Thursday, December 27, 2018

O'Quilt's Merry Little Christmas

This Christmas was a grand gift of love
Both my children under my roof for Christmas..the first time in 15 years.
All three of my grandchildren here for Santa sister.
I hope you all found peace and joy at the holidays

Lynsey's T-shirt quilt was a big hit
She was so surprised...The  boys were jealous,
A huge thanks to Mimi in Idaho for stabilizing the t-shirts.
Nice to have friends in high places  !!

The boys were happy enough with their fleece blankets.
Instead of tying them..I just zipped a zig-zag stitch around the edges.

Christmas Eve Dylan could not find his probably is lost among Legos..
We all looked.  Walmart came to the rescue.
Dylan's sweet 8 year old eyes....asked me to put his name on it
so Santa would know where to put his presents.
He looked and found these letters..Voila...Grandma to the rescue.
We have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve
The dinner was prepared by my wonderful son in  law and my daughter
Lynsey was the great sous-chef.

I did nothing but frost the cookies.
In the style of my own grandmother.
The grands with their daddy...
We did Christmas crackers...a tradition Mr .O'Quilts favored.

We still miss Granddaddy so much
My favorite Christmas present was a story about Granddaddy that Lynsey wrote.
It brought tears to my eyes.

Memories from many moons ago.Thinking of our lovely life together.

We had a wonderful Christmas
A favorite song.
USAF band holiday presentation

I grew up in an Air Force family, after all.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

O'Quilt News

My girl had a great idea...that we sew together when she came home for Christmas.
She had purchased a pattern from Then Came June..Inside Out Star.
 Christmas fabric for her...and not for me.......
It is fun to work on the same pattern together.
A nice big 14.5 inch star.

O'Quilt news...
The children went with their mother to see Santa
Dear Evan, at so not with the program in his  yellow shirt.
At least he was willing to participate.
Tree decorations for my grands from that thoughtful friend
Paula...Thank you Paula.

Here are some interesting links:

podcast on Christmas Cactus care

Hate politics in quilting

Self-Growth for the New Year
Or, 19 uncomfortable things to start doing to make your life better

On the Winter Solstice...Thank you Michele

Lately this old lady  has been staying up until 2 or 3 am
and sleeping until noon....What???

Had a great meeting with long time friends tonight..
Discussion: our human preoccupation with the illusion of control!!

Santa has the stockings ready.
Son in Law ready to cook Christmas dinner
Kids all excited.
Getting cookies ready.
Mrs. O'Quilts has both her children home for Christmas
And, they are getting along.
I am so high on gratitude.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

A Holiday Tale of my Clever Friends

Sharing Wednesday night quilting talented
A birthday party like no other.
First up, my zippy, flat bag I made for my Democratic friend, Carol..
 The bag backing is vinyl with lining of batik I bought at the now closed
Fabric Depot in Portland.  Bag idea from Ellen.
My girl brought me wine in a can from Dear Portland
How perfect is that!!!
And.some Cotton and Steel thread.for me to try.
You all know about the fabric love...look at the ice cream flavors...
From the minute Muggs got her embroidery machine, that girl was on it.
My lavender sachets...with my favorite flower, the sunflower...and
The Swedish Dala horse with my initial
 Look what backing she found on Spoon flower...perfect!!
Jean made the luggage tag holders and the crochet snowflake

Creative Drenna made needle receptacles for our used needles from saved
gum holders...She added..colorful tape to brighten the containers
 She took a used purse, saved the vinyl and voila..zippy purses.
Sherrie made a string bag for the wonderful jar of honey she gave me.
Carol found me a Swede!!!!
Terri wins the clever of all clevers of the night.
She made favors for all 12 of us..
A little green box from construction paper
 Then she applied candy cane scrap booking paper
to the top of the box AND to each little candy within..
 Terri, you are a genius.
My girl and I went to Walmart this afternoon...happenstance saw trees marked down to $7 from $38
My girl said we must have a real tree when we can get it...sooo.
The white tree went onto the screened in porch, visible from the living room.
And....the real tree came inside.
Excitement was delightful.
I think Christmas spirit came in tonight
My daughter fetched an old tree son and his children
put the lights on...
All done before the quilting birthday parties began.
For some reason, my friends think I have stress in my life.
Lavender items galore...all to soothe my stress.

Then there is the always generous Cousin Ann....xoxo
My friends are all so wonderful.
My son and daughter are the best.
I am blessed and happy tonight.

Of course, I did just have to add this link for your
perusal...Just cuz...just cuz...that is all...
It is still there, you know....
Physical Symptoms of Grief

Red wine tastes better in a Christmas cup of my mother's
To think that all my life I was told that I am 50% Swedish.
Now, Ancestry tells me that I am 40% Swedish and 20% Norwegian .
I wish my grandmother was still hear about this one...
My brother told me to forget and listen to Grandma.
Way to go brother...

Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Invasion

Grandma O'Quilts has a private sewing room with two doors that close.
It was supposed to be a dining room...couldn't bear to waste the space.
It has been mine for over 20 years.

It is the gathering place for all family and friends.

My son here...working on the broken taillight for his car,
on my sewing table..
If you will note....cough, cough, he is using my seam ripper too!!!

 Lynsey girl finishing up presents for her teachers.
She worked hard all day in my sewing room
She pasted the words onto the tags and
cut and tied the twine.
Lynsey is nine.  I can leave her to sew the potholders herself now.
So proud!!!

Lynsey is all ready to give out her teacher presents Monday.
But the boys...???
Why can't the boys be like the girls...that song was so wrong!!!!
Rex Harrison, Why Can't A Woman be like a Man

Dylan has been easier..
.Evan, the thirteen year old is most difficult.
...Jeeze Louize.
I do not care if he finishes his potholders or not...
He is in 8th grade. It is his deal.  He has two unfinished ones..
So grateful his daddy is here taking over some of the parenting with Evan.

Tomorrow morning, my girl and her man come into Charlotte early
on the red-eye from Portland, Oregon.

   I am so excited...
I am so excited
I am so excited

I see my favorite online fabric store has a 20% off sale on everything.
Just sayin'
Hancocks of Paducah

Friday, December 14, 2018

Ten Days Before Christmas

Dylan shines for the 3rd grade holiday school show.
Both his parents went.  So proud of them.
My photos are so sketchy ....Oh well..
   Only a quilter would forgive the mess in the background

Lynsey is doing a Secret Santa at school tomorrow.
She asked her grandmother to make the pouch.
The night before...of course!!!!

An old candy wrapper for the front
 Oil cloth for the back.
candy wrapper zippy pouch
She added a few treats inside.

My Wednesday night group  basted this flour sack flimsy for me.
Flannel on the back and wool inside...
I was going to tie it, but Jean suggested a wiggly machine stitch to secure the seams.
It is hand pieced with loose stitches.

Three days until my girl comes home for Christmas..

Thank you Michelle for sharing Maya with us.
This Christmas poem is just perfect.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Notable and the not so Notable

For relaxation, I cut some lavender blocks and started with 
my 1.5 inch strings...just sewing along..
It is a bit blah, but with a blue or red binding, it should be ok
I want to give it the fire folks?  to the hurricane folks?
to local folks?  I do not know...I do not feel like quilting it....

The children have had this tree for the five years they have been living with me.
They love it as a memory...It;s physical beauty is way gone..
Thanks to Boo and Stitch.

The O'Quilts family survived the winter storm.
No pretty snow, just ice and the loss of power.
Thank you Barnes and Nobles for being open.
Met some new friends there from all over Charlotte in the same situation..
We are back on a roll now with Carolina blue skies.

My girl making Christmas catnip for her cat loving friends.

My son was with  me during the storm.  When I came home from the bookstore,
he had LED lights all around the house....No power needed with LED cheer.
It was delightful
My son happy.
Marie showing her Kaffe fabric quilt.

I hate to go to bed.  Last night I stayed up to 2:30 finishing a book
I am in physical pain with my decayed joints
This is a tough Christmas without my man.
But, I am happy...I am getting stronger.
My friends all have their spouses...
I am not jealous any more..
With my son home I feel like I have family again.
My girl comes home in 5 days for my birthday.
For the first time in 15 years, I will have both children
under the same roof for Christmas
A miracle.

Never forget:
Living with ALS, the cost of staying alive

Always remember:
A Better Man
Eeyore..HIgher Perspective