Friday, February 14, 2014

The New Normal

Fitting it all in...our new normal. 
 This was my office for 20 years...Now, it is Mr. O'Quilts bedroom, a playroom and spite of it design wall!!!!
This has been a very tough day. 
 The minute quiet came...around 9 ish...I went looking for an old project to get into.
  I found these unfinished pinwheel blocks.  I think some might be missing, but I do not care.  I am carving out part of the room for myself. 
 I think it might be the new family room!
  See the wooden carved table that I got in Morocco for a carton of cigarettes and a kiss on the cheek.  I lugged it all the way home on the airplane.  Of course that was in the day when I was kissable on the cheek..ha ha...  And the vintage doll house I got at Andy's sale for a song.  
Lynsey loves it..and actually I find the boys trucks in there too.  
Trying to get a grip here.
Since my daughter cleaned out my computer, I cannot send thank you emails for comments...Just know that I love you all and will see what she can do to help me during a lull in the storm..

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hello There Mr. Sun....

Day two of the snow in Charlotte.   Mr. O'Quilt's family from Ireland is bound and determined to visit him for day two.  No wimps in this family.  The taxi dropped them off at the top of the driveway and they had to walk to the door.
 It was not enough for them to suffer the storm...We  had to put them to work as well...
 Because it took the taxi 45 minutes to get out of my neighborhood after dropping them off this morning...saying good bye meant driving them up the street so they could walk up the hill to his taxi.  All worth the effort of love!!!
The kids are home now and in bed.  I am working on an exchange block for the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild.  Isn't this an adorable fabric.  I now have 6 blocks done out of 13.
 My daughter is all over me to get rid of stuff.  I agree, but now really, her ideas of what to get rid of, and my ideas are very different. 
 I found these incense holders from my trips to India in my hippy days...She was not impressed, but I love them so.

 My friend Judy gave me this cat purse about 35 years ago.  I just love looking at it.  How could I possibly part with such things???????
And, so it goes.  The snow event in Charlotte is almost over.  This afternoon we had Carolina Blue skies and 46 degrees.  It will freeze tonight again making ice, but will be 46 again tomorrow.  Sounds pretty nice for melting.  Lucky us..

Ramblings from the South!!....

FYI  Charlotte, North Carolina is in the South....!!  The South...and we are now snowed in.  They have called out the National Guard.
 We thought we were ready...but the firewood man sold us new wood which will not burn.  
 The screened in porch????
 Knock on wood, the ice storm is coming on top of the snow.  We are sort of ready...grateful for our electricity..for now..
 My husband's five relatives were set on a three day visit to see him.  From Ireland to Tampa to see one brother, they arrived yesterday in the middle of the of the few flights into Charlotte.  Driving to the hotel was so frightening, that they just could not venture out again.  So close, and yet so far.  TBTG the hotel suggested its favorite van taxi service and TBTG he was brave and strong and true.  Navigating the storm, he not only got them here for a visit, but came back to get them.  Joy!  More snow today keeps them at the hotel.    I, of course have my priorities excited with my presents..Irish dish towels...

 ....and fat quarter treats....:)
 The new handicap bathroom is almost complete.  

New chair lift for $3000....but oh, so worth it.
The children went off with the best of the best to play in the snow with their kids...Life is good.
  Dishes done, laundry done, Irish soda bread baked....all cozy so far, snowed in in Charlotte.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Thrill of it all....

As Beth noted for herself, the thrill is back.  For me, it is back, but in a vicarious position.  Sewing is happening in my sewing room, it is just not by me. 
 Ruth came to visit this weekend. 
 She and my girl did what for 13 years, we have affectionately called a Ruth-a-thon. 
 Just look what they accomplished in the between Target, music and eating out...I see bibs, crayon roll-ups, clutches, notebook cover, and zippy purses...Amazing fun at my house this weekend.

 Tired of having potholders hiding my stuff...we tried something new...Well, for Granddaddy might decide to come thru the door with his walker ...and ...then there would be a great fall....We will see...
Life can be such a celebration.  This fun weekend is a great reminder.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The potholder obsession

A coordinator from my mother's assisted living just called.  The place is quarantined due to Norovirus.  I cannot one can visit...Praying that she does not get it....
Meantime.I am obsessing about what I can do something about...Potholders!!!!

And...creative minds are rarely tidy...thank u Grandma:)

P.S.  I think that potholders are nice, but chocolate is better.  Looking high and low...oh, well....

Sunday, February 2, 2014

ALS and Potholders, Calming the Storm...

Surviving here, one potholder at a time. 
 I have 29 potholder tops made and these two finished and given away today.   My sanity...all sewn up in potholders.
My man, my everything, 36 years together... is 9 months into an ALS diagnosis (Motor Neuron Disease)..
.Jeeze Louise...did I hear that right????
 Last March he was playing championship tennis, now he sits in a recliner and goes out in a wheelchair.
Fundraisers are here...
Receiving is hard.  
It is much harder than I ever expected.  It is all hard.
 I have help...girl kind of help...My daughter teaching Lynsey the way to go.  Lynsey...the thrill of learning!!!!  Stirring the tortellini soup.
 And in the family tradition....learning to sew...