Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vintage summer spread

Well, this little number is from the now defunct, Red Barn antique store in Greenville, Alabama. I bought if for almost nothing. I bought it, not because it is beautiful, but because someone went to all the work of bleaching the feedsacks and hand appliqueing, with black embroidery thread, this summer spread. I wanted her to feel appreciated, but I know she is probably way dead by now. That is how it got to the antique store anyway...and I bought it 20 years ago!! It is a bit rough and a bit different, but I love it and now I am sharing it with you.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Orphan block design process #2

Two more borders have now been added to this quilt in process. Even though two of the stars came from a Mary Lou Weidman workshop a few years back, the process of no pattern, free form cutting is well documented in the work of others, including Gwen Marston and in antique quilts. It is a wonderful way to create. This kind of quilting takes longer in my opinion, but is more satisfying. The work and the pleasure come in the attention to detail. See the added triangles on the corners of the blocks which add sparkle to the quilt and the second border that brings your eye around the quilt by using two colors, but colors in a similar color family. Whimsy is added for fun and for interest as in the chicken feet seen in the close up below.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Travel Potluck Bowl Cover

I had an hour or two between clients today and decided to try out the tutorial below. TBTG I work out of my home. With luck, my office just happens to be right next door to my quilting room. I have never worked with Rip-Stop Nylon before (the lining fabric), but it was a piece of cake. After it was all together and turned right side out, I decided it really needed a little applique. I found these leaves left over from Lynsey's baby quilt and a stray holiday yo-yo in a drawer...Voila with a tiny button. I am delighted with this easy and fun project and thank Allyson for the tutorial. (I just checked it all out and it fits all 5 of my large bowls.....!!) Yeah!

More news I am adding now. Since this fits all of my large bowls, even the square one...I have decided to make more..... So tonight I made a pattern on freezer paper so I will not have to draw the three inches any more. And tomorrow, after my water exercise, I will go to Hancock's and get more of the Rip-Stop in different colors....so I can go nuts with this easy and fun pattern for presents!! This kind of sewing is so very relaxing!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Orphan block design process

Someone posted a note saying that they thought we should blog about process as well as showing our quilts. So, I thought that I would do that with this quilt. These are the ugly orphan blocks left over for a number of years from a Mary Lou Weideman workshop. What to do with the UFO orphan blocks? Suggestions have been made to just donate or get rid of them, but I love a color challenge and I thought I would try to resuscitate and renew.
These blocks have been taken apart for a border challenge.

I made two more stars and this is the start of the new quilt.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My yummy purple "X" quilt

Please click on the "View " button below and on the Images links to see the rest or go to April 10th. I am having trouble with this post and I want you all to see this quilt I have worked so hard on...

My yummy purple "X" quilt..mmmm "X" block tutorial from Happythings
My yummy purple "X" quilt..mmmm [Image][Image]The lovely backing..........[Image]Being artsy like Kaffe......................[Image]The purple fabric is 100% cotton with little nubs...would love to know the name of it. I just love it. In order to quilt quickly and anchor it solidly, I love to use the "wiggle stitch". See this close up...it is so relaxing to do for a comfort quilt like this.[Image] http://happythings.typepad.com/happythings/2007/07/scrap-x-quilt--.html Is a great tutorial. The things I did differently....like she said making the square a bit bigger. I cut mine 4 and 7/8 inches and it was perfect. I also lined up the lines in the ruler with the lines on the cutting mat before sizing the block.