Monday, June 27, 2022

No Sewing to Show, but I am Back to Blogging!!

Tonight my family left for Oregon to live their own lives.
Did I mention how much I love my son-in-law?? !!
So smart, so helpful, so kind and a wonderful daddy to Aoife..(who looks just like him)
Here Aoife is on the back porch.  She has her own style....kissing snowman!
The saying "Goodbye" pix tonight.
Here we are, saying goodbye...all smiling and happy for a great visit.

They came to help me go through the millions of saved things in the attic and garage.  OMG  28 years in this house and 35 years of marriage and the keeper of the family flame.  I told my family to take whatever they want...So strange to see what they took and did not.  Is it a surprise to anyone, that left here are 4 sets of china/??  Mine, my mother's, my grandmother's and holiday?
Noone wants them. A bit small for the teas of  today, but perfect for a bit of red wine.

As I clear out to move to a smaller place, it is amazing what I found:

My specialty bed warmer.. Picked up in Galway, Ireland some 40 years ago.  Sold tonight for a hug and kiss to a dear friend...I just love passing things on to a good home.

When I was 23, I was so cool and awesome --The height  of the hippy days.
I found a pair of jeans, or two at Goodwill and re-made them into a jeans skirt.
Why I still have it at 74, I have no clue!!

Thirteen years old is a good age for a girl to live with her mother and not her grandma.
Lynsey picking green beans at her mother's house in the country.
This is why boys, especially those, 12 and 17, should live with their mother and not their grandmother.!!
Rosie boarding at a farm, waiting for the family's return
My family is already home!!
How do you know you are home when you fly into Portland??

This tired grandmother is going to bed xoxo


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

A Day of Giving

As we give to each other.
This is love batik from sale table at Fabric Depot before it went out of business...
A last hurrah!!
A day of giving....Sherry and Charmaine holding me up so I can survive.

A perfect place for giving away well loved items to  others..  My move in specialist showed his collection of Rivieraware....I found my four last pieces to give him...More joy in giving.  Going out to lunch is better than a trip to clear my mind and lift my soul. Stand by Me 

 So many friends are calling  and coming by to help. I am indeed blessed.

Tomorrow morning at 8 am, the AC folks are installing my new unit..Prices have gone up 50 % since last  year.  And, availability is scarce.  People are baking in the sun with no AC for months until parts come, etc.  Tomorrow's unit for me is costing $16,000.  Can you believe it??  And I am grateful to get it...They gave it to me cuz I am an old lady with asthma....Somethings have no price tag..  Life as we know it has forever changed.  Tomorrow morning at 6 am, my daughter and her family come in on the red eye from Portland, Oregon for two weeks to help me... Amazing Grace

Today, my beloved Stitch went to live with my grandchildren...It was with great  excitement that they carried him off.  Having Stitch will ease their transition to a new place to call home after  8.5 years with me.  Here he is...getting to know you...Stitch meets new puppy, 3 other cats and a ferret ...hmmm

Getting to Know You

My sister told me to go take a nap.  Then she put my fabric in boxes for me.
Going to bed now...last night without AC. God willing.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

When is Halloween?????

 My stress level is so high that I am craving chocolate...OMG.. I would make grandma's chocolate fudge recipe but it is too late and I would have to do dishes.

AC still out.

My son and his woman friend came by tonight to get some of his things out of the garage.

Chocolate triggers....AC gone.  Realtor coming tomorrow with my house such a mess still.

Red wine makes the feeling that chocolate should be next.

Feeling hopeless that the house will ever be ready.

Missing my man and my mother..

Missing my feisty youth!!!

Excitement that my girl is coming in two days.

The medic alarm went off two times in my house tonight.

The feeling that what I see is not  reality.  Instead it is sugar coated especially for me. 

Speaking of sugar. ?????  Hmmm

Good night...May we all have chocolate dreams...xo

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Mama Said There'd be Days Like This

Mama Said There'd be Days Like this... 

OMG  So where is Mama now, when I need her???

Calming myself with scraps in my electric fabric cutter...So relaxing.

All these changes and stressors....Today  the AC went out.  I do not want to put $6000 into a new  unit when I might move in two months...Jeeeze Louize!!!  The lack of AC is triggering my asthma.

Tonight I spilled melted butter for my popcorn on my favorite shirt??? Who does that??  From the microwave, right down the front of me...

Stitch, my favorite cat is acting out.  He misses Boo and the kids...OMG.. only took him one week to adjust to being  loved by my sister and Alexis..
Yay, Boo!!!!

My only recliner that I can relax in broke today.???

Just when I thought I would calm down with a movie, the TV broke...My genius mind eventually pushed the extension electrical button and bingo..It was fixed..

Jackie came by with a Subway..Her visit cheered the day!! My sister did a Goodwill de-stashing in the hot and heavy house. She is a miracle worker.

I just cannot do all this alone, without my husband...Oh, he has been dead 7 years.  I guess I am fooling myself.  I am doing it.

I have friends I can share my despair with.  My daughter and family are coming on Wed for two weeks to save me.  They do not realize I am hanging by a thread....50 wt, but still!!

This is the antique quilt I have with the faded green..
It is a top backed with plaid flannel.  It fits my entire bed, loved inspite of its damage.
Just gotta know the history .I so forget the era of the dye that turned from green to beige

I am turning from green to grey myself.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

That New Phase of Life

June 8, 2022
Last night was the end of school celebration at Grandma's house.  For a special event, Grandma allowed McDonald's delivery via Door Dash per  Lynsey's request.  A good time had by all.

This morning off went my dear grands to live at their mother's house.  After 8 and a half years, it is a big change for all of us.   All these friends came this morning to help them pack...How great is that!!. 

Original water color painting by artist, Norie Sanchez   xoxo

One of my favorite old quilts I made, now hanging on my wall.
It is African fabric and Australian fabric in a large snowball...
Did you not know???   I just love fabric...

I have a few antique quilts where green was faded to  brown.  I was looking online to date these quilts when I found this interesting article about the color green: Why Green Can't be Trusted
Fun article, but I still cannot find the dating clues.  One of my quilts is a red Peony from New Hampshire and the other is a Lady of the Lake quilt, half a brilliant gold, the other half that faded brown.

Moving the quilt hutch, formerly  the fabric hutch, formerly Mother;s china closet.
All this prep, let to a great display on the sofa.

Good bye picture made me cry...felt like loss all over again.

Me with my solid and smart and capable DIL
My darlings look just like their mother.

Thought this was interesting ...  Masking Tape Hacks

Friday, June 3, 2022

Accepting the Life as it Comes


Our Stitch....OK, Lynsey's Stitch.. Stitch is sorry.
He was asleep on the pillow next to  me a few nights back...I must have moved my hand, because he bit me...not badly, but still a bite...and as we know, cat bites can be serious...A doctor must be seen within 8 hours...Jeeze-Louize!!
I was not going to go.  The bite was not that bad...however, trusted friends at lunch insisted...OMG
Since they are the smartest of the smart, I listened to them. One hour after I left Urgent Care, Animal Control was at my door.  He put Stitch into the computer data base to find out if he was up to date on his shots.  Even though he is, I was told to quarantine him for 10 days or they would take him to the vet at my  expense for 10 days...Lordy, Lordy.... So, he could not go with the children to their new  home yesterday .... Stitch is not a "biter".  We have had him 6 years and he is the most wonderful cat ever.  Any animal will bite if startled....Naughty so very sorry.
Tonight I played with scraps on my awesome electric cutter.  I cut the shapes for the bowls...

Here are the purples showing off...triangles and squares..I am so glad I bought this is my arthritis!!
Anxiety has been keeping me up at night lately. Restless me finally got up at 10am.  A saintly friend came over to fix some screens and joined me out for breakfast.  Nothing like healthy waffles and bacon and diet Coke and fine conversation to cheer the day.  Once home, I found my trusty house cleaners hard at work on my mess.  I sat on the porch with a few quilting books and woke up two hours  later to a very clean and quiet house...Grateful, grateful me!!

Tomorrow, I look forward to my gutters being cleaned and house being pressure washed.  My sister is coming to  help me de-clutter.

Lynsey told me that it was fine to put on my blog that many girls want boyfriends, but all the boys like her....OMG  She is 13....Time is so right for her to live with her mother..