Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mother Said....

Missing at 92 coming home from lunch bunch.
Mother said, that if you are in something good for someone else.

Sooo, I worked on this baby quilt...way over due.
Struggling tonight with picture edits from my phone...grrr

Fussy cut boats..for corner stones
beginning a placemat for Meals on Wheels.
potholder top
I am 300 pages/ half way through this book

I am rattled.
With all my losses...I have a hard time handling transition.
My son does too.  He is seems rattled about the car accident
We have only one car..
My son seems fragile...I worry about him..
He insists he is fine.
I feel fragile.  He worries about me...
Wasted worrying!!!
I am getting hives from the stress
Trying not to head to the wine or chocolate.

A friend gave me a relaxation App for my phone.
At bedtime tonight, I might try that.

I am a kite without a string.

Grandma O'Quilts tries to grow up

The doctor's nurse just called.
My doctor had a family emergency and cancelled my surgery tomorrow.
Immediately I went to my dark rabbit hole with my dearest friend, poor pitiful Pearl
The nurse suggested that I get up instead and pray for the dear doctor.
I thought that was a good idea.
So here I am practicing flexibility...
xoxo  Thank you for all your strength.

Friday, May 17, 2019

The See-Saw

Queen Bee fun
Heather's Cat Face
Linda updating her UFO

Carol's quilt, using her scraps. (Wed nte group)
Heather's Stunning ninepatch
Lynsey Lou's cafe
Set up by Lynsey for Cousin Ann's visit

Ava's first lesson..Age one:  Introduction to scraps

I hid $40 in one dollar bills in my stash.
I need it now..
I have lost it...the cash and my mind.
Send a new mind quickly please..

My surgery is Monday...Should I do it???
Should I cancel it??
Do I want to fall??
Am I sick of the pain??
Do I want to walk??
Am I brave????
Guess I have to do it??

Ok....In preparation..To Bless The Space Between Us....

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Grandma O'Quilts Does the Hills and the Valleys

Group hug for losing our Mamacita..almost 102
She had been in our Wednesday night quilting group for 20 years.

Here she is...turning 99 at my knee rehab center....wahoo...
I WAS the one in the rehab center...

My girl made a flannel blanket for our dear Mamacita, very loved.She bought backing width flannel at JoAnns, sewed it right side together,turned it and top stitched twice It was light weight, cuddly and warm.
Wednesday night Show and Tell...Marie's petals

Really???  Can you believe what I found...My private new space..
Stephanie reading a book to Lynsey...They had no guilt at all..grrrr
Lynsey's stuffed animal collection

Things that cheer me...New cat sheets from Marshalls...
Finding my nurse fabric...lost for 3 years at least....Really?? 
Age is upon me...

This morning dentist finished my crown...I got a slap bracelet because I was good.

This afternoon was my pre-op check up at the hospital.
All my vitals are good...I needed more blood taken because
 I had had a blood transfusion during the hip operation. 
He missed my vein...had to do another one on my hand.
  I got two stickers.
And, he pushed me in the wheelchair all the way to my car!!!  Yes!!!

On the way out the door, a worker gave me a mother's day cup cake
When I told her that today was my mother's anniversary of her death...
We all paused for a memory moment.xo

The hospital folks put this bracelet on me today for my operation
I have to wear it for two weeks...OMG

Everything is on my nerves.
I need a vacation instead of a hospital stay.

My daughter is coming home for my operation.
My son works most days
Linda  brought me a bag of chocolate goodies to cheer my day.
Lynsey cooked a great barbecue chicken dinner last night
Dylan washed and cut the potatoes for roasting.
Evan cleaned up the kitchen.
Cousin Ann comes in Sunday.


Sunday, May 5, 2019

Five from Twenty is Fifteen

Keeping self busy...but number crunching to myself
Fifteen days  until my surgery.
Both my children want me in the rehab facility instead of home.
I guess they are thinking...big old me, three children, two cats, one dog.
And, what if something goes wrong.
Doctor says it is best to be home so I do not catch anything else.
What to do???

Tonight, I worked on this:

I wish I could practice the serenity prayer
instead of just mouthing it...

My son is cleaning my car because cousin Ann is coming on Sunday.
Last night my son went to the grocery store for us.
In the parking lot, he heard a car with squeaking brakes....
He approached the driver, offering to fix the brakes...for a certain amount.
The man called him today....He had already bought the brakes and pads
for his car..for Eamon to fix.and he brought his friends and their cars.
Sooo proud of my son.

My life struggle is in acceptance...
Accepting life on life's terms.. sooo.difficult upon me.

I can appreciate a tree without having to climb it.
My memory enjoys my life without my having to relive it.
I walk with a cane.
but, I walk.

Physically, I am no longer strong.
My son and my grandchildren are..
We are family the shelter of each other.
I am grateful.

I hate change.
I hate loss.
Too is about change and loss.
My friend died yesterday from ALS
The thought of ALS increases the tremor in my left hand..

Every day, I read outside under a tree.
I go through 2 or 3 books a week.
I am no longer guilty for relaxing.
I am trying Carpe Diem.

So many friends are offering to hold my hand..

Happy Birthday Mom

Here we go....just like you wanted..
At Mexican restaurant today for brunch
with celebration instead of tears!!!!
trying this video...first time..lets see how it goes..

ugh...not working...will have to try again later...

I HATE when I cannot figure out technology.
Sometimes folks who can...get such an we should all think alike.
Missing my techno Mr. O'Quilts....soo much

I wanted to make a nice post for my mother today. I well does not quite work out like we would like it to.

Mom would still be happy I loved her so.

Thursday, May 2, 2019


Starting work on this Indian Hatchet
Fat Quarter top from:
Sew Can She

Feeling glum here...the state of the world...shootings and death and sickness.
And, of course someone's upcoming operation...
I am such a wimp.  I have had this operation 400 my head..
What we do to ourselves.
Image may contain: text

Wailing of the sirens
calling after  me
I can hear them screaming

Ageless, weightless, spirit, I
like a snowflake in the sky,
soaring, floating, dreaming, I,
transient like a butterfly!

                           by Alice Franzen Clemons Burt

Sunday is my mother's birthday.
Sunday is Cinco de Mayo
Thursday is my mother's death day
Sunday week, is Mother's Day......glum

Fun notes here, from my favorite:  Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild
We have fundraiser table.  We bring things to buy from each other.
No prices...only donations into a jar.
Found these lovely blocks...all finished...
I think I can get two quilts out of these..

Our charity focus is on place mats for Meals on Wheels.
We are trying to make 700 for give for the holidays.

I seem to have very little energy to sew.
Most of the time I am cooking up creative scenarios of my 
upcoming surgery....grrrrr, missing my dear Mr. O'Quilts!!!

This grandmother feels 100 years old..
So.not putting up with any grief from anyone.
Working on summer plans for the children.
Young ones going to a wonderful camp, fourth year..
So far, the 14 year old is going to the beach with his mother, et al.
Evan is taking a one week cooking class for adolescents and volunteering
to help out at Camp Soar (developmentally challenged) for three days..
Next up for him...signing up to volunteer at the library.

 I do not know when I will be able to drive after my operation.
Praying my daughter will come home to help.
It was hard to find spots to volunteer as most places need youth to be 15

The pool pump at the center is exercise all week.
No chocolate in the house..
I sense that old friend coming back to bother me....Pearl
Poor Pitiful Pearl...I certainly hate that woman.!!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Just Thoughts

Life is good.
Lynsey made dinner tonight
She refused help

Lynsey went into the library with my library card.
She went to the reserved books, got my books and checked them out.

Lynsey is nuts about her dolls...she looked for newborn boy clothes on sale...
none found.

Lunch out with a friend today...very nice
More reading, outside in my gorgeous  yard...delightful.

On, pondering the meaning of life....
From poet, Mizuta Masahide

"Barns burnt down.
I can see the moon."

The grand boys cleaned up the kitchen.

Crown on my tooth tomorrow.
3 weeks until my new knee replacement surgery

Humming relaxes me.

 I am way behind on my quilting...soo many babies..
So much adult pain....I cannot keep up.

" Rock us in your arms, O Wind
Caress with your warmth, O Sun
Wash us with your tears, O Rain
That we may begin to live again."

                    Poet, Alice Franzen Clemons Burt

"Rain on the roof is different now,
Sunset lacks its rosy hue.
Evening stars flicker and fade
Yet the wind still wails for you."

                      Poet, Alice Franzen Clemons Burt

Good night xo

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Family O'Quilts Etc..

I cannot focus to sew...I read outside all weekend...absorbing spring after
winter, winter, winter.... are two of my favorite quilts..I made forever ago.

The kids played in the sprinkler and small pools.
The O'Quilt family new pet...Tree Frog

Grandma got a brand new reclining chair for her bedroom
Old grandma needs some peace and quiet..especially with that new knee
surgery coming...ugh...

Sometimes Grandma needs to be alone..!!!
Company already!!
Grandma O'Quilts also bought herself some drown out noise..
Noise?...just in case there is any...with three children and their father and two cats and a dog.
Next, Grandma gets a TV for the news and Netflix
I already have a sewing room...but it is downstairs and often becomes Grand Central Station.

The new extended family..My XDIL's new husband's dad..
They call him Pa.
Seems like he was the only able bodied one around to run with
Lynsey in the big 5K Girls on the Run final race.
.Angels are everywhere.

Here they are in their running shirts and numbers.
Lynsey even spent the night with Wayne and his wife and dogs.

My girl on her two week vacation to Ireland.xoxo
Miss her way too much
She is calm in the storm

Spring...finally dear Spring...
Granddaddy's roses are blooming
My dear man's love shines through in so many places.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Grandma O'Quilts Gets a Vacation

The finished vintage feedsack on my wonderful bed.
Vacation for me is five days off with no one here..
Peace and quiet...doing anything I want..
Yesterday, I had lunch with pool friends.
Today I went to a guild Sit and Sew...All day....laughing with friends...sewing of course
I snipped the threads on this  quilt...all done..will snuggle with it tonight.
Top bought from Ellen Guerrant xo
Here is our Linda making her sister a birthday apron.
Such a surprise this morning to find a present from Linda
A package of hand made dishcloths with ginger cookies inside..xo
A snippet of batik with Salmon running...Alaska

Today I made yellow pinwheels for the next baby quilt...
from Marie...a British cookie tin...I love tins..
 My favorite vacation is a stay-cation with no one at home but me..
Children with their mother and her husband's family for Easter,  my son off with friends, no extended family drama,
Sewing and lunches with friends...reading and napping...
No cooking or cleaning.

Since I have been exercising in the pool, my new hip is no longer painful.
Another miracle in the O'Quilt's household.

Easter is about hope.
Today, Life is good.
May you have peace and hope at Easter and Passover..