Saturday, January 22, 2022

Midnight Fun in Charlotte

 Snow, Snow and more Snow.  Too bad it is at midnight!!

As I was messing around with the random Flying Geese, I found a block I liked.
Cannot decide on the corners, grey?  white?  I like both. AND
They are my Marcia Derse.  I finally let myself cut into them.

I like this enough for a mug rug, but 12 and a half inches is too big.
Tonight I figured out how to Zoom and use the Accuquilt cutter at the same time.
Thank goodness most of my carts are on wheels.  Wheeling it close to my computer was no big deal.  Now these donated shirts are 2.5 inches square.
Only problem....I discovered that my shoulder arthritis bothers me when cranking...ugh.
The electric one is way too pricey, even on sale.

I worked on my Crossroads quilt, but got sick of it, thus my new block and my new squares. Now, I am leaving the big mess for bed...something I hate when the children do it.  Gotta check out the snow first!!!
This time I have ice melt.

PS.  Just so you know, Meatloaf and I are the same age.!!!!!
News  you can use!!

Friday, January 21, 2022

The Very Cozy Inside Day

 I hate my new phone. The pictures are fuzzy and the sound is off..Here is my Crossroads more than halfway done.  Almost finished with block 9 but I did not have it me tonight..


Here I am messing around with Flying Geese orphan blocks.
And my Kale candy from Sherry to save my day...(Yum)
Today has been a wonderful day.
Once again I have so many projects to work on, I do not know where to start.!!

The Oregon Alpaca visit was a success!!

One more day of zooming and sewing...Four hours of Zooming and four hours of sewing!  Yeah me.!!
Rain and yuck cannot mess with my serenity xo

Dear me I published this on the wrong site.  Now, I do not know how to fix it...Sorry xo

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Grandma Finds Serenity

Starting, as usual with our Aoife.  She has learned to squat.
It is her preferred method of reading now.
Tonight's work:  Crossroads process.  Parts seem uneven cuz it is not sewn yet.
My new work station by my computer.
I Zoomed with my friends for 3 hours tonight..Wonderful!!!
Zoom and sew, zoom and sew!!!  Win and Win!!
My basket of two patches are ready!!

 This afternoon, I sat down to read and fell asleep for two hours...
See my relaxing view:
That view would comfort and relax anyone.
I am all ready for the midnight hour!!
Now, on to my weakness:

I said, NO new fabric in this New Year!!  Then Wanda sent me a sale link for Marcia Derse fabric.  Just please note:  this is all Wanda's fault!!

The ice/snow event in Charlotte has left the walkway to my car solid ice.
I cannot leave the house.  The children are staying at their mother's house because there is no school tomorrow....a weather day!!  Folks like me in the woods will take days to unfreeze, especially with below freezing weather every night.

I am puttering in my sewing rooms, and sewing and just being free to be me.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Storm and I

Lori Holt, Scrappy Crossroads block

Dressing Monkey for her walk.
Portland is a great place for showing of her purple rain boots.

As the cats and I wait for the big bad storm to come in a few hours, I am busy distracting myself with my birthday chocolate bar that I finally found.  Lori Holt is also helping me stay calm with her tute on one of my favorite blocks...Just happens that I found these 16 patch blocks already made.  So much fun with a lot of the work already done.
Today, I used my new and awesome street walker for exercise.  I Zoomed friends, some quilters, some not.  I found a battery emergency radio from hurricane preperations and an LED light  that uses batteries.  I am going on the belief that we will keep our power.  If not, there are a few quilts around here to keep me warm.and I am as prepared as I can be.

The calm before the storm.


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Something Fishy

Our Aoife enjoying a rare winter sunny day in Portland.  She is down by the riverside.

Trying not to worry here, down the hill in the woods with a winter event coming..
My cul-de-sac in the woods is the last to thaw the ice and snow because of the trees.
My neighborhood often is the first to loose power.
And, I somehow have become freaking old!!

Above is the backing I just finished for the African fish quilt top done tonight.
Below is our Lynsey  and the clean fish tank.
Lynsey was in the school play last awesome.  I went double masked with my kn95ers.
I said, I am getting rid of  the fish tank...
Really, for two fish..??  Noone cares and no one cleans it.
Miracle words because the two fish of Lynsey's: Chloe and Kari seem to live
forever!!!!!  Tonight's plea from grandma got results.  
Here, both Lynsey and Stitch admire the results!!!

I am going to call this Something Fishy quilt (see close up of the circle of fish) a finish.  Because, now I can put it on the to be quilted someday stack and start something new...


Sunday, January 9, 2022

As My World Turns

Morning Aoife!!! 
 She does not like to get dressed, nor wear hats in the cold Portland weather.
However, if Monkey wears a hat, then Aoife wears a hat!
Soon in the mail and on the way to Aoife:  Lynsey's doll sweaters hand made by the talented and generous Eithne

I am improving, but still nuts.  The other day I told someone I had enough fabric??  Really??
And, Aurefil thread is now $12 a spool and bread is $3 a loaf!! I continue to sort out things I no longer love nor need.  It might take 50 years, I do not know.

Why is it so hard to throw away stuff...I love this vintage bottle with no lid.
My guess is that my next visitors will put it in the Goodwill....sigh!
NO WONDER there is chaos around I foraged thru the African scraps on my table,
I found this:  a partially eaten cucumber....When I called the kids...they thought it was hilarious.
I do not find it hilarious.
Messing with the borders on this quilt.

It was a sober moment when my new extra large, extra tall walking high walker arrived.
Gary and Linda and Dylan put it together.  I was so taken back when I saw it, that I told myself it was purchased in preparation for my old age....Once I put my hands on it I was thrilled.  My balance  has become so bad after my last fall, that I cannot go for a walk. Between being able to walk down my street now and go to the  pool twice a week, I might get better.  But, then at my old age, I might not.  Since Emily's visit I have had more hope, so I am going to try to get stronger.  As poet, Samantha Reynolds says in one of her poems......I must get used to being the riverbank instead of the river.  Accepting life as it is, not as I want it to be. Very hard.

I did not realize that raising grandchildren might wear on me, nor did I think I was going to decline in energy...What was I thinking???  Now I know.  Now, I am thinking that I had just better start on my lovely Marcia Derse fabric!!!

Monday, January 3, 2022

A Wind Blows Thru Charlotte

Our Aoife still adjusting to her 3 week visit to back in Portland, and now with a fever, Doctor has been summoned.

Today's accomplishments:  Choosing and ironing the backing for this random flimsy.

Also, took Dylan for his allergy shots, only to find out that I was a month late...a month late???
How could that be..OMG  Bad Grandma!  Now he has to go in extra days for extra shots, starting next Monday.  He is mad at me and so sad..He said that even a milkshake would not fix this...I think I am losing my focus.

An hour after that I took Lynsey to a doctor appointment for her earache and headache and sore throat.  Negative for Covid and Strep...Now, she is home resting on the sofa. So done today, that I am in my sewing room alone while they do video things in the next room. 
 Bad storm last night. Trees fallen over the roads caused delays today.
I must carry on......
Second finish of the New Year:  Ugly 20 year old sale pillow from Marshalls.
Washed and now adorned with my beloved African fabric.  Cover is removable and washable, just as I like it.

This New Year has begun, let us begin too..

Pledged to self not to buy anything online this month. On just January 2, already I bought a package of button batteries for $5 online😭😭 

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Getting in the UFO finish groove

 January 2, 2022
Backing pieced and ready for African fabric row quilt.

I have had the batik backing fabric for at least 10 years...Nice to have a stash to pick from
Now the dark batting will arrive, then when someone can come, basting.

Charlotte moved into the dark purple today for the O-virus...Jeeze Louize, aren't we sick of it.
My nephew has Covid now..He went to Walgreens for his test and they scheduled a follow up test for him. Nice to know there is some organization!!

My dishwasher is going....Yeah! Me! (No pictures for that as we all know what that  looks like!!)
Good book started...Yeah!

Looking for a backing for a baby quilt top, I made last  year.
My friends are doing UFO lists.  I do not think that is in my skillset...I am a find it, do it or read instead kind of person xo

OK, we have now made it almost through day 2 of the New Year!!
Still on cane and walker here, from my fall two  months ago..
Pool opens Tuesday. so grateful 

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Winter Wooden Birds

Now that there is some calm past the holidays, I gathered my flock of birds for comfort and decoration.
I had planned to hang them from the light strings on my fans, but they did not show off their beauty like that.  I could arrange a bird's nest.  I will keep thinking.
I have put a ribbon with Rosemary to keep around a happy scent.
The wood carving artist is Rich DiFranco.

There is some nice peace around here.  I am doing one thing at a time on the chore front. Also concentrating on my passions like reading and creating.
Kids are coming back  tomorrow.

Aoife's sheep quilt was a big success. Looking for the pattern to share with my friends, I am  hitting a stone wall.  The pattern name is: "Counting Sheep" by Irene Berry.  It was published in The Quilt Life. June 2014.  I cannot find it anywhere...Maybe one of you all could help me find it??? I cannot even find Irene Berry.

My mother used to say that old age is the great neutralizer.  No longer does anyone care about what your job was, nor your money, nor your education.  Noone cares about anything but being kind to each other.  We finally understand that life is a challenge for everyone.

In the aftermath of holidays, I am going through things that I no longer want.  My girl and her man helped a bunch with that....However, I have been quite the collector in my day. 

Today, with encouragement from friends, I threw away my folder of obituaries!!!
Today was stunning! High of 76 on January 1st with a lovely breeze.  It was just perfect to start a new book outside. The best ever start for the New Year!


Happy New Year!!!

My first finish of 2022!!!!


Thursday, December 30, 2021

Bye, Bye Baby, Good Bye

A bit fuzzy, but still love...Off tonight to Portland...xoxo 

For a man who is not crazy about cats, my SIL is a good sport and holds Stitch for the family picture!!

Evidently Aoife could not fit into a suitcase (too many quilts), so here she is on her  own.
I got a newish camera...maybe I am not doing the photos right.  This one is fuzzy too
Bed time, she finds her quilt herself.
What's not to love??
So thrilled that my girl loves quilts.  She picked out a few to take home with her.
Stitch is sad as he says goodbye!
Stitch insists that he has feelings too.
Goodnight!  I am peaceful and joyful tonight

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

All About Aoife

Aoife is admiring her own picture on the ornament.
Starting chores early, at Grandma's house.
Matching wrapping  paper with prints of Aoife...A grandmother's dream!!
Pushing the carriage left in my garage by her cousin Ava
Aoife says:  Baa Baa, as she loves her quilt!! (pattern by Irene Berry)
Aoife enjoying Christmas dinner.

And, giving in to a bit of jealousy:
Our Stitch in a Christmas box..

Aoife goes home on Wednesday, tomorrow at 5ish...I am thrilled with our visit.
Does not mean that I will not cry, as I will for sure..
Grandma has 4 lovely grandchildren xo
A grateful grandma.


Saturday, December 25, 2021

What a Wonderful World

Merry Christmas Aoife, from Grandma and friends, 2021.
Big Big Thanks to Kathy Petrie and Linda Dassenko for their loving help.  And to Mary Jerz for her wonderful quilting.  I am indeed blessed as is our Aoife!!

Below, flannel sheep backing to keep our Aoife warm. Batted with wool, of course.

An "Irish quilt"

"The Meaning of Christmas, is Simple, you See" was a Christmas song my daughter sang solo at  age 6 at the church pageant.  I cannot find a video of that song anywhere!!

Aoife Rose, 17 months.