Thursday, September 28, 2023

Just Sharing my Day

I was asked to donate some things for a fundraiser, coming up in November...  I looked everywhere for a school compass, found one, lost one.  Today I found another.
I went for a flu shot at the grocery store....They gave me a 5$ coupon.  Well, my  mother always treated us after a shot...See, Mom, I did learn from you.  Another compass and a Butterfinger!!

After all my work finding the compass, the reality was the my Accuquilt die was easier and the right size.  A two and a half inch square completed it....All hard work  until " easy" was discovered right under  my own eyes!!
My girl in Portland thinks it is adorable that her dog, Rosie favors 80 year old quilts...Oh, my heart!!
Now if the animal was a cat.....

Today, I exercised in the pool, went for a flu shot, picked up a book at the library, had a two hour lunch with a friend, and read outside in the breeze.
It was not enough.  My sister has more energy than I do.
I have so much fabric and so many ideas and time is flying with me having not the energy I dream of.

Tomorrow plans: go to PT, bind a quilt,  read a book, go to the bells concert and be a bit more understanding of this old aging process!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Sewing News and More

 Something accomplished:  binding on and quilt finished...quilting by  Mary Jerz and pattern by Bee in my Bonnet...but maybe not, since I cannot find it....  I am  having such a hard time with focus and  color on Google's new set up...Oh, well....
Easy pattern with 16 patch and 4 snowballed blocks

Tissues added to make 50 for the holidays
Five year old Ava is in kindergarten now....Here she sleeps under the quilt her mother made many moons ago.
Three year old Aoife showing off before bed....with the sleeping mask her mother made her for her trip.

Today: grueling PT for my balance.  Lunch with Marie and Charmaine, hair cut by my haircutter of 30 years on my patio...laundry  done and 69 degrees/ cloudy and freezing to southern me.!!

I had Halloween fabric in my cart on some Amazon site.  Off it went when my sister unearthed my two big  boxes of Halloween fabric that I already had...
I used to have 2 huge boxes of Halloween things in the attic at my old house...How could it be that there was only one tiny box left...??  Below is my Target special from  one years 90% off sale
And so the season a flash it will be 2024.

Monday, September 25, 2023


A small hand crafted Mola from Panama, bought there 50 years made into a special potholder.. Nice memories.
A funky scrap potholder.
Mrs. O'Quilts puttering in her little garden:  rootings.
Reading outside on a stunning fall day....Hello bee visiting me.
Someone is now 18....Independence is on his mind.  Rents in our area are out of control.
With his savings, he put a down payment on his first little house.
And, he got his driving home getting a bit crowded for peace and quiet.
His wonderful mother being the driving force to encourage her children on......

Sunday, September 24, 2023

My Gifts

Janome red 11 pound travel machine...a big thanks to my husband who  knows that every one bedroom apartment needs 5 sewing machines!!
Below:  this week has produced 19 bowl cozies for holiday giving.

So missing our Mary Jo's Fabric Store...
My daughter's family:  
Bye bye Ireland vacation.

Hello Portland, USA

Crazy visit from my granddaughter, Lynsey,  this weekend.  She was so angry at her former bestie that she was spitting nails...Oh, my!!! All Friday evening she ranted and raved to her grandmother..sigh..Today, my sister saved the day with a visit to her house. All ended well, with me feeling very very old and tired.Thank God her mother is doing a great job...
Fourteen and a half is quite a ride.  Now, at midnight Lynsey is happily talking to boyfriend number 16 on her phone that this grandmother forbade her to bring....I am so exhausted. Love and fatigue seem to be the order of my days.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Happy Things

My heart, my beating heart!!
Tonight is the 8th grade dance.  Our 13 year old Dylan and his 13 year old date.

My divided 4 patch process.  Nothing is sewn together yet.  The purple ends are fabric from Thailand.  My girl brought that back for me from her honeymoon...years ago.

Treats from the Equilter labor day sale.  Thank you Honey.
Fabric gifted to me from Linda
A gift of love from Ellen.  Talk about hitting the right spot!!!
Painted by our Anne....So I can turn it over to the Great Universal Spirit (GUS), instead of brooding on things myself.  A great reminder...The other side is a painted sun.
Aoife and her Irish daddy.
Aoife by the green door in Ireland in her patchwork dress
Since happy is all around me, just thought I would share a picture of my awesome new bed sheets!!
Vintage Turtle, pls give me your email address so we can chat xo

Friday, September 15, 2023

A Day of Breeze and Carolina Blue

Old blocks, divided four patch, from my  UFO pile as I try to make color sense of them:
Vote, if you must............

The promise of today: one lone twig and blossom of  Lavender amongst the Rosemary.
This was a portend of a lovely day.
Baby Aubrey on her quilt...
Big girl Aoife feeling better with a bit of tea and Irish sweater....still across the pond on vacation.
I had the best husband in the world...ever....
He still loves me from above and on occasion sends me some fabric to bring me cheer.
I guess he could not ignore the great Labor Day sales at Equilter.  This is part of my gift that came today:

Lynsey spent Friday night with me.  I had not seen her in  two months...My darling girl is more herself now. I got lots of hugs, she did her laundry and mine.  We played cards and made cookies...I so loved that girl...Such a proud Grandma here to hold  her secrets.

I can feel the strength coming back after my surgery.   All thanks to my  wonderful PT and his positive attitude and patience and knowledge...and.....
Feeling so much better....but still cannot do the Flamingo on one foot!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Solid Hour Glass---Joy

Bound and finished.  Best thing I ever did was hire Mary Jerz to quilt up my UFOs
They bring me such joy once finished.

So hate to disappoint with no potholders today.
Great time with widow group at lunch
Decided to pick up my books in pouring rain???  Who does that? Well it was not raining when I left!!
Nice librarian with her umbrella brought them to the back door to my waiting car.
Definitely she will be going to heaven!!! 

Great day, but I need a butterfinger????!!!!


Monday, September 11, 2023

All I See is Love

Modern travel brings Aoife to visit her cousin in Clonakilty town beach. It so touches my heart to see them hold hands and reconnect with each other...

Light house

Below a random potholder made  yesterday
A delightful gift from Sally....One of her knitted pumpkins...Thank you Sally!!
IMHO  Perfect picture!  Doing girl things...xo

Saturday night widows' potluck...A big thanks to Pat...and of course Christine for driving.
So wonderful to see everyone and to feel able!  We have all been together 8 years.
Below my Brie with brown sugar and chopped nuts for the microwave for 45 seconds and garnished with Wax Begonia blossoms....And,  yes, Google said they were edible...just not too many!!
Below, all excited about a potholder that did not come out as planned...oh, well....

More  family drama which I handled by going to a quilting group this morning and a sewing group after lunch....a very good 700 page novel being read on my patio this afternoon..  Trying to stay in my own lane and celebrate my own gifts.  Tomorrow widow women at lunch to console ourselves with comraderie and laughter..Wednesday's women the next day to celebrate friendship.

I am thinking of getting this machine.  Right now, I am using the Little Blue machines which belong to my grands....This red machine is also 11 pounds and it has something an old lady automatic needle threader.  It does not include a walking foot, but I guess I could cough up more money for that.
I have to think twice or three my one bedroom apt is now so full of fabric, etc that I have no room for a sofa, nor a dining room table.. Of course, it being red is also a draw.  If anyone has one who loves it...let me know. (Tell no one that this would make sewing machine number 5 )

Sweet picture above is our Aoife sick with the Irish sniffles...Abby brought it home from pre-school...Cousins are sick together....Oh, my...