Tuesday, October 4, 2022

One More Happy Day

 My new lift chair the OT insisted on, came today.  So comfy.  My  home made Guatemalan cover  fits perfectly.

Sherry put it together...Of course no one likes it having their picture taken.  I do it anyway.  She deserves the rest here..
The shirt below Emily made while she was here....a test pattern with little grey sheep on white from my stash.
Instead of Prozac, everyone needs a sewing machine...Making bowls is sooooo relaxing.
My OT thinks I should keep it by my front door with all my keys in it.  So she just did it!!! 

Green bowl was made tonight as I enjoyed a Zoom
I gave Aoife this Halloween quilt, one of my favorites.  We made a story about it and Emily took it home.  Hopefully, it will be one of her favorites too
Emily says Aoife loves quilts....Good girl!!

I was just sharing with a blogging friend, that eventually the clouds run out of rain...too bad we worry warts..forget that.
This was such a lovely day.
One more big shout out for Sherry for fun lunch and my chair.

Most important joy today was my accomplishment in PT.  I walked all over the place with no pain on the walker...Just maybe there is hope.  He now wants me back on the cane....YAY!!!

Monday, October 3, 2022

Joy With my Girl

Thursday morning at 6:30 am , I sat on my porch in the cold dark....awaiting Ian and Emily.  Emily came walking from  her Uber to my patio....JOY!!!  Ian is now gone...JOY!!  She went out in the rain for take out...At first I thought she should not have gone alone without Mommy, then I realized she was quite grown up with a baby of her own.  We sewed all evening long...JOY!!  She is a rose among the thorns.

Thought I would contribute a gift to my new hallway by the mailboxes.. I made a Halloween rope mat.
Em and I at our sewing stations.  She finished a blouse for Aoife and worked on a jumper.
Meantime back in Portland, Aoife seems to enjoying her time with her Daddy xo

For a bit more space, I emptied several scrap bags into this big bin under my ironing/cutting table enabling easy access for scrap quilting....thus  holiday scrap potholders!!

Potholder backings just for fun

A visit to the country where my darlings now live.  Lynsey, Ava and Jax.
Guess  who is in charge here?!!!!  Hopefully not their pet ferret....named "Raccoon"!!!

A lovely visit with my girl. She leaves today to go home on the big airplane to her saintly husband and darling Aoife. (and dog Rosie, of course)

God Bless. 

Monday, September 26, 2022

Gifts of Today

 Today had gifts...as do most days.  Today, I was able to see them.

Today had the gift of friendship, the gift of laughter, the gift of new knowledge.

Today had the gift of accomplishment; a beautiful day. peace.

I read on my patio, I enjoyed the blue sky and lovely clouds.  Just for today, I accepted life on life's terms without looking toward tomorrow, nor to yesterday.`

The gym is 4 min away from my apartment, as is the indoor pool..  Tonight I read a  book and rode the bike for 50 minutes.  Today, I celebrated new friendships with the old and had hope for the day.

The cafe worker told me that she taught her 9 year old son how  to sew and sent him to a sewing class. He had made stuffed animals and other fun things.  I offered scraps and she was excited to get them.  Tomorrow I will give her a potholder, and instructions.  I was delighted to pass on the gifts and the fabric...nothing like fostering sewing. It will be joyful for me to go through my 600,000 baskets of scraps to donate to a good cause.

Especially:  Man sewing.

All millions of moving boxes are gone!!!
Looks messy, but it is a joyful accomplishment.Today, maintenance finished off my bathroom, just the way I like it.  Today, I learned how to use the small washer and dryer in my room.  

Today, I did not cry, nor did I feel sorry for myself, nor the shady, sad world we live in.

Soo nice are the  folks here....People on my floor brought me welcome flowers, and cupcakes and welcome cards.. Just talked to my girl.  She is leaving Wednesday night on the red eye to come see her Ma.....Wahoo...very excited.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Progress, not Perfection...Day Nine

No blogging, no nada....still adjusting to no cooking and no caregiving.
Looking internally to who I am and what my new choices are..
Thank God for friends and sister Charmaine...for all the help.  Of, course, Matthews Glen staff for spoiling me.
Aoife  playing peek-a-boo with Grandma! All via Facetime
The most relaxing activity in the world is making rope bowls: 


The grandson of my new neighbor....hmm...brilliant at 10,  brilliant at 90....Not so smart at 10, not so smart at 100.  This kid  has it!!

A little bit at a time.. Forgetting my PT and OT for awhile as I settle in.
Cool new screen on my patio door.  It is magnetic , attached by Velcro..Wonderful.
The weather has changed in Charlotte, heading toward fall...Delightful!!
New friends on my floor include a quilter, a music  teacher, a master gardener.
I am sitting around napping, settling in, reading and sewing...Also scrap sorting, making bowls and potholders..  My grands were coming to visit Monday....no school...but their mother has Covid...so that was cancelled.

My beautiful handmade bed by Ric in Miami...I have been sleeping in this bed 30 years!! So far. my bedroom. office and quilts...Sherry is quite the folder!!
Aoife turned 2 in July...Her grandmother bought her a sewing machine of her own.  Her mommy took the needle out of it and removed the plug.  Aoife doesn't mind at all.  Now all of my grands have sewing machines from their grandmother O'Quilts.

Great excitement next Thursday as my girl comes to visit for four days from Portland,Oregon.  My cup runneth over.  I want to grab her tight and keep her and never let her go.!!!
She is going to plant some plants, help me get it together.  We are going to sew...already have an extra machine set up.  Time will fly and I will be grateful!!
No  time at all for Pearl when Emily is here.
A very special present coming from Texas and from friend, Laurel.
My man would be so pleased...His words, and his quilt and Laurel's clever kindness!!
Thank you Laurel...

My vintage white porch table, my pumpkin and the tiny rose cutting from the new neighbors a miniature Knock Out Rose... Just starting here...My sister bought soil........and....just waiting for my girl to come to help out.

And so it goes in my new apartment.  Peaceful..





Friday, September 16, 2022

Day Two

Grandma O'Quilts gets welcomed to her patio apartment at Matthews Glen.
While at dinner tonight, my friendly neighbor had left Coleus from her garden on my kitchen counter.
Cheering my day
Today, I had OT and PT and ice cream lunch with Sherry.
She worked all day to help me organize my place. I am one lucky me.
Talk about Joy!!

Here I brag about Lynsey loving her running team at her new school.

Girls on the Run in elementary school started this love.

Overwhelmed, but supported, Grandma works on her patience. Waiting here for maintenance to secure shelves to the walls before I start unpacking boxes of fabric.

And the cure for crazy is of course...
"Just go sew"
I started a rope bowl.
The Grandma is now on her way.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Today I Got the Keys to my New Digs..

I got the keys today...Amazing Grace!!!

Here is my Mango living space


Pistachio bedroom


Patio looking outward. ( In the building looking forward is the indoor swimming pool.
Patio looking inward.

Thursday is the big move!!!  Tomorrow is the little move of things in this rental I am now in.

Soo exciting.  See how clean and organized it is????

Don't we always like the before and after....!!

We will never see it again so clean and tidy

I am thrilled!!


Friday, September 2, 2022

Two Steps Forward....Onward!

 Aoife is two.  This is the  first time ever, she has been separated from her mother...ever.
Daddy told Mommy to take a weekend break..Mommy was not sure, but the glow in her face, when I spoke with her told it all.  She loved it.  Emily went on a weekend Irish music camp for adults.. 
Here is Aoife, waiting for Mommy to come home..
Daddy did a great job. Mommy had a great time.  Aoife was just fine.
Aoife was just fine, but Mommy was not.  Now Aoife only wants Daddy..HA!!

Meantime at my DIL house, Stitch settles in.  He is just so easy going.  Four year old Ava plays  with him too. He so doesn't miss being a sewing cat!!
Making a new friend at my temporary apt.
Scrap sewing since so many of my projects are still in storage, including my 4.5 inch loc-bloc ruler for sizing up.

Making a crazy batik quilt with scraps.
Friends came to visit to share my day!
My new apartment is almost ready.  Rooms have been painted Mango and Pistachio.
New floors are down.  Only things missing are the refrigerator and washing machine.
I can barely hold myself together with gratitude and joy.

I do not miss my house at all...Its time had passed. My new PT said that I am fixable....Stress has worked its wonders on me.  He plans to wean me off the walker back onto the cane and more.
I am beyond delighted.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Change is Hard

Change is hard...only made better with M and Ms, and of course focus.
The latest mantra followed is:  Do the next right thing!!
This is for baby Alice

Such a rough morning as I feared for my son.
Got up at noon, but this is how it went:
What is the next right thing for you to do???
Get up...naw...not going to...sigh.
Get dressed,  That is a ridiculous  thought....and on and on with my telling myself crazy things, like a four year old....With each small act, I felt better.. A few hours later, I called my son.  He said  there will be a skin graft on Tuesday..and no bacteria left in his system.  That is what 3 IV antibiotics will do.
The rest of my day was like this: 
A retired old lady  enjoying her new apt and the awesome pool in retirement!


Thursday, August 25, 2022

Changes a-Brewing

Transitional housing for Grandma O'Quilts
FYI, no pictures of the mess on the other side.

This is my new temporary apartment. Mine should be ready in 3 weeks.  Dylan peeked in from a window.  He reports that the living room is already painted Mango.  The bedroom, Pistachio.
For the next few weeks, I sit here, down the row from my new apartment.
Mine has a little first floor patio.  YES!
As you can see, the essentials go where ever I go.

Linda came by with lovely flowers the other day. If this was not enough, she organized my space in a New York minute!!!  So very grateful.
Not a bad place to sew, Just sayin'

Lynsey and Dylan visiting me today.....their first visit to my rental. I was soooooo very happy to see them.
And, then, the night time....working on a baby quilt due on Monday.  Finally sewing. I have not sewn in a week or so. Always remembering my dear man telling me to: "Just go Sew", when under stress.
Thank God, this was basted and ready to sew.
 Here is our Aoife in Oregon, demonstrating how daddys play with their girls.

Today has been tough, real tough.  My son has been in the hospital...His mother here, is not pleased.
I have been lifted up by Sherry.  Eventually, I came to and tonight actually sewed.  This was the first time in a week!!  Calming...Happiness...Joy...

A new friend recited this poem from memory at our lunch table:

Remembering, once again, that I am not God