Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Surprises

The lovely Christmas 
 My daughter made a stocking for me, filling it with goodies.
Starting out of course with that demon Kale...a Merry Kalemas, 
Better still were fat quarters and a walking foot for my travel machine.
I love my daughter.

Christmas was perfect...a lot due to my daughter and her husband...He cooked the holiday roasts and breakfast...and I was able to relax..finally....on Christmas eve.
Last minute finishes...
A see through bag made from Cousin Ann's sparkly London vinyl
This was for my dear girl.
This holds a snack pack decorated with chickens...My girl loves chickens..
Inside..  new seam rippers and new rotary blades.
All for her digs in Portland.
For my sister.....the wrapping paper vinyl zippy bag that was a total failure.
 First, I applied clear iron-on vinyl to only one side, lined it and zippered it.
The wrapping paper ripped.
I did not give up.
 Next, I ironed vinyl on both sides, it still ripped and was impossible to turn inside out.
UGH...TBTG my sister's birthday is not until Wednesday.
I have successfully used this method on candy bags..
I.guess they are made much stronger.
I learned the hard more wrapping paper bags.
Christmas dinner for nine..
Happy children...Little Critter house for Lynsey
Emily decorated with Christmas lights and a lighted miniature tree.
 New I-pad for Dylan
 Of course....old Zoe..cataracts and white beard
still showing off the Christmas spirit, patient and kind..

 The bitter sweet angst was my son.
He wanted to come to Christmas.
I had to say no....No because last time he was in such bad shape on drugs that he made us all cry.
No because he is making no attempt to get clean and sober.
No because when he is under the influence,, sometimes he can be frightening.
I want to protect both my grands and myself from those kinds of things.
I had to say no...but oh, how I cried.
We all love him so much.

Just in often happens, a gift of love appears.
I have not really heard from Beth in awhile..she has kinda switched to Instagram..
She is not a big talker, like I am..
Out of the blue, she remembered my birthday.
Her kindness lifted my soul and dried my tears.
A loving mug rug...already hanging in my sewing room
 The most darling chocolate panels...finally chocolate that will not shrink my clothes.
xoxoxo Beth...u r so wonderful
 In all...a very Merry Christmas

ps tomorrow is the day...I get my abscessed wisdom tooth extracted
Pray for my bravery!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Beginning of the O'Quilt Family Christmas

Merry Christmas from the O'Quilt family in Charlotte, North Carolina!
Here we have Lynsey leaving the milk and cookies and carrots out for Santa.
 She is reading to us, her letter to Santa. She is quite happy that he put her on his "good" list even though she had had some "iffy" times when she was mean spirited..
She thanks him for forgiving her and hopes he and his reindeer have a safe trip tonight.
She understands what a hard job he has with big, heavy bags to be carried all over the world.
Stunning hand made presents from my quilting birthday party last week..
Our talented Eithne with an Irish "Happy Christmas Diane" embroidered on the front.
Always a reminder that my dear Irish Mr.O'Quilts is with me in spirit.
If you look closely there is also an embroidered Santa in gold on the stocking!!!!
Just look how Linda did a clever presentation of charms...all sewn into a fruit bag.
Drenna made me a bag to carry shoes on quilting trips
And made this card for me.
Muggs made an apron with my favorite flower, sunflower.
All the chocolate and vino tinto make this a tight fit of love.
I am not allowed to spill on it...

And so it goes...I have tons more to show.
However, tomorrow early am, there is quite a time coming.
Not that I will be rested, but I had better go on to bed now.
Me and My Best Friend
working at the chocolate factory!!!!!
Until then, I am looking forward to my SIL cooking yummy Christmas breakfast
and watching the joy of Christmas in the eyes of my grandchildren.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Grandma O'Quilts turns 70 and there is no going back!!!!
Doesn't she look so wise??? !!!

 From my Lynsey..age 8
 Flowers from my girl
 Dylan picked his favorite jar opener...made for Grandma...
Wrapping paper....ha...I am going to make a vinyl bag from it.
My sister was born in Arizona.
From the white elephant Christmas party...I won the best from MP
And from my SIL...the best birthday dinner ever.
He is a wonderful cook.
My dear man died at 70....and I am still far...
So lucky am I for all my good friends and family.
My mother would happy you lasted so long!!!!
My daughter and her man are here now from Portland for Christmas.
My cup runneth over.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

I hope I did the right Christmassy thing...

Our Dear Dylan is 7, in second grade.
Dylan sat with me and stitched 15 lid openers over a period of days
He is so proud that he did this himself for his presents.

Can you believe tonight I just checked the Susan Branch Blog to find that she did this!!!!

 He is gone every weekend to either  his mother's house or to be with his cousins.
So, tonight I stamped and pasted and tied...his presents for him.
Does this take away from Dylan doing it "all himself"?
 I think I made the right decision.
He is a boy who seldom sits still.
I am afraid that if I make him do it all, he will burn out on sewing.
 Now he can just choose the  recipients and do the delivery...

 Lynsey is 8.and in 3rd grade.  She worked with her aunt writing a project on cats.
 For her poster, she asked for some of my cat fabrics.
She cut them out and pinned them on a small design wall to take to school.
She would not let me help her at all.
This girl has a mind of her own...she has a story in her head for each fabric cat.
I wish  I could be a fly on the wall for this delivery!!
But, the independent Miss...would never, ever let me...
Back to my adorable Swedish canisters...Love!!!
Today was the day I went to my grief therapist even though I felt good.
Of course after, I felt even better.
Today was the day I got a call from the school that Lynsey needed Urgent care...
and a strep test....OMG...She was put on meds and the poor darling
has to miss the Girls on the Run finale..
A run tomorrow in the rain with 4000 other girls.
Her poor sick eyes teared up at that news.
She was so disappointed.

Tonight I am watching Hallmark Christmas movies while I sew,
And, I am not crying...Wahoo....
It is midnight and I am not morose...OMG
I think there might be hope...HOPE...just maybe...
It started with BarBara's birthday present...
A huge box of candy...ha  ha. ha
I felt loved.
My daughter is coming in 7 days. I cannot wait.
Emily coming is the best birthday present I could ever want!!
So, as for the much feared birthday...I have had a long awaited epiphany...
Instead of being  hysterical that I am turning 70...I am remembering my mother's wise words..
I am being grateful that I have lasted this long...How about that??!!!!
I am also drinking red wine.
I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to stay up late and sleep in in the morning.
Weekend joy...just for me.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Just Never Leave Me Out!!!!!

Sherry's birthday fun
Presents made by me..:  snack bag lined with rip stop.
Sherry loves camping...This fabric is so adorable.
 Clear plastic golden glitter...from Cousin Ann in London.
It makes a great little bag.
Both bags close with colored Velcro

Dearest of dear friends in my ALS group totally understands my grief..
She travels the very same saddest road.
Voila, the birthday present she sent me today!!!!
OMG...How does she know me so well.
xoxox BarBara

I say Happy Holidays because I want to be included in every single celebration.
I just love a holiday and I just love a party!!!
Merry Christmas is my favorite.

I asked my son to come for a few hours this afternoon to put up the outside Christmas lights.
The minute the children got home, they got all cranky with old grandma.
You just invite Daddy over to do work when we want to play with him.
He is just here for a few hours, as it is two hours each way on the bus for him..
OMG...I can never win.
But....they were thrilled when the lights were up.
Dylan is only 7, but he is his daddy's kid...great work ethic, great ideas!!
Here he is in the tree helping arrange the lights.

Good news from my ortho guy today.
He said that he is so pleased with the x-ray results of  my hip surgery.
...... all the resting I did helped me heal. is the time to get moving...OH...NO..
I just love my recliner!!
...The joints on my other side will have to be replaced eventually,
but, for now they look good...TBTG
He agreed with my PCP, that all my fatigue was the accumulation of
my life's stressors....I do not know what they mean???
Do you??
A fun trip to IKEA with my group found these.
At about $1.57 each, they are perfect pillows for the kids to cover for teacher or thank you presents.
Way cheaper than making pillows myself.
Scandinavian...IKEA   love...
 The lights are up, the kids in bed and Stephanie and her man took  my son to the bus stop
Now, Grandma has some time alone..
Making her survival festive...this lady added pomegranates to her glass of beer...
Way to go Grandma O'Quilts!!!!
This is the season for peace...for now anyway I will enjoy

Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Night Note

Amidst me and my stuff, I managed to bind a quilt.
One that Terri quilted for me when my shoulder went south.
I feel a sense of accomplishment all over again.
I am working on a small gift for a birthday.
It has to be perfect because the person is perfect.
Alas, it is not.  Sigh..
Tonight putting 8 year old Lynsey to bed, she wanted to talk about death.
She is afraid that her mother's outside cat will die in the cold
She remembers how much she loved Granddaddy who she watched die of ALS
And her other grandmother who, at 50 died from drugs.
And my mother who fell out of her wheelchair and broke her neck....and why didn't she ring her call button for help...and what does Parkinson's do to someone anyway?.
Still my heart as I thought of her son...all homeless shooting Heroin.
His death could bring more trauma to us all.
Please, take care of Eamon

I tried to get a tute from Ellison Lane blog...Jennifer has retired from blogging and told  me that her tutes are all gone...soooo frustrating.  I had thought that they would stay on my Evernote forever..ugh

A lovely visit today from the wife, of the now retired, bee keeper..
It cheered me right up

Please enjoy a few laughs as ......

The Three Person Quilt

This free Saturday spent sleeping, pondering, reading, sister-ing and binding.
These vintage blocks were bought at an estate sale, top made by me and quilted by Terri.
I think I am going to keep this quilt.
Finished the binding tonight.
 Stitch is like a dog....he is everywhere I am.

I do not want to go to bed and I do not want to get up.
The holidays are so hard this  year.
Twelve days until my girl and her man come for the visit.
I am so blessed.and excited.
 This link is so on it...
Christmas Blues: Four Ways We Mess up Comforting Friends

I am all out of chocolate...just so you know.

Friday, December 1, 2017

December Begins

My birthday month means that every day of December, I plan to do something special.
The LED tree I bought last year after Christmas sales at Target.
LED has an odd glow, but I love the white balls...still thinking on how to decorate it.
The decorating has just barely begun....
 This artificial white tree as purchased  four years ago when the children came to live with us, 
and it was clear that Mr. O'Quilts could no longer put up a live tree.
Even though, it probably has seen its day, the children love here it stands...with love.
 My disappearing nine patch, showcasing favorite Christmas fabric
..And the heart tree Marie made me forever ago.
It has always been a favorite.
In Granddaddy's bathroom are the trees I bought at an antique store near
MP's lake  house last year...good memories are what Christmas is about. 
 Patterns from BHG magazine in the 1970's.
My grandmother embroidered them and I hand quilted it.
 Boo in the box!!!
 Sad and blue, I struggle with grief this time of year.
What fixes it...sewing...just got my bottom end out of the recliner and..
Into the sewing room...putting the fabric together for a potholder.
 From Quilted Castle on Cyber Monday came a deal I just could not resist.
I know, I know....I am counting the pennies and Christmas is here..
But......I loved them so and they were "almost free"....little snippets of color and joy.
Whenever the children leave for the weekend, I cry.
I miss them already, as the car drives off.
But, I know I need the time to rest  Stupid hip replacement surgery.!!!!
And..on it goes.
The children are growing older and they are starting to push back about leaving for the weekend.
Evan wants to play with his friends.
Lynsey wants time alone to play in her own room, by herself with her dolls.
But, when the weekend comes...happily they go off to their mommy's house
or to their cousin's  house.
I am grateful for the support.
There will be a time when their needs will have to come first before mine.
That will be OK when the time comes.

P.S  Did  I mention how much I miss Mr. O'Quilts?