.Off she went into the laundry room for time out where she continued to rant.
Finally, a humble 8 year old emerged with an apology.
Payback time...I told the boys that Lynsey would now do all their morning chores...
Here she is getting the towels out of the dryer, folding them and putting them away.

The good stuff..
Marie's birthday party.
 Marie is from London...I made her a plastic bag holder from UK fabric.
 The best is for last...Drenna and Sherry fix my ice maker and shelving.
Can you believe it???
I ordered the part..Sherry brought her tools and she and Drenna took off the 
door of the freezer, took out the food...and fixed it...OMG
Amn't I lucky to have such awesome friends!!!!!
Gotta prepare for a Queen Bee sit and sew tomorrow am.
A one arm cleaning job...Oh, well...better than nothing.
I hope no one will mind the clutter.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

So Excited

I can make potholders!!!
I can sleep in my own bed and not the recliner!!
I am  doing well in my shoulder recovery!!
When one has not been able to sew for FIVE weeks,
Sewing is unbelievably awesome.

 I am sewing random scraps together to make coasters.

 My siblings and I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.
My sister just gave me this fabric...

Today we had a great visitation with my son in the park!!
Sooooo Grateful!!
He spends every second he is with his children playing with them.
He plays, "Big Bad Wolf" like his daddy used to play with him.
They played a water squirt game.
They ran and climbed the mountain..
He is still working, He bought them all pizza.

I am able now to prepare patchwork for my Easter retreat with friends.
We are going to Cheraw State Park in South Carolina.
A cabin on the lake with our sewing machines in tow.

Now, about my girl..
Just so you know....I did the best in raising her....Hello!!!
She told me that she has signed up to do yoga with goats in a barn.
She said that she has signed up for a wine tasting in a barn with goats.
Really, I did the best I could...OMG

And so today is the day for very good news....
on...a stunning day with Carolina blue skies.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Humming along....

Spring in Charlotte..
One of the dearest Clematis that come up every year.
Cousin Ann....Thank you so much for the gift cert.
I had a great time finding these gems at Hancock of Paducah

Thursday was:
A sweet rainy day....lovely lunch with friends...and potholder viewing...nothing like a quilter's lunch.
Wednesday night was a wonderful quilty group at my house. Actually I had lunch with a different friend every day this week. Today I spent time alone...grand!!.

Children doing so well..Great school communication...all so system in place and flourishing.

At Charlotte Modern Quilt meeting on Tuesday night some folks wanted to see my sewing room.  I went through my posts and found these two.....old posts.  I know that there are more...but...

I want to add the ironing board tute to my  blog page, but I do not know how.
My dear man used to do this for me.  Any help is appreciated.

My shoulder is healing.  My stamina is weak.  My friends are wonderful..My patience is improving.

Today is Saturday.  I am reading pablum...MP says that it does not always have to be literature..That is a good thing, because this is is sitting in my beautiful yard.  Today is a wonderful  day.

The children are spending the night with their mother who is doing very very well.  I can sew again...piece, not quilt...but it brings joy.

It feels so good to be able to share the sun.