Thursday, March 31, 2022

Bowled Over and Dear Picasso

 My new Accuquilt Big Go electric cutter is so awesome. It brings me so much joy!! One package of Wrap and Zap makes 6 bowls.

I love them stacked...lookin' good.
Thank God for Zoom.  My trusty I-pad on the sewing machine table has me chatting and sewing at the same time...YES!!

Dear Picasso, my Rose Period is almost finished....3  more blocks.
I must confess, I am quite sick of pinks, just sayin'.
As for pink scraps and strings...Oh, dear, they are still here!!
Aoife making scones for her daddy.
Our Aoife born into a sewing family!!
Big rain today in Charlotte.
April coming...for our family a sad, sad month.


Monday, March 28, 2022

Surrounded by Love

Love of some of my life's work: 

 My mother wanted each of  her daughters to have a place for the family china...It was so hard for her to get used to quilts instead.  Dear mother, As I have been quilting since college, I need another hutch...please..


Next love is my new electric Accuquilt...So much fun!  I got the bowl die the other day. So far I have made these two bowls and have 4 more all ready to top stitch.  Today was a teacher work day.  Since the children were home, I asked them to come down and choose fabric for their own bowls...They are actually excited about it.

Several years ago, JoAnn's had a sale on Wrap and Zap, BOGO
Even though I was not ready to make bowls, I do love a good sale!!!
Once I bought the die, I was all ready.
So grateful to be surrounded by friends today .  Grateful for Zoom and grateful for forgiveness and acceptance.  And for surviving my fall the other day.
Every time I feel the big lump on my neck, I know my fall could have been so much worse.
Today, I feel surrounded by love.

Friday, March 25, 2022

I Planned my Life Today, Instead.........

The cleaning ladies came and I went to the deck for a lovely nap.  Sleeping away, my chair fell thru an unknown rotten piece in the wood.  Over went 
Grandma....boom!!!  It took two ladies and the man next door to get me up. This left me dazed, but nothing broken and my plan for pool was dashed. 

Looking for the positive, here is my view from the porch, from a supine position on my deck, next to my overturned chair awaiting help.
The day is still pretty.
The lovely Clematis showing its beauty. While Aoife, in Portland takes Monkey for a ride.

All I want is a big package of double stuffed Oreos.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Scrap Crazy

Today was my appt with my eye doctor for my new glasses.
Confused again....Valentine's day is over...Still working on the pink crossroads quilt.
Yellow scrap flimsy finished...whew..
No privacy anywhere in this house!!
Nature's art....from the pine tree above....
March tulips in our yard from where, I do not know.
Aoife modeling her beauty for her family.
The 20 months picture.
Mother/daughter headbands....OK, Aoife/monkey headbands.

The  two children who live in my house are crabbing at each other...driving me nuts.
Dylan explains that that is what siblings do, argue...and they like it....Grandma here, is in her sewing room with the door closed. So very grateful for a door that closes.
Today is the end of the third quarter at middle school...only one more left.


Friday, March 18, 2022

One Scrappy Day

The beginning of my pink "X" quilt :

Working with left over scrap HSTs from 5 years ago...Experimenting...

In my head was this purple grunge fabric...Oh, No...the photo shows how very wrong that was.

Today was one scrappy day...First St.Sherry took me on a much needed errand run. Awesome company too!!  Always happy with a great nap. A helpful visit from my DIL.  Off went Dylan with his mother for the weekend.

  The teenager in this household will be going on an Honor Drama competition tomorrow bright and early.  As, tonight it is just my Lynsey and me, Grandma was thinking time together or a card game....Crazy crazy Grandma....Up to her room went the 13 year old with her phone with her new boyfriend's phone number and her dinner. 

At first I was OK with that, then Pearl's cousin, Debbie....Debbie Downer came by.

   I called a few friends, made a new gratitude list and started sewing  PHEW...I kicked her under the rug!!

Now..the real gift:  Our Aoife on a walk. Showing off her whispy white Dineen hair. Adorable.

Taking Pig along for the  walk!!

I usually do damage when Pearl or Debbie visit.
A die for my Accuquilt for bowls.
I was eating healthy for awhile...that lasted 3 days...Stress did me in and I caved.

When my husband and I married in Miami, we started a lovely antique quilt collection.
This "T" quilt was the first quilt we ever bought.
I have had it on my bed all winter, snuggling in with good memories.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Crazy March in the Carolinas

Sad the Daffodils are  all gone; thrilled that my Lenten Roses are blooming. Thank you Mary Pat for the gift that keeps on giving. xo 

Once again...a  big thanks to Kathy Korzan for crocheting this plant/mug holder.
Tonight the March wind is fierce...and cold.  It is now 29 degrees...brr.
Out of laziness, I put a potholder on the door for St. Paddy's Day, instead of something new.
The wind was so wild here that I had to add a second magnetic clip as my potholder flew off the door.

Random block making to calm my nerves.
(just saw the block error)
Meantime in chilly Portland, Aoife takes her monkey for a walk.
Boo, my watch dog.
Done, dusted, snipped and ready for gifting, 12 potholders.
Saving the world, one potholder at a time. 
This weekend's successes:  an organized cupboard.
I am now trying to de-clutter my home as I am growing old
The problem is that I have no clutter!! Ha!  Everything is dear to me.
I am a collector!
My grandmother was born on this island in Sweden.
She gave this to me.  Today, I gave it to my sister.
TBTG my sister is 11 years and 11 days younger than I am!
Good Saturday night!


Saturday, March 5, 2022

Crazy as the World Around Me

Rosie, from Portland, enjoys the ABC quilt loved by all my grands!
Until now, I have disliked St. Paddy's Day.  It would trigger the loss of my dear Irish husband and his dying ordeal.  This year, in my constant quest of giving to others in small ways and improving myself, I just did it ....the Nike way...Two Irish day potholders , reducing my gloom.
Nothing to cheer the day like a visit from a special friend  AND her help in basting a quilt.  My damn arthritis gets in the way if I try it alone.. Covid stole my peeps.
I miss them so! 
My blue flower top is almost done. (Sew she Can)
A big thanks to Marie...Her destashing brought happiness to my stash.
It was all welcomed with open arms by my other fabrics.  xo
This one is a thanks to Kathy Korzan.  She crochet the pink bottle holder.
Yesterday, I put a plastic cup with water in hold my daffodils.
Hanging in my downstairs bathroom, brings a smile everytime.
So it goes.
I walked in Trader Joe's today. 20% wore masks.
I bought veggies instead of chocolate.  No wonder I have been depressed!!!
Now, outside for a bit to read...or try too..
Ignoring that my garage freezer has gone south and that I cannot change a  lightbulb in the ceiling and that the world has gone nuts. And, my sweet grandson was suspended for bringing vaping to school. He shared it with friends in the 6th grade hallway right under the camera that had been set up by the assistant principal...He could watch  them all in the act.  All five were suspended...I am trying to detach and not think the worse for his future...

And for the world we love:  Holy Mother 

And, for each other: Brene Brown on sympathy and empathy ( a perfect cartoon)