Monday, July 31, 2023

As the Day Goes.......

Amanda Gorman, our poet laureate, depicted on fabric:

Just finished Sally's birthday present.  Fun fabric from Spoonflower.  A bag she will love with a shiny penny inside for good luck. It is late, but still, I finished glad.  Sally is part of my support system  here.  I  used this tute: Small String Bag

More family drama...but, I  have to save myself.  My well is empty and dry. I will not have a misguided sense of responsibility.  I am better. I got a text from someone named Debbie Downer....hmmm..I did not answer it as I know in my heart, she is Pearl's first cousin.  Deleted!!

My daughter in Oregon found a mother and child hiking/camping group on Facebook.
There was a slot free, so she took it.  Aoife and Em went to the  mountains for the weekend with their tent and had a great time with new friends.  OMG, that girl of mine is raising that girl of hers.!!


Thursday, July 27, 2023

Mrs. O'Scraps and Her Horrible, No Good Great Day

My new cousin, Mary Lou sent me this picture of a butterfly on a butterfly bush from  her garden.
Amazing how it brightened my day.  xoxox ML
Here I was last night, in a better mood...playing with scraps for a potholder

Spoonflower just had a 50% off fat quarter sale.
These two fabrics just  made my day better.
Life's strange twists....My mother's neurologist loved and loved the potholders I gave her.  I promised her more.  That was 9 years ago just before my mother died.  OMG..Yesterday I met a new friend who lives here. She was going to the same doctor.  I sent the potholders with her to the doctor.
NINE years later, she knew exactly who they were from...So nice.  She called me tonight to say thanks and catch up...Lovely.
Continuing my day, a visit at our consignment shop..I nabbed this basket for 6$
A thrill as I love baskets.

Dinner tonight with friends  here...and the mood hit...Must find out who Pearl's sister is.
I  am so  looking for my people here...I told a friend to clarify her statements about the negative comments  yesterday.  She did not know what I was talking about!!!!!
How in the world could I have such unrealistic expectations of friends.????

We do remember that  unrealistic expectations bring about resentments...and Bingo. I was there.
I am not the only one who has suffered major losses in life...
I do think that week 3 of this  post operation recovery business has distorted my mind.

I am reminded of the saying, "If  you are  up in your head, you are in a very bad neighborhood!!"

Lucky  me has a brand new chance tomorrow..

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Holding on by a String, or Two

Our Aoife turned 3 on July 22nd...Here she is in  her bed with her new birthday friends.  Big teddy from Ireland and foxes, made by her ma!!
Aoife's favorite present, a rubber camera that actually takes pictures.
Her birthday dress:  Liberty of London, made by her mother.
YUP, this is the very same daughter of mine who, on leaving for college, exclaimed that she never wanted to see a sewing machine again..!!!  Ha!  Two weeks later, she called me for a sewing machine to make pillows for her apartment.  Now my Emily, is quite an accomplished dressmaker and quilter...a mother's pride!!!
Carrying on through this crazy recovery process with potholders...OMG
I have spent a lifetime with people, listening to their sadness, etc.  As I struggle for friendships here, I find that people only want my friendship if I am upbeat and fun to be around.  Every stressor brings back all the other grief. So, my guess is that I am hard to be around for some.  It is so disappointing.  
ALS stole my man, leaving a hole forever empty.
Veggie haul from my girl's garden plot.
A joyful sight.

Bed here, waiting for the morning light.
Thank God, Pearl  is dead.  Surely hope  her sister does not show  up.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

How Can This Be???

 Lucky me had a visitor on Thursday.  Thirteen year old Dylan came to help his grandmother.  He made bobbins, watered the garden, lifted things, emptied wonderful.  We visited, went down  to lunch and enjoyed each others company.  He was here 5 great hours.

Doctor's orders for me not to go in the pool, but Dylan did..performing legs up the entire time.

                         After Dylan left, I went down to dinner with friends...So happy I am better.

Until I am not.

Yup, I overdid it and have spent the past two  days in bed or lounging around, lightheaded and fatigued...OMG, How can this be????  Extrovert here, hates to hang out alone.  No choice now.

Meantime, in Portland, Oregon, our Aoife turns 3. Today is her birthday.  Her family is taking her camping to celebrate and getting her her requested donuts. Picture below was found on Instagram from her pre-school.

In between resting, I found these old blocks.  They are so awful, I do not want to work on them....On the other hand,  I could probably make  the quilt attractive enough for the holiday giveaway in West Virginia.  Margaret said that they ran out of quilts last  year.

My useful and well used bowl cozies...right out of the dryer....all fluffy and nice.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring???
It is so hard to "suck it up, buttercup" when I really want to go out and play like all my friends....Oh, well...
Still a spoiled baby!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

 With great relief, I am reporting that I am better.  Today marks the end of week two post surgery. I woke up with joy!!!  Today I had no pain and only a bit of lightheadedness and fatigue...Today, I sewed for the first time since..... I made a binding and more:  A great day!

In a crazy moment yesterday, I gave an inopportune "lecture" to my neighbor.   Actually I gave two of them...all totally not my business...Dear, dear me.  Above is the apology note I made for him.
Flowers from my friend, Susan...perfect yellow cheer.
Tonight I cut out several bowl cozies with my great electric Accucutter..
I had lunch with friends, took two walks and was oh, so grateful.  I had dinner with other friends...lucky me.

Below is one more picture of our Aoife who turns 3 this Saturday.  Last night she sang the happy birthday song to me.!!!  My daughter believes in using quilts.  This lovely soft one patch, I bought from a guild friend who had died.  Emily took it home and decided it was a perfect picnic quilt...

Thank you all for your support..xo
I was almost afraid to post about this great day.....I do not want to jinx tomorrow.
Did I mention gratitude?? 

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

And, the Other Shoe Drops.....a Journal Entry

Sunday night at 4 am, I called an ambulance to our main trauma center where  I had had my two operations 6 days ago.  I was so dizzy. My daughter had just left that afternoon.  I was wobbly a bit then...but we thought it was due to two robotic surgeries at once with a long anethesia time..Be patient everyone have had a trauma to your body.

Well, more trauma was awaiting.  The ambulance rides were like a rollercoaster...getting me in, getting me out, deciding that that ambulance was the wrong one, so another was called...OMG..Since I was post op just a few days , the ER took me right in..Then the excitement of a big city ER started: car accidents, fights, shootings, fevers...etc...etc...  I waited 12 hours in that experience to behold....First of all, the nurses had pink hair, body piercing and tatoos....OK...I do not mind.....It was just not what I had expected in the big ER.   Big city culture  shock.  Old lady culture shock. And, to me, all the staff looked 12.

While I waited, tests were run...heart scans, chest CAT for post-op blood clots, bladder scans, 25 million blood pressure checks, blood tests,, OMG....Meantime, my surgical incisions hurt and I was overwhelmed.  The hospital was completely full, ER patients lined the hallways, were put into former storage rooms, where boxes were stored, and the basement....The staffing was perfect, the space was just not there.

All  staff were pleasant, smart and efficient.  My experience was an A plus one.

I was sick.  I arrived at 4 am and at 4 pm, I received a  holding  room...a tiny but room on a floor.` More BP tests, more name and bday giving...more Oxygen.

I did not want my friends and family bothered, so I did not tell them.  Meantime every test..heart and lung, post op incisions...all wonderful...everything wonderful...except for the blood pressure.  I never had a problem with that before....Well evidently post op, it was decided I needed BP meds and either I did not  hear it or did not believe it so I did not take them.. 

 In the morning I sent my doctor a text.  She looked into the hospital system from her computer and the numerous BP squeezes and said my BP was erratic and to take the meds. I then told my family who did not take kindly to this new state of affairs, especially Emily who had just then returned home to Portland Oregon.  Good thing I called her because soon after that, the nurse at my apartment complex decided it was her job to call her.  It was a scare.  I will never keep that kind of secret again.

End of story...or maybe just end of this part of a chapter...I am now stable on BP meds, well hydrated and exhausted.  I came home this afternoon with my sister's help.  Grateful I did not have a stroke or the many other issues that come with a 75 year old under stress having high BP   I feel amazingly well...Again, friends and family stepped up and held my hand and my heart.

At the hospital, it was decided that a 75 year old woman should not drink Diet Coke for breakfast, so I was put on IV fluids for dehydration.  It was kindly suggested that I cut down on foods that affected BP..That would be ALL my favorites....of course.

Once home, I picked up the discharge  papers to discover that, my hospital stay was not considered an admittance, but a two day outpatient holding experience, thus Medicare  and BC/BS may not pay for it....Well I will just wait and see, because I have had every single test in town on every part of my body. The good news is that I am healthy...Oh, wow,  your heart is great, oh, wow, your lungs are great....
Hopefully your pocket book is great too..

This will have been one heck of an experience if not only did I have to ambulance to town, but now pay for it too.....

And so it goes...both shoes dropped to the floor.  But I have survived.....again xo

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Delighting in the Good Stuff

Thank God!! and Thanks to my village......Alive and well here in the Carolinas...trauma behind me.
Thank  you my friends for all your kindness and support.  Seems like Grandma O'Quilts has come sailing through another storm, or two.  So grateful. 

 It was 5 hours under anesthesia with two surgeries finished. Something with the anesthesia kept me in  the hospital overnight...I assume that is what is making me a bit lightheaded now when I get  up. Hard to walk with abdominal cuts...but for sure....all  is good...all is better than good. No more treatment needed said the doctors.  Everything went on time, like clockwork! So happy it is over. At least recovery is not bringing fear with it. !!!  My daughter goes back to the west coast today.  Safe travel..pls God. My sister back to work.  As life goes on.
Oh, to be forty and oh, to be seventy five and alive!!
Here: my Good Vibes quilting group  enjoying quilts and friends at the yearly quilt festival in Sister's, Oregon.

There is nothing I like better than hanging with family and friends,  sewing and chatting...such a comfy feeling.
Emily worked on my Mother's Day gift while she was here, helping me with the surgery beautiful. I can carry it while using a cane...

Sally's great sense of humor to cheer my  pain away.
Jelly beans
Family treat, my view from the door.
Mary Lou, my new cousin in Washington state shows off her canned cherries...WOW...Am I ever impressed.  She grows potatoes too and flowers........
Honestly, it is an absolute miracle to have two different doctors doing two different robotic surgeries together, all done, in one day...I am amazed.
Since I have the energy to post,  here is more:
Flowers made by my friend Shoshana in Israel..xo
Cards of faith and prayer from my doctor's children.
Prayers and love and cards and flowers...
I am one lucky Grandma O'Quilts

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Angels Watching Over Me

 Angels Watching Over Me

The good wishes are coming. I am grateful Just.look at the many friends supporting silly scardy cat me!!

My DIL gave me this for Mother;s Day...Today it is in a prominent place!!

This angel made and gifted to me by our Betty McConnell, glass artist in my neighborhood. For sure it will guide me tomorrow.

Her mommy and daddy's angel...Already practicing the look her Mommy gives to me!!!
And, she is not even 3 yet....OMG/ Poor Emily!!!!
Aoife  on a  hot day in Portland, Ore....enjoying the Tualatin River.

Jacqueline Winspear....Thank you for comforting me on my porch on a cloudy, 92 degree day. F
I am now convinced that WW2 was worse than my upcoming "procedure" tomorrow morning.
Our flag, our country....unfocused but still  loved  Happy Fourth of July!!! xo

Sunday, July 2, 2023

At the edge of the cliff....still hanging on...

My first purple Clematis at my new place...Planted by my friend EJ.  A big cheer up for me today.

I like to have lots of potholders on hand to celebrate here with friends.
Because I am having surgery Wednesday morning...I only made two...Love them hanging on my blinds.
My sister's gift to me today....She refolded my messy shelves....Isn't that nice...and really,  if  you want to know, it calmed my mind.  My mind is crazy.  It goes all night and all day long. It never calms and it never stops.  I really do not know if it is tired at 75....I am tired, I know that!!
The grands came by to visit celebrate with me Evan's 18th bday.  I love that boy so  much
He came with  his wild and sassy 14 year old sister,  his  bro Dylan at 13 and 5 year old Ava.
Me, of course at 75..I used to be wild and sassy like Lynsey...those times are so gone.

While they were here....Dylan asked me if I would like him to make some bobbins for me.  WOW!!
I used to use that as consequences for poor behavior when he lived with me.  He is the only one who remembers how....He also gives me the best ever hugs.  Will he  change at 14 like the other did????  I guess time will tell.

In the mail yesterday came more fat quarters from the dollar store...Ellen, my dear friend, thank you so very much....and thank  you for offering to help me on are the best!!

Mary Jerz has quilted some of my quilt tops. I need some help cutting off the batting so I do not have to do that with my sore arm.

I love all of my blogger friends as well as my locals...
Mucho thanks for your support xoxo

Grateful Me....Whose Mind Still Works

Thank God...cuz with every lucky, passing day...something new is about to happen.

Today, I can recognize genius when I see it.  Nineteen year old Mac Barnes...a brilliant fiber artist and scientist at university in St. Louis...shared this T-shirt quilt with me....

This is how he designed it...on Cricut.

Some of his work:

I am speechless at his innovative them so much.
And, I have never ever ever seen such a clever T -shirt quilt.

And, since my brain still works....I can appreciate it.

Below, other inspiration for me:

Perhaps Love, John Denver  

"One's mind runs back up the sunbeam to the sun.”   C.S. Lewis  1898-1963