Sunday, August 28, 2022

Change is Hard

Change is hard...only made better with M and Ms, and of course focus.
The latest mantra followed is:  Do the next right thing!!
This is for baby Alice

Such a rough morning as I feared for my son.
Got up at noon, but this is how it went:
What is the next right thing for you to do???
Get up...naw...not going to...sigh.
Get dressed,  That is a ridiculous  thought....and on and on with my telling myself crazy things, like a four year old....With each small act, I felt better.. A few hours later, I called my son.  He said  there will be a skin graft on Tuesday..and no bacteria left in his system.  That is what 3 IV antibiotics will do.
The rest of my day was like this: 
A retired old lady  enjoying her new apt and the awesome pool in retirement!


Thursday, August 25, 2022

Changes a-Brewing

Transitional housing for Grandma O'Quilts
FYI, no pictures of the mess on the other side.

This is my new temporary apartment. Mine should be ready in 3 weeks.  Dylan peeked in from a window.  He reports that the living room is already painted Mango.  The bedroom, Pistachio.
For the next few weeks, I sit here, down the row from my new apartment.
Mine has a little first floor patio.  YES!
As you can see, the essentials go where ever I go.

Linda came by with lovely flowers the other day. If this was not enough, she organized my space in a New York minute!!!  So very grateful.
Not a bad place to sew, Just sayin'

Lynsey and Dylan visiting me today.....their first visit to my rental. I was soooooo very happy to see them.
And, then, the night time....working on a baby quilt due on Monday.  Finally sewing. I have not sewn in a week or so. Always remembering my dear man telling me to: "Just go Sew", when under stress.
Thank God, this was basted and ready to sew.
 Here is our Aoife in Oregon, demonstrating how daddys play with their girls.

Today has been tough, real tough.  My son has been in the hospital...His mother here, is not pleased.
I have been lifted up by Sherry.  Eventually, I came to and tonight actually sewed.  This was the first time in a week!!  Calming...Happiness...Joy...

A new friend recited this poem from memory at our lunch table:

Remembering, once again, that I am not God


Sunday, August 14, 2022

Grandma O'Quilts is Still Alive

Selling the family home of almost 30  years ranks in stress, second only to losing my darling man to ALS..Giving things away, my  heart was sad, yet glad to those with great appreciation to funky and practical.  I sold almost nothing as I wanted good appreciative homes for my things. I am moving out to a temporary apt this Tuesday until mine is finished.
Evan's 17th birthday was June 28.  This past Friday, I celebrated with him and all the family as they came to say goodbye to the home they were raised in, in their formative years.
My downhome and funky label to remind Evan that he is so loved.

The backing is scraps as almost all of Granddaddy's shirts are gone, as this is number 6.
I put this in the middle of the backing to ensure  Evan has blessings with him.
He even had birthday cake,  And, as he works in the pizza restaurant, he made all the pizzas  himself.
Saying goodbye with Grandma to the family house.
My DIL said  goodbye too...I  have known her since she was 20

I am finally packed and ready thanks to marvelous friends who volunteered to help me.  I was stunned at the help coming down the pike.  Each was able to do something different.  I am blessed for sure. I will not feel on my new path until I am gone from here.  That will happen on Tuesday with a closing on Thursday   Amazing Grace.  I tell my husband about  this every single night.

Lessening my load with things in my home for 28 years...I loved reading this interesting piece:

Four Thousand Weeks and the Age of Subtraction 

  Thank you Elizabeth xo