Saturday, February 22, 2020

Love..It Just Comes Out of the Blue...

Queen Bee friends going thru my 3 large scrap baskets...TBTG
So happy to be able to share.
Also, makin" a bit of room for more scraps....Lordy!!
Above, look what Susie brought for Lynsey..
Daughter and dollie  matching apron patterns.
And, fabric for them.!!  Thank you Susie!!
Above, one of Heather's brilliant quilts  Lucky Heather is in Austin now, at Quilt Con
Next year it is in praying I can ride with someone...
These are Kathylynn's creations...both for her friend at the pharmacy.
New baby quilt..and apron...

This life has been so crazy for 7 years...Finally I am able to cook again.  Dylan was complaining tonight that he had had to load and unload the dishwasher twice today.  And then there was the laundry. He had to bring down the laundry and sort it.  Lynsey started it and folded it..I told them that Granddaddy and his younger brother had to cook all the evening meals for 11 people every night.  Granddaddy was 12 and his brother was 11 when their mother died of stomach cancer at 47. She left 10 children behind....   And Ms Stephanie, by the age of 8, was cooking and cleaning and caring for her baby sister.  I told them that cooking saves us money and cooking makes lots of dishes.  Everyone has to do their part and sometimes more. 
Best to know how to do things, life as we know it, can change in a second.

They said that I make the best steak ever.  It is Chuck Eye instead of Rib Eye...marinated for an hour in a garlic salad dressing.
They are learning how to save money cooking.
I told them that no one knows the future..and that great-great Grandma and Grandpa lived through hard times..They had their own chickens and eggs.. We talked about Lynsey put $30 of her birthday money in her credit union account...I matched it...Now she has $60 to leave and grow.
Money growing money

I am however exhausted.
Evan has a stomach virus and missed all week at school..He is still at his mother's house.
  Lynsey is sniffling in her nightie..hmm,
Dylan has a cold.
 My son fixed my sister's car, now is trying to fix the garbage disposal...Life...

It is easy to get bogged down in despair....but,
 when we are able, gratitude and the morning light, lift us up.
Tonight's meeting was about gratitude....I am grateful that my son is healthy and helpful
A miracle.
 I am grateful for how well my grands are doing.
And, with grief being so much about anger and despair, I am so grateful for the friends who have stood beside me in spite of my irascible moods as I keep on doing the best I can.
Grateful for 50 years of fabric collecting and our 5 sewing machines.
My five quilting groups and all our combined creativity and outreach.
If we are lucky, tomorrow is another chance at a lovely day.

Meantime, folks are giving me things.  I do not like to accept...Finally, I have decided to look at those things as gifts from God...I am humbled.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Snow, Cold, Windy, Sunny..No School and on it Goes...

Snow on Thursday
Schools closed today...for freezing puddles.
Not to be deterred at 10 and 11....a picnic in the wind.
Carolina blue skies, 40 degrees, iced tea, a quilt and the dog.
Off they go on a winter adventure
Last night I am soooo very pleased to report 3 February finishes.
Two are for the Charlotte MQG outreach.  My part is 5 quilts, plus a bag for each.
So two down 10 months early is not bad, not bad at all.
With a little help...I got these done.
Five dollars each to Lynsey and Dylan for snipping the three quilts so I could wash them.
Sooo worth the money.They did a great job.
Pleased as punch with the finish,
 I treated myself to playing with batik scraps. much fun.

Still thinking about my rotten vintage bracelet.
I just had to look on Ebay and Etsy for information..
The same era...above, $12 on Etsy.
Mine had a silver bracelet part.
 I must tell you that this one, now lives in Charlotte with me.
This one has matching earrings...other than difference  $229.

Mine that rotted was $8 at an antique store, seen on This Post.

This is an amazing sight at my house.
So have to show it off....
It is so wonderful to have a friend...or two...or...
Mucho thanks for help.
Novelty shelving here and my grands have outgrown a lot of  the children's fabrics.
Off to Outreach...and out of my house..
I never, ever, dreamed a dream that would let any fabric leave my house...
What did I know????

Thursday school was released 3 hours early...
Big fat snow flakes were so beautiful, although nothing stuck to the ground.
Today's blue, blue skies belie it all.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

That Girl has Done Grown Up...

February's block is teal. I am working on it.
And more treats found while cleaning my fabric mess...A friend's blood tester...
missing for over a year...sigh...

Lynsey turned eleven today.
Tin foil shoes, and Dylan in his  tinfoil pants and crown.
Lynsey on the catwalk with her tinfoil necklace and dress.
The five other girls are waiting in the hallway for their turn to come out.

A big Happy 11th Birthday Lynsey and her first friend birthday party ever
Five dear friends...both parents, all carrying on...noise, stress, joy, laughter..
Her mommy had some great games...the last one was hilarious.  They all made themselves
outfits and jewelry from tin foil...and then had a cat walk to show themselves off.
Hilarious and, Lynsey let her brother Dylan,  soon 10, play too.
All this fun with tinfoil rolls.

Lynsey and her mommy putting on the candles.
Lynsey , little sister Ava--almost 2..and their mother.
Everyone had a great time..

I am, however a bit nerve wracked with all the noise and commotion.
Evan made the chocolate cake.
Lynsey made the cup cakes.
I made the frostings.

I am still on edge and all the others are in bed!!
Once again age is upon me.
I tried deep breathing...but I find red wine, chocolate birthday cake and the great sale at;
Hawthorne Threads relax me much more.
There is a coupon code on the site for 40% off everything, even sale items.

I told her parents that they were in charge...
They sent me to my sewing room to chill so I would not interfere....
The mother had said, no goody bags...
We so did not listen... Lynsey and I put together
packets of two rice hand warmers/ freezer bags..tied with a lollipop.
 The children had made them with me for the teachers at the holidays.
We had some leftover.

My son is now on the way home from a meeting.
 He is going to clean up a bit for my quilting group tomorrow...The Queen Bee
I bee so very lucky!!!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Last night I asked myself, What would Mr. O'Quilts have done??
He would have said, "Sweetheart, Be good to yourself."
And so...from him, I bought myself a heart mug and filled it with joy..
...OK, I filled it with hot chocolate and marshmallows...,
Same thing!!

From me, the children got their Merry Valentine cookies.
The elementary schools had fun times.
The 14 year old got ungrounded.
My son got IKEA candy bars.
We all got love from each other.

I still struggle to give back to the ALS groups.
I feel obliged...but...for me...
It is just too much to even think of ALS
So I will sew, and sleep, and organize my sewing room.
Ha ha ha ha ha

More on the treasure front:
Great Aunt Billie's friend...was it Gladys?   Gave me this top if I would finish it..
Well that was 48 years ago...Jeeze Louize...I have already made a quilt from most of it.
This is a left over piece.  I paid someone in Miami, to help piece it for me, but I see that the color is off. How many treasures unfold when a person "organizes" ??.
 I am doing a linky quilt sew along  with 30's fabric...
This just may save this for a scrappy border...
Stay tuned..

Watching the news now...I was in Walmart asking for masks for colds, but was told they had been sold out for weeks???  Hmm. So I am going to make some of my own...One for each of us...
There are a number of tutorials online.  I wonder which ones are considered the best/safest???
Stay tuned.

And, now, who enjoys the clean ironing table???
My big boy, Stitch.
He warms my heart.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

That Random Thing

Four ugly squares, cut in half...Random borders, selected at will
A nice wheelchair quilt..?  Or child's quilt...?
Cutting backing and batting now...
Halfway through February without one finish...

Above is an vintage bracelet I bought at an antique mall about 20 years ago.
There was a lovely needlepoint cover on it..which as you can see has now rotted.
It fell right off in my hand; this is the result.
If anyone has ever seen this before...or knows what I should do with it.
Please let me know...I found it to be so  unusual.
I loved it.
Jean E..Thank you !  Pls send me your email address so I can thank you for your comment..
Lucky you to have met that wonderful author.

Today was the second day of early voting...So I voted...whew...
Unfortunately, there were 10 workers....and only me to vote..hope that improves..

Oh, no....I just looked for the valentine treats I got for my family.
You guessed....I cannot find them.
So...look what I did find:
Merry Valentine's Day, my dear ones...

Monday, February 10, 2020

Grandma's on a Roll...Gifting..

Lynsey's English teacher asked for pencils..
Lynsey said that the boys like to break them when no one is looking.
From the online sales in the beginning of the school year, I always get pencils just
for this reason...I could not just give pencils to a hard working favorite teacher.
Tonight I made a laminate pencil pouch.  I am so proud of myself.
Second thought, maybe I should have used oil cloth, but laminate is so pretty and soft
Last year when Paula sent us pencils, Lynsey cried when I tried to share them with the teachers.
I just could not believe it.  She still remembers when there was never enough of anything
before she came to live with me.

Just in case I am losing my mind...hmmm .. knock on wood..
In my basket of laminates, I found my original apparatus that helps me put my socks on.
I had to buy another one...8$, but still...
I am more worried about my forgetfulness.
What was I thinking to put it in with my laminate collection????
And probably this was done last  year

Is that where you put your socks and things to help you?????? OMG
In your sewing room and in your laminate basket???

Lynsey is 10.  She had a friend over tonight from her 5th grade class.
When I mentioned that "Ann"  was dressed like a tomboy....Lynsey looked a me with her big brown eyes.  Do not worry Grandma, I like all and tomboys...
I was flabbergasted at her language and knowledge.

I told her that she had a loving heart.
Now, I am afraid that Grandma is outdated....WOW

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Working Toward a Finish respect!!
Instead of a finish, I am doing a little bit here and there
I used the Accuquilt...and cut 5 inch pieces for my political quilt.
A huge step in the right direction...not working on it now, but pleased the parts are cut.
Into a labeled baggie for now....repeat...labeled baggie.
AND...very pleased I used the cutter....which I never do.
Part of my decision to work on parts instead of wholes...brings this old top to light.
I am naming it, "The Bazaar", because it reminds me of my travels to Morocco.
 The color values here are off,  The border is subdued to calm the brightness.
The backing will be an orange which will self-bind the quilt.
 A pause now..for finishing the third library book on hand.
I tried to eat healthy...then I saw the Oreos...Jeeze Louize..
At least if I fall, I will bounce!!
Tonight I was going to eat fruit and salad, when my son brought home pizza.
The only reason, I even think of that the hernia surgeon may not be too happy with me.
Appointment is in March.
Instead of  finding the lost bag bottom, I have just cut another one.
My first flimsy for donation...the border is on.
With the children gone to their mothers for three days, I considered myself on vacation.
Stayed in my nightie all day...Told myself...You deserve it, Grandma O'Quilts.
When the children sew, they use my machine.
 So I put their machines in their bags.
  If they want to use them, they can take them out onto the dining room table.
Instead, I put my Accuquilt Go in that space.  Maybe, if it is out, I will use it more.

And so it goes...tomorrow is back to school for the children ,
and back to the pool for me.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Grandmother O'Quilts Gets a Grip

Just in case you thought I was hopeless!!!!
I found my instructions for my Meadowland Quilt-along,
So with peace and quiet, I have put them all together....Hmmm
Last night's progress.
Stimulated by a 3 hour lunch out,
I got to work when I got home...Every little bit counts, me thinks.
Lunch was just what I needed, but really both of us sat there all that time...and my blouse was inside out!!!!..Sigh...Age must be upon both of us xoxo
All this, just as I had bragged on how smart I used to be.
Clearly "used to is over"!!!
I found the above piece which I do not like...I just bet Stitch and Boo would like it in a basket.

We had some wild storms yesterday, power off at both schools, with leaky roofs and trees down,
so it was no surprise that school was cancelled.
Tornadoes were confirmed on both sides of me. Family and friends tried to warn me,
but my phone was off and I was asleep.  Lucky, lucky me!
I have never ever lived where tornadoes hit within a mile of my house...
Guess I have been a hurricane woman (Miami). or a dust storm girl (Phoenix).
So off the children went with their mother...on this surprise 3 day weekend.
I am so so so relaxed!!!!

This is such a peaceful  lovely day..Talk about climate change.: Thursday we had 4 confirmed tornadoes touch down....and now it is snowing...big fat beautiful flakes...nothing sticking..but it is so calming as is Mrs. O'Quilts, ..... reading, sewing and relaxing all by silence..hummmm
Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild had an outreach last year for 600 placemats for
Meals on Wheels.  We made 700. This year we will make small quilts and small backpacks for the homeless children associated with Meals on Wheels...

We also have a table at meetings where we bring quilty items we no longer want.
 Other quilters
give the guild a donation to take what they desire.
 I did just that with these blocks.
Now, I am making them up for the donation.

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Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Queen of Frustration

Easing my soul on a crabby day, is the lovely necklace that Terri made for me.
Next up...happy is...My son reading John Henry to Lynsey...a bit of folklore as part of
Black History month.  A favorite here, because my father's name was John Henry Washington Newton Burt. He joined the Air Force at 17 from Alabama... staying on forever more.
Today was a day of storms.  I got a call from a neighbor who was in the hallway with her staff at work...The weather, she said.  Of course, I had nodded off in my recliner with a boring book.
I missed the worst part.  Both of the children's schools lost power, tornado warnings...heavy rain...trees down.and old Grandma O'Quilt snores away, oblivious!!!

Once the family was all home safe and sound, I found myself in a funk/???  Really??
No reason why..but somehow, I felt I needed to start on a political quilt.
Choosing the fabrics.

Pulling fabric here to start when I thought...maybe the Accu-Quilt cutter would help me.
I could not find the dies, I had just re-located them for efficiency...Grrrrr
My son found them in a new basket under a mess.

Next, I fussed with another row of fabric for my chair cover project.
While doing that, my eyes happened on these vintage 40's blocks from a friend of
my dear Aunt Billie in Arizona.  Everyone way gone, the blocks a reminder of fun times.
Somehow, I had a-fixed them...with Wonder-Under...Maybe I should figure this project out now???
No, I should look for the cut lining bottom of this bag and for the lanyard clip
That has been lost for a few weeks...

And so went tonight until everyone in this household remembered how  lucky they
were that my sewing room has two doors on it.
Two doors that shut.
I tried to breathe...and asked self what calms me???
Maybe I should make a rope bowl.
God help me...I am going to just finish the book.

Just so you know that I know, I have been given gifts I am grateful for.
Now...God, if I come back on earth...I would really really appreciate some organizational skills.
And maybe to be able to sing on key. xoxo

Rita's Quilt

She inhaled a pin while sewing....OMG

Tomorrow morning I have a 504 meeting at the high school.
Next week, a 504 meeting at the elementary school.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Let There Be Light....Please

The no car, two week stress has ended...
My son got his new to him car and I am getting a new to me van.
That does not mean that this was easy.  While my son was off buying his car, he had my car with him.
Of course, that was the time when Duke power cut off..leaving me...3 children, 2 cats and one dog in the cold and in the dark, hungry without a car.
And certainly a very crabby grandmother.

The children argued about who was going to light the candles...
We played Old Maid.
 I tried not to lose my balance and fall down.
 The darlings wanted to take their flashlights and play hide and seek, but old grandma was toooooo stressed out for that. The power was only off for 6 hours, but it so seemed to me to be 600000 hours.

Today, was a whole new day. I went to my brilliant therapist,
My mother and I went to lunch...rather I did..and thought of my mother,
Went to Aldi for food shopping .... and finished a book. ending with friends at Wednesday night quilting.
Just so you know that today is February 5.  It is winter...
All the cherry trees are confused.
That's OK....I am confused too and seeing a pretty tree is downright lovely.
My latest project:  Sewing my savored cloth, from around the world to this chair cover..
in order to make it my own...
Like my friend Meg said, My man and I together...
His chair no one will let go of and my funky cover that makes it pretty OK
I am attaching it to the store bought cover and quilting it like this:
I am readying this piece of the dress for the chair.
On the back, I find quite the improv work...Guess in Guatemala, they
use all the fabric that they have on hand...without worry..if the corners match.
I know who told me that perfection is over-rated...I agree!!
Remember, I have had these fabrics/dresses for over 40 years.
If you do not use it, you lose it...or so they say............

Every single person in my house is asleep...How sweet it is.
Starting another book...
As I relax...unusual for me...sad thoughts come
I have no Valentine...

I am thinking about how to celebrate life by giving to others on
April 14, the 5 year anniversary of my man's death.
The key thought is to do something nice for someone else..
I am looking forward to this.
Fixing that thought with a glass of vino tinto and cuddling in with my next book.

Saying NO to watching the news...Good Grandma!!