Sunday, July 18, 2010

My design wall

What to do when my design wall is already occupied???? When I am bored with what I am doing and have an itch to start something new??? Here is the design wall alternative. A felt backed vinyl tablecloth. This one was purchased at Walmart on after Christmas sale for 50 cents. I have Halloween ones, Christmas ones, matter what they are on the right side, it is the flannel side that I want. Here I have caught it in the doors of my hutch and stuck the blocks of my latest quilt on the flannel without pins. The beauty of this, is that once the blocks are placed right, I can pin them on to the flannel and fold it up to carry with me or to put away with other UFO's while I start still another new one:) I always take a tablecloth like this to a workshop to have an instant design wall.
This is a close up of this work in progress from Moda Bake Shop...

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