Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Already New Year's Eve has Arrived...12:19 am

The splurge on colored rope...Can you believe this was here in less than 20 hours..OMG
I cannot sew with it yet because I want to mix it with the neutral clothesline rope
that has yet to arrived...although I hear...it is on its way!!!!

Tonight....a lovely chat with my blogging friend Kara.  She is doing that chemo thing.
Inspiration came through the phone from Kara to me...that she is sewing and sewing.
Giving away to the chemo nurses quilts..giving thanks
 Now, she is just making basic quilts...for the comfort of others.
A few years back, Kara and Melissa, in the mountains of Tennessee organized a lot of my scraps. and delivered them to me in Charlotte....how nice:)
Tonight is the night...with my new found inspiration, that I too..will start another basic quilt to give away.
God only knows how hard life is...and a quilt to hug you in stressful times is a blessing.
Here is the bag of 3 inch strips all organized....so not by me.
With great energy, I have now sewn all these strips into pairs
Tomorrow I will cut them for four patches.
There was a lot of yellow, so I have used that as a color binder.
I have a bag unfinished, but on the table ready,
Rope for my latest addiction to bowls
  This new four patch inspiration,
  Quilts basted to be quilted,
Tops waiting to be quilted,
 450 UFOs
 6,584,930 ideas for future quilts and projects.
My heart is beating quickly...Is it the sewing excitement or the chocolate????

The children will be home in the morning
I already sent them their chore list via Evan's phone
so they will not be surprised.
The boys will be making bobbins and Lynsey will be preparing
her sewing machine for her sewing class on Saturday
Stasi sent me this picture this evening of her girls reading.
Guess what I just found in a dresser drawer!!!
Only the best of friends would give me M&Ms for my birthday.

And, then...with the New Year, there is this:
Anne Lamont: We Need to Talk
Thank you Carol for this link...
I just LOVE Anne Lamont

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Another Nightly Adventure

I love this book.  I really love this book
Which is why I read it in small amounts to wrap myself in the warm fuzzies of community.
I am still on my stay-cation with the children at their mother's house.
I ponder:  Should I keep reading on the screened in porch wrapped in a quilt, while
the rain and wind comfort me...or should I do the dishes and go get groceries??
Should I continue to stay up until 3am happily sewing and creating and sleep until noon,
Or, should I feel guilty for "wasting" time.  
Should I dust and vacuum?  Or take a cozy nap by the fireplace with a book folded by my side and a cat on my lap?
It has been noted that I still think I am forty and expect self to still have all that energy.
My darlings will be home on Tuesday....
I am having just a lovely day today.
Still a comfort...
Without Grandma...off they all went to the mountains on horses..
A wonderful time.
I have done the dishes and the laundry.
Feeling so completely rested, then I heard a friend my age had a stroke
and is in the ICU.
Many bloggers seem to be putting out their word for 2020
My word is one I never thought I would say...me such a fighter.
Acceptance of life on life's terms.
Acceptance....so hard.

What to do to avoid that bag I am making...ugh..should have used
Batiks so both sides are the same.
Ah Ha!!! Make another rope bowl.
Taking a chance here on using my beloved Kaffe circles.
This bowl is nice, but not a stand out like I had wanted.
Large prints are best for these bowls, but high contrast is a must
This bowl does not have that.
I made it until I was totally out of rope.  Amazon Prime to the rescue in a few days.
Voila...the lining cut for the bag...the right side and size.  The rest for another day.
My son is thrilled with the new fish tank.
He is quite the baby and bought the fish before the top of the tank arrived
I see that Eamon is not the only one thrilled with the new fish...
Hmmm, lets see how many are left in the morning.

ps...I notice that if I cannot comment on someone's blog...I just left
click on "show in a different window"  Voila...then I can comment.

Getting a Head Start on New Year Projects

A new project, working with linen.

Anna Marie Horner linen fabrics...gifted to me in October.
I have had this pattern for at least 10 years...Either make it or chuck it..
Will try it tonight.
Because I had this linen fabric on hand in the right size...I am going to go with these colors.
Many hours later...ugh...I do not like thinking...so many bags I have made without thinking.
This bag is asking for batting...I do not want to do that either...calm down, Mrs. O'Quilts,
After keeping the pattern this long...let's do it right.

I love to see my son happy.  He usually has so much anxiety
We decided to set up his childhood fish tank for Christmas.
Of course supplies had to be updated...
It is a good thing he has already schmoozed the women working
at the pet store..
Tonight, he got some stones and grass...so excited..like the 19 year old he still is (inside).
The children are excited too...When they come back from their mother's house, they will pick out
some fish for themselves...Already there is a problem
I told the children that fish easily die.
That's OK they said, we will just have a burial and service in the garden.
My son said.....flushing down the toilet is my favored burial.
Dear, dear me...now, that is a conflict.

I am hoping that Evan catches on to this hobby.  He has no passion for anything but computer games.
I am not sure that is normal for age 14 and a half...who knows..He does have a lot of friends..and so
far, his grades are better than in middle school...so far.

My sewing room problem...Why,,,because I am greedy.  I have my designated sewing room
Then the sewing room with the design wall that used to be my office and then the ALS sick room
My son has moved into that room with the fish tank and the dog on the sofa...He has made a cozy nook for himself amidst the fabric shelves.
Third sewing room is the screened in porch.
 Out there I have a table for spray basting and a table for cutting.
Tonight, my new bag pattern is on the dining room table...
Spoiled is the word!!

Just for today, my son is a miracle.  He worked all day, went to a meeting, fiddled with his fish tank and swept the floors  OCD certainly has its benefits. He changed the sheets on my bed and he is doing the laundry.  He has always been a great worker...It is just that I had lost hope for him.
He said that Mr. O'Quilts would want him to take care of me...
An absolute miracle...and just for today is fine with me.

Guess what...all my crazy last night to watch Crafts in America was in vain...I had to watch it the day after on PBS online...Tonight I did it...so happy ..xoxo

Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Gifts

I have sworn to never post past midnight...but here I am at one am...so
not listening to my own rules.  See, after midnight, I start with the despair on missing
my wonderful man..so posts start to sound pathetic..

I was trying for 45 minutes to get the new PBS "Crafts in America" broadcast..on my computer.
 I can not afford cable...
As I was unsuccessful, frustration mounted...I knew my husband
could have fixed it all in a second. But, he was not here. The tears started...ugh...
Then a sad song I should have avoided..
My son wishes he could  fix the sadness...No one can.

I  heard my mother's voice and started to sew...two gifts.

 If the wage earner in a young family dies, the mother cannot work...day care is too expensive.
Boom...not only is the family grieving for the husband, but now they are homeless. I know
what grief is...I cannot imagine homelessness too...or having a new baby to boot.
I cannot fix this pain...But I can quilt...Thank you mother for your wise words.

Midnight...my son cleared off the outside table for a bit of  spray basting.  I found a random flimsy I had made once in a relaxed state.  
In 30 minutes I had it quilted and my mood lifted...thinking of others....
This quilt will go to that new baby that is now homeless...No one can fix pain...but we can
spread some joy with  needle and thread

While I was sewing, my son took the ornaments off the tree, cleaned the kitchen and gave me a great big hug.  He gives the best hugs.  Christmas cookies hug me too...When the New Year comes, I never want to see another cookie...well....maybe not for a few days, anyway. 
 I think I have a cookie disorder.

Cleaning my sewing room tonight was encouraging.  I found a handicap placard that I had lost for two years (I have a handicap tag because even though I am no longer in pain, I cannot walk far.)
This card will be helpful when I go to Portland again. I found gingerbread cookies that I forgot to put out at Christmas....hmmm....I found 10 inch squares that I had prepped for more bowl cozies, then forgot all about them.. I found the thank you cards and a holiday note to my brother that I never sent.
.My mind cleared and my heart felt better.
All is well.
Two am...goodnight!!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

As Good as it Gets...is Still Good

 Queen Bee Christmas...Love
Lynsey will be 11 in February, Dylan will be 10
Yet...denial and fancy thinking persist.
They just had to put out  cookies and milk and crack the fireplace door so Santa could get in.
Lynsey woke me up at 4 am to tell me that she did not think Santa had come...
Below, our Christmas Eve family picture...a little like the Krantz  *%%
Children acting out, folks missing, Oh, well...this year things were slack.
When my children were little...I made everyone wear a red or green shirt...
That is over!!  No one dressed for the holidays but Dylan.
It is OK...Times have changed, so have priorities.
Ava and her mother.  Everyone loves 20 month Ava!
So proud of my daughter in law.  She is doing a mighty fine job.
The large mug rug I made my son from his favorite fabric.
He was surprised and pleased.
Eamon's mug rug backing.
Trying to relax tonight...a tough call for this old lady.
My mind goes 24/7.  It always has.
Calm arrives thru rope bowl creativity.
Today was a one friend sewing day.
Linda sewed a very clever zippered pocket
into an existing bag...
A present from me to me....cat pens...love.
Bowl cozies I made for Christmas presents.
There we have it for the Boxing Day roundup!!

To Where You Are by Josh Groban

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Love

Merry Christmas
Christmas is about sacrifice and courage and bravery
It is about joy and love...Tonight we  light a candle for
the love that lives forever xo

Monday, December 23, 2019

The Night Before the Night Before

Noise is everywhere...as the children are more than excited about Christmas.
Their mother took them to see Santa.
And, their mother took them all to church yesterday..Amen and wonderful
Lynsey and Dylan and I made sugar cookie dough tonight...four rolls..like below..
Since tomorrow is Christmas eve, I voted on slice and bake cookies..
VETOED....They want cutouts..time has flown..
We are going to need a compromise!!!
My son and I had the brilliant idea of putting up the fish tank.for Christmas..
Of course, I did not think of the money....only the fun.
My son always had fish...so he, too is thrilled.
But, he is plugging it into an extension cord with a switch.
Hope we all do not get electrocuted...
Trying here to let the parents do more and more.
So hard for Grandma to keep her mouth closed...hmmmm
The children are more than anxious to pick out their fish.
So is Stitch.
Lynsey's mom painted her toenails green and her fingernails red.
Never mind dyed her hair pink (guaranteed to wash out after 14 washes) OMG
When I took the picture of the toenails, Dylan did not want to be left out...thus his 
sock covered foot.
We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.
Except for the Santa part in the morning...
Dinner tomorrow night is also a compromise.
Evan wants spaghetti, but Lynsey said that that is NOT a
Christmas dinner...so she will make the corn casserole herself, her father, the ham
and potatoes, etc...My sister will bring the spaghetti..and their mother, mac and cheese...
This is not a restaurant, but it is Christmas and all are chipping in.

In the morning, I will get going on the cookies.
Then a miracle in Charlotte...64 degrees and sunny.
I can be found reading outside in the sun, leaving the rest of the cooking to my son and grands.


Change...It is everywhere....some good...some sad!!
Look how a bit of snowballing upgraded this flimsy
Lynsey spends the weekend with her mother...
Lynsey will be 11 in February..
I wish that growing up, we had seen holiday cards like this.
My wreath I bought in Equador..I no longer travel like that.
Tompte placemats remind me of my  Swedish grandmother....long gone..
A delightful shirt I bought on sale somewhere...
It does not fit the one who would like it.
The one it fits, does not like it...
FABRIC...Just look at those colors!!!
Like I said before...I just love scissors!
A very special handmade Christmas card from my girl.
xoox and more xoxo
Working on the spirit of today.
The spirits of Christmas past still carry me.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Saturday Night Fun

Into the red bowl I made, go the peppermints
Merry Christmas
For years and years my mother saved a punch bowl for her granddaughter's wedding.
My mother died before Emily married.
Tonight, in Portland, my girl and her man are having their
first party in their home.
For Christmas cheer, out came the punch bowl cups my mother left her.  Sigh...
This library book was lost...I am sure it was not  my fault..
Ha ha ha...I have renewed it several times.
My son found my book, whew..
He said he wants to read it himself...because he wants to
know the answer to this question himself....OMG

Sherry is our quilting group's genius.
She made each of us an infinity scarf from Challis.
Cleaning my sewing room mess is how I find lost things.
I found two pieces of stray fabric that I thought was Challis.
Close enough.  I made a two fabric infinity scarf..
Please tell my why a grandmother would want to do this?????
Grateful for my son's enthusiasm...
He just loves it...
I thought I would include in this post some
interesting links.
The Joy of Finishing Rita's Quilt
Elton John Christmas Commercial
The Legacy of the Orphan Train

I am really enjoying my evening alone.
PS  Thanks to Sherry...I now have found Netflix in my sewing room.
It only took two years....Focus is not my main attribute !!

Friday, December 20, 2019

The Slouch and the Birthday Girl

Yankee Candle beauty gifted by Drenna...
Wonderful birthday gifts for me.
MP dishtowels that I love and struggle to use..too nice.
My sister and I raised up in Arizona...fat quarters...here..
Marie brought me AMH fabric from Houston and Jean  made
me lovely coasters.
Thank you Margaret for sharing the cat towel...I just know how you
wanted it for yourself..!! Made in Northern Ireland.
Infinity scarf made by Sherry
Lynsey did the Aldi shopping with me..She is brilliant at it.
She bought mozzarella and tomatoes...sliced it all up and arranged it
in a circle, just like she saw on her U-Tube families..
Checking out the Walmart clearance section hoping for a holiday present
25 cent patriotic fat quarters!!!
I loved my birthday parties, adjusting to my age and my wobble.
Playing Santa again this year...my son will help me.
Both parents are doing wonderfully and help me so very much
Grateful.  Here we have Lynsey and her mother at the school holiday party.
We are the village for the children.

I see what sewing everyone else seems to be doing and I feel like a slouch.
I have about 20 quilts that need to be quilted.
10 UFOs
Fabric galore that I am desperate to work with.
Yet,I sit at this computer, reading blogs,
playing Wordscape and Freecell
 taking naps and lunching with friends...

Really???  Diane??
Time just flies away.

Thank you Anne for including me in the lovely luncheon today.