Saturday, February 26, 2011

This blog is a favorite of mine!! No prejudice here:)

/  How proud is this mother:)


A clean quilt, a box and guess who??

My Milito!!!!

Mollie is getting ready for the birthday party, poor Mollie!

On Sunday, my youngest grandson, Dylan, will be one!!  We are having a joint birthday party for the two children who are two weeks, one year apart, one and of course, Mollie has to be sweet smelling!!  How she enjoys getting bathed!!!

Triple Irish Chain from the 80's

This quilt was made for my son, Eamon, when we adopted him in 1985.  It was made by my friends in a quilting group in Miami, Florida, at that time called the "Rose Quilters". (Named after my husband's 80 bush rose garden!)  Of course when we adopted two children all the roses died.  Who knew how much work children were?? :)  So anyway, this quilt is hand quilted through chintz, changing thread as they went.  It was an arduous work of love.  It is my understanding that an antique quilt is 100 years old, a vintage quilt is one made before what is a quilt from the 80's or 70's,etc.?  Is it just plain old??  Help me out here..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ruth and fabric save the day!!

I came home from my retreat a day early because all of a sudden fatigue came over me and all my bones and muscles hurt and I just wanted to be home in my own bed next to my honey.  Thank goodness I was only 45 minutes away.  I was a bit down because everyone else seemed to have more energy than I did, etc, etc. Poor me!! But I was grateful to be home.  And then, what was awaiting me on the table???   Fabric from Ruth.  My husband had opened it and spread it all nicely on the table just as if he were a quilter himself!!  A lovely note, and even some fabric right from Japan.  Ruth you are awesome!!  Thank you so much.

Celtic music and Quilts  by Gayle Thomas, 1996
This is so wonderful...Celtic music and perfect is this!!  Enjoy.

Retreat accomplishments

 All done, two cuddle quilts, 10 potholders, and 10 coasters.  Almost finished...only need binding of snowball quilt and half of my kaleidoscope quilted....

Retreat at Bethelwood

I am just back from a great retreat at Bethelwood, in York, South Carolina.  Had a great time, beautiful weather, wonderful view of the lake, new and old good friends and lots of quilting accomplished!!

 Aimee Griffith at Overall Quilter organized this great retreat.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Featured on Forty Two Quilts...Quilt Show Wednesday!

Thank you Jenifer for putting my quilt, "No Think Quilt in Orange", in your Wednesday Quilt Show.  I think that your Wednesday show is a great idea!

Isn't quilting so much fun!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nothing like friends!! Nothing like quilting friends!!

To Help me Baste!!
To Make Casserole Totes With!!!
To Help Sew Donation/Raffle Quilts With!!!
And, Finally to Make the Tea!! (It takes two when Mary Pat is not here)!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cheer me up Pumpkin...before I go to bed!!!

Pumpkin, Thank you for all your support and understanding!

Casserole tote mistake

On Saturday  we had a sit and sew...We were all making these casserole carriers and I was the only one who had made one.  Problem was that I had been busy and last minute-y and got together too many tutorials..grrr. So we had to draft a pattern, etc and I made mistakes which meant that everyone made the same mistakes.  So, even though I am usually not a TV person, tonight I decided to make another one of these to perfect the tutorial.  TV helped me focus.  So in between the evening news, House and Harry's Law....I made this.  Wednesday night I will share the ones that we made on Saturday and I will make corrections to the tutorial on my blog here.  Suffice it to say that tonight went much faster and easier.  I only used Insul-Brite and no other batting and I left an end open for turning instead of the circle.  

Still...a late night mistake......Because the fabric was one way, the opposite side shows upside down tea pots!
Good night mistake...Good night casserole tote...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mollie knows!!! Mollie....Mollie....

When my retreat was postponed, I just put some of the things in the garage so I wouldn't have to pack again...hmmm, I thought that that would be OK.  A few days ago, my husband found my very fine fabric that was all washed and folded ready for a Valentine project...He found it in the yard all messed and frozen solid!!  What happened???????    I think that Mollie knows, lets ask her....
I am not look at me.

 Ok...well, I am really thinking hard, I wonder who could have done this...a squirrel?
 I am relaxing cause I just know that I did NOT do this.....
 How in the world am I here now...begging for forgiveness...Fine, Mollie..I love you anyway!

Teal top finished

Yesterday was a bad day .  I was in pain all day, every joint and muscle. Grrr. I didn't take any pain medication because it had been tearing up my stomach.  So, I carried on cause I know that people have worse things.  I went to the pool and exercised, I saw some clients, I dropped off  a movie at my mother's place, etc, etc.  I even made a new recipe last night for dinner.  But, when I am in pain, it is hard to do my paperwork or focus on a problem in a quilt.  Getting involved with a quilting project is always my answer.  But, when I went into my quilting room, there were too many things to choose from.  I decided to finish something.  Finish!!  Done!!  A great sense of satisfaction.  Today is better already, I have taken some medication and plan a good day of work, sewing and errands.  So last night, I finished the teal kaleidoscope top.  I am pleased.  I almost never buy fabric for a certain project, but I cannot find perfect for the backing here without piecing and the front is already busy...but, that is another day!