Sunday, December 8, 2019

A Very Lazy Day

At 7 am Girls on the Run coach picked up Lynsey for an awesome run

She ran the 5K in admirable speed, leaving the adults in the dust.
The bag she received this morning reflects this year's motto
When she got home, she went to a movie with her daddy and I took a lazy nap.
This is her last year in this program as Lynsey is off to middle school next year.
Grandma got up from her nap today to futz around.
Clearly reflecting the lazy mood, is this wreath with the animals upside down????
A child's quilt with cat embroidery done by my grandmother.
That is enough of I readied the last of the school teacher presents.
Olde Providence Elementary School has been just wonderful to us.
I am grateful.
Lynsey will bring these in tomorrow..maybe her daddy will drive her.
My favorite stamp attached to each bowl with the names.
I have had this stamp for years..just recently found out it was the work of
Susan Branch
Who is my the way...just a co-incidence...born in the same year..etc!!!!
Both clever?? By happenstance??
Next lazy thing was to make Rice Crispy Treats
in my mother's old pressure cooker pan!!
Repaired by Sherry a few years handle..Thank you Sherry.
These were supposed to be for kid's snacks...but since it was a lazy day,
half of them are gone...gone somewhere...I do not know???
Maybe tomorrow will be more productive..
Still cold in Charlotte...any excuse for a lazy day.


At the midnight hour..

A gift of friendship.

Dear me...bed time...midnight thirty.
About these bowls...lots and lots of bobbins made ahead of time.
Lots of snipping and trimming in the  morning.
A bit of glue from the glue stick...very handy.
Shaping needed a bit in the morning.
As fast as I make they go with a holiday tag.
Just FYI
My girl and her friends took their dog to visit Santa...hmmmm
Just so you know, I did the best I could in raising her!!
Good night xo

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Holiday Spirit Visits us and Grandma O'Quilts gets Scammed

My grandmother would be pleased!!
Where are the Swedish Christmas decorations, she would say!!
Life is not all Irish😻
My mother would be pleased..About 60 years old, a well loved Santa.
Thanks to my family, Christmas decorations are started xo
The Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild had an awesome holiday party.
Diane #3, made these favors for
We had potluck appetizers.
Show and tell.
A game:  Bring three items of a favorite thing.
I brought..grabbers for when something is dropped!!
My winnings:
Other gifts:
Some of our "Show and tell":
A memory quilt from shirts.
Loretta's tiny piecing.
Two of Ellen's spectacular quilts:

Wednesday night Muggs gave us all holiday tea towels.
Mine is the best!!

Tomorrow Lynsey does a 5K for her Girls on the Run.
Her coach is picking her up and running with her.
Instead of going to her mother's this weekend, Lynsey stayed home with me.
She cleaned the kitchen beautifully...spotless...Wish her 14 year old brother could do as well.

I am introducing Lynsey to the joys of antique stores and Goodwill, etc.
Today we went to her second antique store, where  she found her Christmas present.
Wahoo...never mind that she already has 4 of them...she was so thrilled.
I am thrilled with DONE.

She was enchanted with this:  As she had seen it in old photos!!
and learned about it in school...ha ha ha

 My discovery: A blue candlewick child's spread with a doggie on it.
I did not need it.  It was so inexpensive.  I loved it.  It is in perfect condition.
Enough excuses???

Grandma O'Quilts learns a lesson in scamming..OMG
I decided to sign up online for a home warranty.
I looked up the references and called them up...They said, call back in the morning
In the morning, I had emails and texts from them: that made it easy.
Hmm, a bit too easy.
I gave him my credit card number.  He said , it was refused it.  So I gave him a second card.
He said he would send me an email email came.
I called him answer..
The bank said to cancel the cards.
My daughter said to cancel the cards.
I really wanted this good deal...
Alas, all that glitters is not gold.

Sigh...tonight I cancelled the two cards...ugh..
Hopefully lesson learned.
Old dog learns new tricks...

Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Season Begins

Our Queen Bee Christmas luncheon.
Linda found whimsy.   So brilliant!!!
It is a Swedish
It made a wonderful present!!!
Here we are laughing and talking for hours at Roosters.
Sadly two of us could not make it.

Heather gave us potholders...She makes them differently than I do...
See the nice touch on the back..a grosgrain ribbon for hanging
And a label of her own that she printed herself.

This darling from: Country Threads and Chicken Scratch
on the quit pattern "Split Squares"

Free pattern for the above. (cats not included!)

Difficult holiday days here....However...I do want to celebrate my newfound energy,
From whence it came, I have not a clue.   For the first time in forever, I did the entire weekly grocery shopping at myself...I was so amazed!!!! Usually I bring one of the children with me.

Tonight Lynsey went to her therapist with her daddy.  Well....I just noticed that one of my
bowls is missing...along with two hand warmers...Lynsey helped make the hand warmers.
Touching my heart that she likes the rope bowls so  much that she wants everyone she likes to have one for Christmas.

When I took on this grand parenting job 6 years ago, I had forgotten about adolescent mouth...ugh...and of course pre-tween mouth...ugh!!
 At 9, Dylan is the only sweetie pie.
The others "know it all"!!!!

Tuesday night was a brilliant holiday party of the CMQG..will post later
Wednesday night was Sherry's birthday party at our IQ meeting.
Today was Aldi and trying online to find a home warranty affordable to me..
My son cannot do everything...not enough hours in the day.
Tonight, I will try another type of rope bowl.

I cannot go to bed...purple calls me. I waited 2 weeks for this purple macrame rope
Look at the size difference...a mistake it was...and it was $10.  I hate to waste money.
Using it anyway...but, the rope cannot go in between the beige rope, it has to
lie on top....
Lying on top means, that it does not show on the outside...I did not plan for that.
The next experiment was to wrap it around the beige...not so easy.

Done...and OK...
My friends say that even 100% cotton clothesline will not take my
awaiting blue Kool-Aid dye, because the rope will have been treated for the outside weather
and may not absorb as I wish for it to.
 Some people cannot learn from the mistakes of others.
Some people have to try it all out themselves...
Guess I will deal with that another day..Bed time for this old lady.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Last Day of November......

As I clean up for Christmas, I have found most of my woodcarving collection.
.Thanks to Rich for the gifts.
With the surprise of the holiday stress!!!, I debriefed by making rope bowls.
and rope bowls and more rope bowls...OMG..
Really quite like meditation.
I now have plenty for Lynsey to give out at school
Looks like 16 made in my stress reducing frenzy.
With the creation of these three rope coasters, I have now
finished off every little tiny bit of rope I had...
Way too much relaxation!!!!

Recently, I have felt run over by the folks living in my household.
The recent incident:  I could not watch Netflix in my sewing room.
My clever SIL found my smart TV remote in Evan's room...I was clueless!!!
My roommates seem to think that what is mine, is theirs for the taking..
I have now decorated my newly found remote in nail polish and duct tape that might
be undesirable to a 14 year old...I even tied a big Pumpkin bell on it.
What do you think???  Desperate measures....right??
Thanksgiving done...on to the next holiday
Hanging now, is a red and white Irish Chain.
I made this back in the day when I could do hand quilting.
I see that I included hand quilted stars.

Going through 60 years of Christmas, I am giving things to my daughter who is setting 
up her home in Portland, Oregon. 
My man and I used to collect antique quilts before we adopted our children.
Giving this Christmas lovely to her was emotionally hard...It is circa 1900.
We have owned it for 40 years.
I love it.  It reminds me of our life together, the Mr and me...
Now, it will join the next generation to enjoy.
Last night my girl and her man came home with a big, fluffy real Frasier Fir
Emily put the lights on it...The children will be delighted when they see it.
She said it was a present to lift my spirits since she will be staying in Portland
for Christmas this year..
Lift my spirits, it did...I love it.
Very grateful for my daughter and her man for helping me start Christmas
And for doing Thanksgiving...I am so around the bend that this is such
a surprisingly hard holiday season for me.
They leave this Monday...taking my heart with them., leaving
wonderful memories here and the feeling of being still loved.

My son still rises.
He had the outside Christmas lights up for me to see coming home
from tonight's Saturday night meeting..
My children, totally grown up...helping their mother!!!.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

De-Stressing the Turkey...

Looking forward to Thanksgiving, I forgot how stressful holidays can be.
This new rope bowl obsession is helping me relax.
This experiment was with three ropes for the handles and variegated thread.
I used up the purple that Susie had given me...and some of the red I had left.
Added those to the regular all cotton clothesline...
And, I made the handles 3 ropes much nicer.
I do like this one.  Lynsey is noting the bowls....You know, Grandma, I think that
my teachers would like those bowls better than the extract we are making/????
Really, Lynsey....and you have 4 teachers?????? Dear Dear Dear me!!!
So far, this is the rope that works the best for me..soon I will try it with blue Kool-Aid.
My girl and her man are here for Thanksgiving.  We are having 11 people.
My son-in-law and my daughter are cooking...He is a brilliant cook...I have announced that I will be reading on the porch during that time. Everyone was delighted with that??????  Evidently I bring the holiday
stress with my intense personality...Fine...I will just get out of the way and relax!!!
It is a more difficult transition than I had expected for me.
I have two quilting books from the library to keep me busy!!

Rosie was left in Charlotte for dogs!!
She goes to the Double Dog Ranch in Oregon...They pick her up in a bus at a specific bus stop.
She went last time too.  Last time she was a bit concerned...this time when Rosie
saw the bus coming around the bend to the bus stop...she wagged her tail and could not 
wait to board...amazing...The Ranch posts pictures on Instagram of the dogs having fun.
Emily keeps looking to see how Rosie is doing.
She is always doing great!!..
Rosie is in the back right with her nose peaking above.
Can you imagine a doggie vacation like this!!

I certainly hope that all of you have peace at Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Crazy...About Rope Bowls...Actually, Just Crazy.....

This experiment was in perfecting handles...second try and in using two sizes of rope.
Red is macrame rope and white is 100% cotton clothesline...(difference in weight and size)
Tonight my son bought blue Kool Aid for my next challenge on the 100% cotton clothesline.
I ordered a thrifty electric burner on Amazon so I can dye rope outside when the weather warms up.
Four block start of my purple challenge...3 years in the starting..
The midnight excitement...With my girl coming in in 6 hours on the red eye.
Gotta sew cuz I will never sleep.

Taking donations of cotton feed my new addiction.