Monday, August 29, 2011

Trip Scrap quilt done

I loved playing with colors for this little quilt.  I love the difference in color between flash and no flash.  And I love that I have a stash from forever because you just never know which fabric is so perfect.  This backing I bought in Miami and I have not been there in 18 years...sooo...but it is happy now in a new home on this quilt.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baking and scrap quilting.

A wonderful way to spend a Sunday night is to sew a scrap quilt.  The sense of accomplishment in finishing up is great.  Voila my funky scraps from my Trip Around the World quilt.
And then...behold...what do I find in my mess...OMG...a whole entire tube that was extra from the Trip quilt...Lordy...I would have done something quite different.  As you can see above, I was really scrapping it.. The lesson of course is that you can never use up scraps...only make more..:)
To the rescue, as always, is my husband.  Tonight he made homemade bread for dinner.


1.  The good thing...Thanks to my wonderful honey..I now know how to add a "button" to my blog:)
2.  The not so good news....My mother has not been the same since she got out of the hospital 3 weeks ago.  She has been unable to go out for a ride and she is fatigued.  Disease process.  Hate that Parkinsons.
3.  Medium news.  Bad me decided to go ahead and buy the grey owls for the border of my Trip Around the World.  I just really like it and am indulging myself.  Good news is that when I put "Alexander Henry's Spotted Owl Fabric in Grey" in the google header, it came up with several places to buy it with different choices on price.  That is very good news in our busy society instead of calling stores, etc.  So I bought it.  I chose this site Fashionable Fabrics because they were cheapest and varied the shipping price and were fair about it.
4.  Good news is that it is soon September and I am cleaning my screened in porch to have my friends and family join me outside and maybe even my sewing machine soon:)
5.  Good news is that after 20 years of living in Miami terrified of hurricanes and sleeping under mattresses in the hallway during hurricane Andrew, I no longer live on a coast.  

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trip top so far...eeek

I get so excited so easily:)  I have decided to keep this square.  I am working eg. thinking about a border.  Of course quilting always being a challenge...I am out of grey owl fabric...but that is ok...

The beauty of Pakistan's art!!

I want you to meet my new friend,...Khadija.  A beautiful side of Pakistan is portrayed on her exciting blog  I hope you will visit her yourself.  She has prompted me to get out my lovely hand painted camel skin lamps that I bought in Karachi when I was a young world traveler!   I especially like this post of hers Pakistani truck art.
 The holiday candelabra I keep up all year round as I do this lamp.  It is 80 years old from my grandmother.
My fair play quilt in the background over the piano, "A-mazing"Cats" have me soo excited now!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cuddle quilt for a boy..finished and quilting friends!!!! donation quilt for a boy.

 Look how nicely the back from the IKEA sheet turned out.
 Lucky me has quilting friends to help me baste.

So many laughs at quilting.  So many ages and so much in common...How lucky we are.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild

I had a great time at the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild tonight.  AND I so do not know how to get this button on my blog...I can get it on a post, but not on the blog...HELP..
Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trip process 3

Finally I can type..finger still taped but smaller...and I can work on my Trip Around the World quilt.  I thought I would show you the process here..The strips and the tubes and half the main part of the quilt done.  Looks like it will need a border to make it big enough, but I will see about that later.  Right now I am just so grateful to be back doing..  A design wall helps for sure here as does taping snips of each fabric in a numbered grid.  This is an easy quilt if you like puzzles!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


i was having a good day. actually taking a new client today after a few weeks break with my mother.  i decided to cut some flowers for the bathroom and instead of cutting the flower, i cut off a small tip of my finger which will not stop bleeding and i cannot type.  thank u for listening.

Monday, August 22, 2011

More Trip Around the World Process

I am pleased..just love these colors...

Trip Around the world process

I always feel good when I am in the middle of a process that is going well.  I only have one more set of this Trip quilt to make and then I will make them into tubes for the quadrants.  I just had to share a good moment cause I surely can share the crabby ones:)  Ruth gave me the directions.on paper, but now Ruth is on a plane on the way to Scotland to start her masters degree.  I found a similar site here at  Ludlow Quilt and Sew and at Quiltville
 Then I found this backing which is perfect for the boy cuddle quilt.  It was a child's bed sheet from IKEA..3 yards for under $8 and I have quite enough.  If you keep a fabric long enough, you will find the piece it is destined for !!
Happy Day!!  This morning when the phone rang, I expected the worst...but, it was the greatest beginning to a happy day.  It was my daughter, Emily on the phone.  I couldn't believe it..she sounded like she was calling from next door, but she was calling from her vacation in Barcelona, Spain.  She sounded soooo happy.  And as we all know, a happy child makes a happy mother...even when they are grown up.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scrap Cuddle Quilt for Boys

I am using here a scrap quilt I found Moda Bake Shop.  I didn't use pre-cuts, but cut from my stash.  I assume that a hospital quilt does not have to be an artistic prize winner????  I am going to wiggle stitch this with no border and turn it in at Guild.  It did serve its purpose.  My mind is back on track, despite the stressors.  Even if they do not go away, I am no longer obsessing...I am quilting..And, as Ms. Abyquilt says..a healthy dose of Vitamin Q!!  I do feel better with that:)  This quilt went together in 2 hours.

Sewing therapy

With a day to sew, my crazy mind keeps going to places of stress....crazy mind!  So, sewing therapy is in order.  I decided to just "Do it", the Nike way...and sew the "Trip Around the World" strips the way I had them more obsessing.  And, as my mother always said....when you are stressed, just do something for someone else.  Thus, on the sewing machine are the 5" strips for a cuddle quilt for a boy in the hospital.  I find myself making girl things when boys like quilts too.  So I just cut up some fabric in 5" strips and started sewing.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

3 P's. Purse, Pigs and Potty Training

The first P is the purse insert that I spent all night working on and is not really the designer brilliant item that I envisioned. My new Marshall's purse needed a place for my cell phone so I would not have to spend valuable sewing time looking for it in the bottom of the purse.  I decided to make it.  I took my oilcloth scraps and made this pouch adding strong Velcro to both the pouch and sewing the Velcro directly onto the purse itself.
 I thought that the one strong wide piece of Velcro down the middle would be enough, but  no, so I had to add a strip on top too.  Annoying because it had to be put on the purse as well.

Good idea maybe, a bit sloppy on the execution...time will tell whether or not it works.

Next P...Pigs
 Today we took a trip to Windy Hill Orchard in York, South Carolina.  We got Gala apples that were picked yesterday and checked out the pigs.  Grown up pigs are let loose at the end of the season to eat all the leftovers...nice Christmas holiday for them.
 These baby piglets were a great success with their tails wagging and their squeals.  Even I was surprised that the pigs didn't have curly tails like in the books.  Baby and grownups alike, had straight, hairy tails!!  And too, I was surprised to see black pigs and not pink ones...still cute, cute, cute!

Next P is potty training...Oh, the joys of this I had so quickly forgotten!!!!
Such an exciting weekend so far....tomorrow a day of rest at my sewing machine:)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tooth fairy not quilting

The tooth fairy came to the bravest of them all:)  me!  But, I think that the tooth fairy here is an international one...On a budget says the tooth fairy...who brought me $10.43 AND 42 pence AND .60 Euros:)  How cool is that.  Thank you tooth fairy.  And how did you know that I would find it on my sewing machine..hugs

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not quilting news

This morning I went to the oral surgeon for a "consultation". In 30 minutes, I was missing tooth number 5.  WOW....all that worry and fret....The difference was in the beautiful young girl who emerged before I went in.  She came out with a smile and missing her 4 wisdom teeth.  If she could do it at 17 with four teeth, then...hello...this 63 year old could do it with one tooth...maybe???  With a lot of encouragement from the awesome surgeon and his wonderful helper, I did it...although I really wanted that young girl to hold my hand.  And, then to top it all, they made me PAY for it.  Now, me and my friend, Hydrocodone are waiting for the tooth fairy!!  So brave I am.  Thank you for listening my friends. even better news, yesterday my mother had a chest x-ray....Both lungs are completely clear of pneumonia...My cup runneth over!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Trip around the world process

I am in a bad mood...again.  I do not know what it is...I have spent the past two hours trying to get a group of  9 fabrics for a trip around the world.  First I wanted dark, then I wanted bright, then I wanted green, maybe purple, then subtle, then contrasting.  If I could have decided on the palate I liked, I would not have had all this problem.  This is what I have come up with so far.  The beauty of putting it on the blog, is that I can see it in perspective and change it if I want to tomorrow.
Thank you Ruth for encouraging me to make this chart below before I start a trip quilt.
Maybe I am crabby because I have to see the oral surgeon tomorrow about pulling my tooth...grrrr  I am a total baby.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Homemade Pasta in Pink and Grey

This is finally finished.  I love to name my quilts..helps me remember them, for now that is:)  Since this quilt is also referred to as a lasagne quilt as well as jelly roll race quilt, I decided to name it Homemade Pasta in Pink and Grey.  How fun is that.  I do still think it is funky even for me, but it is growing on me.  I am wondering if it would be better with low contrast.  That is why I couldn't decide whether to post the picture with the flash or without...the contrast shows differently.  This is such a quick quilt, that even though it is not my favorite, I might try it in low contrast for a donation quilt.  Anyway, here it is.  Done!

There was very little thinking here.  I did add some muslin pieces here and there for contrast.  And, I added strips from my stash as this was a partial jelly roll from Michael's craft store.  In making this quilt, I could see how very many shades of grey there could be, just like many shades of white.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Shot cottons and shot wife

Letter to my Dearest Husband...reminding you of how 32 years ago...for better or for worse!  I know we are on an O'budget, but if you could have heard my heart beat today at the warehouse sale when I saw Kaffe's shot cottons for $3.92 a yard.  Of course you know I never ever pay full price, so when they said that in order to get that price, I had to buy the bolt, I knew you would understand.  Then too I know how health conscious you I got them in eggplant, lime, blueberry, tomato and chocolate (that one is for you, I mean  Is it helpful that most of my friends spent more money than I did?

 As you can see, the lime favorite I am sharing already.
 I know we need bread, etc..but as you can see the essentials are here and you always said that Diane's kitchen was your favorite restaurant.  Wait till you see how many yummy meals I can make from one carton of eggs:)
 A toast to the good life!!  I know that you do not drink, so I will have one for you too!
I am sooo excited, I just cannot calm down.
xxoo  I love you Honey...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jelly roll process and bewitching hour...Again???

I had to put away my Christmas angels because in order to do them justice, I would have had to get out all my Christmas fabric and it is only August and I have soooo I decided now at 11 ish to quilt on this..I hate to go to bed when it is 3/4 quilted, but we know what happens if I stay up...It is now 11:35...

I am so grateful for my Janome 6600 with the wider throat space and for my sewing room and for..good Lord how maudlin...good night:)

Chrismas Angel quilt process/tutorial

Took a nap lazy.  Now I am on to this angel quilt for my granddaughter.  Small little tutorial here for making a wonky block.  I took the old blocks and cut 1 and a half inch blue border..put it on to frame the white angel block.  Then I cut a 3 inch second border of the polka dots.  I wanted it to be big enough to cut in a wonky way without too much waste.  At first I thought my 12 and a half inch ruler would work, but ended up using my 10 and a half inch one.
 Here I am putting the 10.5 inch ruler in a wonky way on the block.
A cut around this ruler leaves a block in the cut I like.  Moving the ruler to the right or left will move the block that way.  As you can see in the picture below, the blocks are wonked to the right, left and straight to get the desired look.  My next step will be to take a 2 or 2.5 inch block of blue/red or both and sew it on some of the corners like I do to make a snowball quilt.  That will make an easy center square of sorts.  Maybe lattice or maybe not.  I just love the process.
You can also see that I ran out of the polka dot and had to substitute the white speckles.  It doesn't matter that the polka dot fabric is one year old and the white and red speckles are 25 years old and thus are different tones of red..It is all value and adds more character to the quilt.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Muldoon mottos to help me thru.....

Now you know me, all my secrets are out!!

 These are the angels from the past..I know that they are pre-printed but I think that they are adorable.  Anyway, they grabbed my heart last night and by the morning I already knew how I was going to set them.  Even in my old age, the brain still works all night while I am sleeping...TBTG...better than worrying:)  And I had better now turn off the quilting room lights cause I could just stay up all night and make this...but work in the morning calls me!!