Saturday, July 31, 2021

Just Keep Swimming

Aoife is back home in Portland!! Here she is using her new skills of pushing a cart by herself.
Of course, she is adorable in her Irish nightwear and silky white hair and dimples!!

With my new extended sewing room, I have started having fun.
Pulling fabric is awesome.  Putting it away, not so much.

I find it very, very difficult to depend on the good graces of others, 
when my own family can no longer help.
My sister came for a visit today, which was wonderful.  However, she cannot fix the broken things around here that my husband or son could fix.  Handymen are scarce now-a-days and/or all booked up.

 I am healing myself by talking...Some people try to fix me by diverting my pain into positive. Just listening to me is so therapeutic.( for me, that is:)..  
I did  get some awesome advice from Sherry.....Just Keep Swimming
I have tied my new little cart to my sewing machine before I load it up.  I love it...
The latest excitement is a new lock for the front door that does not require a key.
Good for the kids, good for Grandma, just plain good.
To lock the door, just put your hand over the pad.
To unlock just put in the code.  Wish I had done this years ago.
Six months after my husband died, we were robbed.  CPI came that afternoon to see if we needed security.  The kids and I were all so shocked, I signed up immediately.  I never regretted it.  They have these lock pads, though I am sure you can get them other places.

My hair is down my back again.  My hairdresser broke her wrist in a wind gust on the Fourth of July.  She offered to come by my driveway on Monday, her first day back.. I am one lucky old lady!!!!
 I would not be surviving at all if it were not for such good people.
  Paula...big, big, hug....sending the children all their school supplies from Amazon.  
Kindness.....the good part of life.


Friday, July 30, 2021

An Oyster without a Pearl, is Still an Oyster

Starting here with our Dylan mocking his grandmother as she struggles with seeing, post cataract surgery.

Thursday's gift of family and friends aligning my new design wall.

Finally one of my  purple challenge UFOs back on the design wall.!!
New room ready for Sit and Sews
I carefully cut a 2 and a half inch strip from this lovely feed sack piece. Too bad that
once up I realized that the value was off...sigh!!
Below is the small trolley I got for the side of my machine.  It is only 4 1/2 inches wide, just enough.
Lynsey helping Sherry assemble the little trolley.
Below, more on the Quilt Show Legends...Eleanor Burns
I did not think she was my style, but I was  wrong.  I came away from this with great admiration.
Lynsey's peach totally gone..!!

A weekend alone...I will make it mine...writing a list of what the former Mrs. O'Quilts used to like to do, before life came at me swinging.. Stay tuned.
Once again grateful and thank you to my support system, my lunch buddies and those who have faith in me that I am a survivor!!

 Jane I lost your email address..pls give it to me so I can properly thank you for your comments!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Besting Pearl, etc.


Once again, that pest Pearl, would not leave my side... I ignored her and went to the pool....lovely.  Out of the pool, she was lurking by my car.  I could not find a friend for lunch, and I certainly was not eating out with Pearl.  Instead, I came home and went to bed!!  Lynsey so wanted to go to Aldi.  I so wanted to stay in bed.  Alas, I gave in to Lynsey and we went food shopping.  She picked out everything she thought we needed.  Once again, I loaded the car wrong, so I was told to sit in the car while she put the groceries in the trunk in an organized way.  At home, I was way too tired to help.  The girl put all the food away.

Pearl insisted that we sit together at the computer, but I bested her by looking at adorable pink Halloween fabric online, and then watched the quilt show: Jinny Beyer, a Legend at the Quilt Show

Pearl must have given up by then as I just loved watching the above show. I was surprised to see that Jinny was born in 1941.  Indeed she is a legend.  Again, this legend, too, lives on a huge piece of property with quilt designs worked into the landscaping!!

Above, is Jinny's first quilt...sign on to the The Quilt Show, legends, to see the fascinating way she blends fabrics.

Sherry's idea was to put my quilts in this cupboard instead of fabric.  So, I did!!  Some of them anyway.
Kids at karate tonight, using the tricks that they learned on each other..such fun...they are laughing!!
Tonight I made a pasta salad to go with the yummy salmon that Lynsey made.
The green pepper is from our garden...A garden of one green pepper and 3 cherry tomatoes!!
Tonight I will finish the bag hanger that I made for a friend
All this while I wait for the peach pie Lynsey has in the oven.
She asked me to help her with the I know how to make peach pie!!!
This morning we went to the farmers market for the fresh peaches.
Hoping my design wall can go up tomorrow so I can work on my UFOs
The next two days are supposed to carry a high of 97 degrees F.
We are going to play Canasta now, like I used to play with my own grandmother.
Pearl is not invited!!

Monday, July 26, 2021

I See the Light

 Tonight I watched a story about Virginia Avery, quilt artist on the Quilt Show.I remember her.  Born in 1912 and died in 2012 gave many the chance to know her.  She was so amazing.

The Quilt Show  (Cousin Ann gave me a subscription to this...I love it xo)

Virginia lived in a historical home on a large piece of property.
Can you imagine the reaction of my homeowners group if I tried something like this!!
Virginia painted this herself.

I have a wrapping paper book similar to this, from forever ago.  Find this one 
This is how I used mine:
The bottom decoupage is using a used tea container.  It now holds quilting supplies.
This one is a random sale box from Michaels with my  60% off coupon ages ago.
Once again, holding quilting supplies.
On my way soon to meet the family for late lunch, etc at my oldest grandson's job.
Then kids to karate.
Still fighting Pearl today...will be good to get out of the house.

Thursday I am hoping for my design walls.
Then, I can start to work again on my UFO's for group challenges.
Or, just play.

Right now, I am waiting for the upstairs carpet to be replaced because of the dog stains...Then, I just might have my place ready for Sit and Sews and pot luck dinners...(It will not be perfect) but ready!!
Oh, has been a long time.

Sunday, July 25, 2021


Tonight I finished a bag using my cool and awesome African fabrics:

The same bag, different sides.
The pattern is:
She has wonderful videos

This cat wall hanging is from a pattern forever ago...I do not remember the designer's name.
The colors and button eyes have always been a favorite 
Tonight I cheered myself by hanging it on my sewing room door.

I adjusted this shirt purchased online...Now I can wear it!

I admired the two lovely knitted dishcloths from Linda.
So encouraged by sewing that I did 30 reps with my 7 lb weights.
I did feel a bit sad at their neglect the past month....outside, lonely... was the day!!

I have worked all day clearing off things and doing laundry.
Things that Pearl usually does not let me do.
So so so happy to be able to report that I am sewing!!

Friday, July 23, 2021

Our Aoife Turns One In Ireland

 Our Aoife turned one and was in no celebratory mood....Way too hot in Ireland yesterday.

The party went on anyway...relatives, cake and fun.

My girl and her little loved.

Yesterday was productive here in Charlotte too.  
Sherry and Margaret helped with the house and with Lynsey, helped pick out new carpet. $3000 for upstairs carpet where our beloved Zoe ruined the rugs with her incontinence...Two bedrooms and a hallway.....Life...around every corner is a new surprise.

As for my Aoife, I have never seen her....sad but true and now she is one year old. Covid stole that from me...alas, we are all safe, so far.

Lynsey was asked to spar with the teacher last night at karate...she was pleased with herself. I was proud.

The children and I did some grocery shopping....They had it finished before I even had pulled out my list. And, they had it put away at home, before I even got out of the car.

Big big surprise.  Lynsey told me tonight that I should not fret on the messy dirty house as it is coming together....and, surprise...she had cleaned the fridge, checking dates and organizing..OMG

The kids definitely had a bonus on their allowance last night.

Lynsey and I played canasta and ate ice cream.  Dylan chatted with his friends on the computer.I exercised at the pool, the children got compliments...that always earns them a bonus chip.

My man is watching over us in the newly refurbished sewing room. The picture brings both comfort and tears.

A few things that were accomplished yesterday...Every little thing brings comfort.
But, it is the friends who inconvenience themselves by helping me, that bring the most comfort. They keep me from going over the edge.
I , also have tons of weight to lose...Alas, there is so much stress here, I must confess that I stayed in bed till one thirty and had ice cream for lunch. Had to throw away last night's beef bone as there is no longer a dog here.
Having the yellow thread rack back up with pretties in place helps too.

I am trying to remember that one minute at a time thing.
So, this morning I did three chores, not three thousand.
I am missing the comfort of my son.  And, of course, this widow thing is for the birds!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

RIP our Zoe

Today was the sad day.  My sister and the three children took Zoe for her final vet visit.

Our Zoe was a great part of our family.

Zoe all the O'Quilts do.
She visited my mother at her assisted living.  Everyone loved our girl.


                                                                           Even the snowman

This morning before they left....saying goodbye to Zoe.

The Rainbow Bridge for old dogs with lots of love left inside.  Zoe, we love you and miss you so.
The children made pillows tonight to sleep with.  Thank God, we have such a brilliant collection of fabric. Here they are with their lackluster smiles, on the way to bed to cuddle with the pillows they just made of Zoe riding in a truck.
We are praying that tomorrow will be a bit better.

A big thank you to all of you who commented yesterday with your encouragement.



Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sunday Strong

Yesterday's plan was for Grandma O'Quilts, Dylan and Lynsey to participate in our guild's Sit and Sew by Zoom.  It was hardly relaxing, but we did have some fun.  Kids idea of a great time is to tell me that my Zoom is on mute when it is not.....then to be naughty and have me react (which I always do) giving all my Zoom friends a verbal treat, while the children laugh away. 
Lynsey could not find the cord to her machine, the one she had being an old cord to a long garbaged chair.  
Dylan could not figure out what to sew.  Lynsey used my machine. So she was able to make her pillow.
Here is the girl with safety gloves practicing with the rotary cutter.  She needs a shorter desk.
The three of us covered the old ironing board with a funky fabric from the sale bin at Walmart.
Reminds me of growing up in Phoenix. AZ.

Today, I made a must do list.  I hate doing that.
Get gas (almost $50), turn in long lost library books, and go to Belks...a department store, to return online shopping gone south. This was a big one.  I had not been in a store like that for a year and a half.
I took pictures of the receipts on my phone.  They were not good enough, no bar code. There was a problem because I had paid with PayPal...Dear me..the things I learned.  They had to call a supervisor to come down to analyze the situation to give me my money back. But...I did it!!!!.  I drove there, I walked into the store with my cane.  They found a cart for me.  Big girl, Grandma O'Quilts....Big girl!!!

We are planning to put down the dog on Tuesday morning.  My sister will take them to the vet.  The children want to go with her.  It is hard for everyone. Tuesday morning early, then I will go to the pool and the crisis counselor will come to talk with the children, for our many other issues.

Look what brilliant idea Sherry had to put my iron on the bookshelf.
See, my iron is cordless.  Now, I do not have a cord to trip over and an iron handy.
Thank you Sherry.

The dog is now running around playing with the cats.  I feel terrible for scheduling her euthanasia on Tuesday.  Then I realize with dementia, there are some clear times.  And, that I cannot risk tripping in pee, or having the alarm go off when she is biting the wooden frame of the door and might break the glass of the door.  Or her being unable to stay outside for more than 15 minutes without throwing herself against the door.  This is so hard.  I am sick of hard things...but, I am Sunday strong!!


Friday, July 16, 2021

Through the Woods Darkly Into the Sun

 Part of my new post flood sewing room...all thanks to my friends. I still need them so much ...and hope they will come back very soon

Poor, poor Zoe, looking through the sewing room window...I think she knows what we are thinking....
One patch navy and orange growing.
I might use Lori Holt's 16 patch tute here..

Our Dylan and his first clean room ever!!!!  JK
Anything for his new hoodie, Anime

And so it goes for a good day at the O'Quilts place xo