Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Last Night's Post Appears this Morning

Last night's fun...Life is short....eat the cookie!!
Off to a Sit  and Sew....the best fun ever is to sew with others!!

Aoife's family's idea of a "batmobile".  Lucky Aoife.
I spoke with her last night.  She told me that  she wants to be a bat for Halloween because she "just loves bats"  ?????
Hmmmm I did not hear that our Portland crew had any new pets.

Certainly a pumpkin after all that Halloween candy.
Dressing up for the Sit and Sew....Let Halloween begin.
Life has been scarier than ever this past year...why not a few more witches and dragons..


Friday, October 27, 2023

New Post, New Day

Starting out with Ms Aoife and her slew of pumpkins that her daddy carved for her. 

Pale pink tulips from Trader Joe's to bring peace to Mrs. O'Quilts.
I found  this last year on Facebook...it just popped up again.
I do not know where it is from, but I so love it. xo
Comparing beginnings to ends...
Such a  difference between a beginning potholder and a finished one..
My niece is just out from a five hour surgery. Lab results will take two to three weeks.
This has been quite the ordeal...One day at a time.
Lucky  we can look forward to a brand new day, tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

My Therapy Dog


As life throws one more curve, I lean on my potholder creations.  Started this tonight to calm my soul.
Picasso had his Blue and Rose periods; Mrs. O'Quilts has her potholder period.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Items of Comfort


Giving away the family cookie cutters, somehow I squirreled these away for myself..Why?    Oh, my, Grandma, you would think me nostalgic and a bit nutty, but they remind me of you and all your great treats.
Below, a random old orphan block, now a fun potholder!!
Cuttings from a friend's Coleus plant...season is over , but I do love Coleus.
I want the grands to realize that I am a cool and awesome grandma.
I will pass on the purple hair, the nose ring and belly button ornament. I was looking for old jeans to slash with the stylish cuts, but the grandchildren did not think I would look that cool!!

A friend told me about this site: 
I think she may be my  new best friend!!

Just finishing this small quilt for a stuffed animal or doll.  It matches the baby quilt I made from scraps.
It is so beyond me that after sewing for 60 years, I still can end up with a small quilt having very, very wavy edges.  I am disgusted with myself.  I know the stuffed animal will not mind, but hanging it on the wall is out....UGH!!

Above, the quiltlet lies among the mess of my unfinished quilts.
Yet, here I am...lazy and doing nothing but sitting in the sun, and/or reading or touching fabric
Just like an old lady!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2023

The Week's Journey

 Taught by the best (her mother), Aoife practices her eye roll.  Most start at 13, Aoife starts at 3.
Alexis turned 37 yesterday..I tried a simple zippy bag I had made a million times before...
Oh, no,  I made so many  mistakes...Praying my mind is still intact!!!

Thank you Lisa...for native plants  xo  Love this purple daisy.
My gift for Bama's family as she crossed the rainbow bridge.
Potholders keep me sewing.
Delany's choice...as she cut and selected the strawberry.
And, my eldest grandchild, Evan as he`insulates his new home.
He bought this tiny house himself; he is insulating and fixing it up himself! Pretty good for an 18 year old....So proud of  you Evan!!! xoxo  He has put it right behind the family home...only for him...peace and quiet at last.

Keep on potholdering Mrs. O'Quilts!!
Pansy time in the Carolinas...Thank you EJ for the delivery...Now waiting for tulip bulbs for underplanting.
And my girl, a brilliant Irish tin whistle player...spending the weekend, sans family, to play in a festival with her band....Proud!!!!
Yesterday was sad and blue
Today was so awesome and wonderful.
I think that this is called ,  "life" !!

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Out and About

IQ Wednesday night group mini  reunion.  Thirteen of us for 25 years, every Wednesday night.
Shuttered by Covid:  A few aged out; a few died; a few moved away; a few lost interest.
Trios welcomed these 6 of us on Friday, the 13th...lucky day for us...a good time was had by all!!
An old random magazine gave me this idea for more space in my new one bedroom apartment.  Surely wish my husband were here to admire this one!!
Another potholder for my giveaway basket.
The last, I hope of the Halloween potholders, moving on to other things.
Equilter sent me a $7 coupon....These cute bunnies were on sale and the coupon almost paid the shipping.  I do not usually buy from there as I hate expensive shipping.  Surely do like a bargain though.
Our pouty little Portland witch ends today's post.

Thursday, October 12, 2023

How Could I Forget a Post????

Just a few Halloween potholders for my door.  So happy my door is metal for magnets!!!

My oldest  granddaughter with her step-father...

Cousin Ann...now famous with her hand quilting...famous on The Quilt Show

Aoife showing out in Portland.

My teenage grands have all forgotten their grandmother...guess that is the adolescent way.
Oh, well....It is wonderful that both my daughter and my DIL keep me informed with pictures and updates...lucky me.

Saturday, October 7, 2023

A Giving Day

Finished are my four donation mug rugs for fundraiser. 
 I always say " no" to requests,  as at my age I am just in it for relaxation....I give things away, just not on order....Just had to say yes this time...Here they are:

    A finish...so relieved.  I will have them ready for mail out on Monday .
Now on to Halloween!!!  Relaxation as I sew for  holidays.

Another shout out for one of my favorite fiber artists:   Mac Barnes, artist

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Thursday Stuff

 Our movie star...age 3!!

We were talking the other day about the tulip fields in  Holland.
Well, my sister and I shared the idea of beautiful Stock fields we travelled to see in Arizona
No one had ever heard of that!!
Below pictures of stock:
Bingo!!  Look below at my treat I found at Trader Joe's this morning:  Stock!
Lovely smell reminds me of growing up in Phoenix.
Trader Joe's also offered these small tomatoes...perfect for me.

Tonight I finished one of four promised donations for a fundraiser.
(potholder/trivet/mug rug....)

That's it  xo