Sunday, September 26, 2021

Moving Right Along

 Aoife joins our family of sewists...Welcome Dear One.

This top is now done...wahoo.  I loved working on it, but I am now ready for a different color pallet.
This picture shows the value.
This one shows the color.
Here, a lovely day at the farmer;s market in Portland, Oregon.
Aoife and her daddy and a donut!!
A lovely day in Charlotte too.  But, Grandma O'Quilts is from Miami.
Therefore, I need a sweater and some hot chocolate!!!

Here, Aoife admires the produce from her father's garden plot.
Too tired to do anything more tonight.
Kids in tears over their losses.  Counseling happened.
All calmed with a good game of Old Maid...Grandma lost, to everyone's delight.
Everyone asleep but me. xo

Saturday, September 25, 2021


In the process of making this quilt, which is all ready for top completion tomorrow, I had some choices.  I could have put on a border to calm down the quilt, but I chose to go with keeping in the brightness of the African fabric and style. Next, the navy blue fabric with yellow flowers (top border) at first seemed to work.  After seeing it online, I realized that the navy read medium.  The black I changed it to (side borders), reads dark. As we know, value does the work and color gets the credit.  

I am so thrilled with this quilt.  Thank you to Katy for the sew along that gave me the prompt.

 The children went off with their mother for the weekend.

I am watching a movie that makes me laugh.  I have not watched a movie in 6 months.  I am watching this so I do not have to pick out my errors in this quilt with angst, being so distracted by the movie, it is now done with ease.  Ease instead of angst...a winner.

Today I found out that Diane Keaton is 75.  In a few months I will be 74 .  I also found out that I do not look like Diane Keaton, nor do I have her energy, nor do I have her money.  Did I do something wrong?

The morning light says to me:  Oh, dear.. I kind of like my eccentric self just the way I am.

I have no television stations working in my house.  So, Netflex it is.

Some people take vacations at the beach.  Some at the mountains..and some just go anywhere for fun or connect with family...Me...very little family.  One cousin, one brother with issues, one sister overwhelmed with her lot.  One daughter across the land in Portland, One son in dire I am the  keeper of the light.  Exhausting. 

I vacation  in my brand new sewing room all set up by my friends.  It is grand! Grand for this time of my life anyway.  In my youth, I traveled the wide world. At my age, I no longer go wide, but deep.  That important travel is harder for sure.

A post is not ever the same without our Aoife.

As my daughter explains....two very needy beings.

Lessons learned and seem to be the same place.  Today, fabric needy me went on site at and bought African fabric for $3.99 a yard. Somehow, I forget how much fabric cost.  Because when I see just lovely African fabric for $4.99 a yard, I just skip right over it like it is not the bargain that it is....sigh...then it is out of stock by the time I realize that fabric is now $12 a yard elsewhere....I am a  slow learner.

Did I mention how much I miss my fabric artist friends and any art or creative friend, for that matter??.  Delta variant is really cramping my style. Zoom is OK, but there is nothing like hanging with like minded friends as they ply their art.

Stitch stitches along with me.  Where ever I go, he finds a basket there..
I see other bloggers with cats looking so much like our Stitch.
They are so not the real deal!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Close and Closer????

Guess I will let this percolate for awhile...I think it is OK, but not the best.
Feeling lazy tonight ....too lazy to try the two other choices I have...If I choose this one, a red binding should complete it...but then, the more I look at it, the value seems off...Then, is it getting too big??
Maybe tonight is time for a potholder or a book.


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Thank you for Your Friendship

"Small Things with Great Love", not yet quilted..but still...

 At noon thirty, after the pool, I spoke to Susie...She revealed that  has a vaccine registration site for flu and Covid.  There is a place on there to check for Covid booster.  Two hours later I was leaving Stonecrest with that booster shot in my arm...Big thanks to Susie!! 
Tonight I am auditioning border choices for this African Quilt..calling it "Going Home"
as in the elephants all going in the same direction...home.
I was so thrilled to finish this top today at the Good Vibes Zoom Retreat.

When I looked closer, square is inside out...I hate unpicking things.Ugh again.
As for the borders, I want the effect of the main part of the quilt just continuing into the border.  I tried that little yellow strip to separate, but do not like it.
Any votes on which fabric looks best to you for the border?

I can see already several to eliminate!!

A note about the other day when I bought my little Rosemary bushes.
There was a line at the plant section check out.  I had my cane and my plants.
The two "old" people in front of me told me to go first.  I told them thank you and that I loved them.  The next person in line said she wanted me to love her I could cut in front of her.  I said, I love you too. 
 As I left, I looked back saying and waving, I love you all.  And all of them waved back at me and said I love you too...It was a moment of humanity and smiles.  I did not know their religion, nor their political affiliation...This charming moment was just a touch of  kindness that stayed with me all day.  xo   Hope....

Monday, September 20, 2021

Can You Believe it??

Such a wonderful day
I have nine of twelve blocks made...I put the question on instagram...Should I continue or just make it a table topper....??

Above are my new handcarved birds in a bit of a nest.  I plan to make a garland with fishing line and rosemary.  OH, NO...Stop everything.  Lynsey seems to think Rich brought these for the entire family and so she should have input...Sigh....That girl!!  She wants to hang them on every ceiling light cord.  That's OK...But.....Today I bought the little Rosemary bushes in case I get my way.  We have five birds!!  Should I share with Lynsey????

Below, our darling Aoife, showing off her dimples and the climbing box her daddy made for her.    

                  For some crazy, I was going to stay in bed today after the bus. 
 I did not!! I got up, I made my bed, I put on a favorite shirt and I went out to do errands on my list.  The Cosco reward cert  had been there for 8 months while I argued with them to mail it...They refused.    I went next door to Lowes for my little Rosemary bushes for the birds, I dropped things off at Goodwill and picked up some  meds at the pharmacy.  I asked there for my booster Covid shot.   They declined me.  I needed to be on cancer drugs or have had an organ transplant, etc. 
That's time round I will get the shot. Grateful I am not that sick.
Katy's sew-a-long.   I have never joined an online sew-a-long before...
 I never dreamed I would get so excited about it, that I would just forge ahead to finish.
The main part of this quilt above should be finished tomorrow.  Then I will either wait for the next cue...or find my border and backing ....eeeekkkk so exciting.

Finally back to reading after months of being brain dead.
Large print is  the answer.  I guess that is the next step in my aging process!!
Dear me....



Friday, September 17, 2021

Flowers Amongst the Thorns

Lovely highlights of the day.  Here I am using the design boards, hand made by Linda.I am distracted by UFO's I found, that I had forgotten

A lovely set of birds, hand carved by Rich..He put little eye screws on top so I  can string them. I am such a fan of handmade things.  I am going to weed out the rest of my treasures to keep the ones I love, like these.

Guess who is preparing for her first bike ride?
Here she goes.!!

 Middle school grandma hanging on a thread.  This morning was the morning that Dylan struggled to get  out of bed, refused breakfast and insisted on wearing to school the very same clothes he has slept in for two nights and worn for two days to school.  No brushing of the teeth.  Very mouthy to his grandmother.

His sister left for the bus stop without him.  I did my deep breathing and went back to bed.  Sigh. Just wait until a pretty girl gets sight of this 6th grader today!!!

Hmmm once they were on the bus, my brain started working overtime.  I searched his room..sure enough, there, slid beneath his mattress was my I-pad.  He evidently had guessed the code and spent all night watching whatever.  Poor Dylan, got the shock of his life once home from school...lots of work was awaiting him and NO, ZERO, NONE of his favorite technologies....He did laundry, blew the porch clean and the deck, garbage and recycling out, etc, etc...more and more of it.  Humbled for now, he went asleep early...sigh... I-pad code now changed!!!!

Today, the other one received rave reviews on her 504 plan from the staff...Nice!!. All done on Zoom.  Two Zooms today as Lynsey chatted with her doctor on a video visit after school.  She is so grown up.  Tonight she made a lovely dinner.  That girl can saute veggies perfectly. So proud.  And, I did not even ask her to make dinner.  

Tomorrow they are spending the day with my sister..xoxo!!

At my age, this has even more meaning...Thank you Leonard!

The thorns still hurt, but friends are the flowers that keep me upright, most of the time.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

A Quilty Kind of Day


First up...darling Aoife learning how to pay bills.

Below, presents from boards...tute by Lori Holt, Bee in my Bonnet
Thank you Linda!!

A trip to guild boutique and great visits with friends...Of course, this old lady who is decluttering, could not leave this quilt behind... A bargain and a delight...A big thank you to Mary Parks for her great collecting...RIP Mary.  I did learn something!!!  From the guild folks who handle the estate sales of our dearly departed quilty friends.  They do NOT want scraps.  Mary had bags and bags of scraps that noone wanted even for free!!  Mrs. O'Quilts has bags and bags of scraps that everyone will want????  NO??  But, they are  beloved scraps, stunning scraps, special scraps...the thought that I cannot take them with  me...and that no one will want them, gives  me great pause.....sigh..

More bargains..solid fat quarters...50 cents each.
They practically lept into my cart...I tried to resist, to no avail.
A zebra half yard for my black and white collection
Most of all...a great visit with friends and meeting new ones.
A beautiful day with laughs and fabric and freedom!!

I do not know how Sherry knew I loved foaming soap!!!
Look at the necklace Linda made for  me.

Tonight I am helping Dylan a bit with his geography for an upcoming test.
And as far as my private sewing room...The children pulled in their chairs, turned off  the lights and turned on a cartoon movie they thought we could relate to.  "The Loud Family"  Ha!!!
For sure we will have to hang a television somewhere else in this house.!!!

Tomorrow morning...early for school!!  And the week, karate, cooking, chores, errands, doctor visits...way too exhausting.
Tonight I will try to sew a!! 

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Random Memories


My sister found this vintage bedspread at the antique show.  We both loved it.  It is her colors.
She let  me have it for awhile...Next year, we will trade back again...
In the background is my funky improv star.
Why is it, I wonder, that even when cooking a cheese crisp for lunch, that I think of color and of making quilts??

Found this old pix of my son and DIL, 11 years ago.
Crazy  life!!  Dylan is not even here  yet.

My Red Onion quilt.  It has been living in Miami for a long time now.
Maybe I will do another one?
Oh, no...How about the UFOs??  Naw...lets have some fun.

2009 The booksigning event for my  mother's second book of poetry.
A great time.  Missing her way too much.  She has been gone 7 years now..RIP Mother

This must be a 2009 folder...Emily and Ruth, sewing buddies.
Now, both mothers of young children.

How I get distracted by memories??...back to sewing now...
Going to try this tute:  Simple Zipper Pouch

Friday, September 10, 2021

The Joy of Accomplishment

Tools of the trade.  Grandma O'Quilts buys her very first pair of colorful pliers.
A girl needs colorful pliers!!

A day of service tomorrow, September 11th.

I found a lot of this Panther fleece.  I am going to cut it in half, bind it and add it to the stack I am giving to the crisis police.  Then I am calling them to come and get it all..
DONE is such a fine word.

A Quilter's Table   This is a very interesting post about House Top Quilts..

Yeah me....
All caught up with my sew-along!!

Yucky scan finished this am.
Lynsey's Covid card laminated.
Now, going to bed..

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Little Things are Really Big Things in the Difference They Can Make

They call it progress, not perfection..So here is my progress now.
All the four patches are sewn together, not so the rectangles.
I wanted to stay in bed all day today, but kicked myself out and went to the pool.
For sure that was the right decision!!

For the past 4 months I have been crying over my inability to focus/organize/clean/ etc a room in my house that held everyone's stuff,  moved due to the flood and the upstairs carpet replacement.  Just looking at the mess gave me indigestion and grief.  Today, Sherry came over.  In one hour she fixed almost the entire room.  Really???  She is amazing. My spirit is lifted!

I had tried to hang this basket with the help of my Orkin guy.
Without Sherry, it was a disaster...too low. Today she fixed that too..
I am soooooooo lucky.

My favorite flowers I bought myself tonight...Well worth $5.
I want to be my own friend too!!

Dylan cut the grass. Lynsey did some sweeping and laundry. Lynsey got her second Covid shot...Thank you God!!!  She told me that if it made her turn into a zombie, her mother would be furious...Our lovely pharmacist reassured her that that would not happen.  Whew... With that over, I let them take a cart and go grocery shopping.  They LOVE  to do that.!!!  They always put the food away without being asked.  You do know that forbidden sodas came home with  us...Albeit , they were on sale.
I see them already in a secret place by their beds!!

Later Susan came over with a treat. I am so feeling the love tonight. 

Tomorrow I have to have some yucky 11:00 am,  There is always something.  Then, I will finish those three blocks and take a nap on my porch...So much relief tonight. Like boulders off my shoulders.  And, I do not feel so alone!!!


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Just Living our Lives

Ava's first day of  pre-school and......Her mommy's first day of teaching!!!!Today is quite a milestone to be  proud of. xo

Messing around with blocks for Katy's Sew Along
Did I mention how much I love African fabric??

I have been sick for three days with malaise and ennui and fatigue.
Thank God for friends to boost me and hold my crazy hand.
These large quilt holders came today.
Hoping to find strong young folks who can still stand on a ladder to install them.
So sad and lonely without quilts on my wall.
If these are good, I will order some small ones.

Today's feature....
Aoife and Rosie in Portland.
Hangin' buds !!!
Livin' life Covid style...with each other..xo

PS.. Our Lynsey was accepted into drama honors class...wahoo..

Monday, September 6, 2021

Grandma's Very Bad, Awful. No Good Day

 Today, Grandma was off her day.  I asked the children, please to settle down.  Instead, they insisted on being kids and I insisted on being a tired crabby old grandmother who did not feel well.

We had a clash.
They played guns in the house with a hide and seek component.  They played find an item, so I found a garage gasoline can in the bathroom with a hammer, They played let's watch horror movies on U-Tube.  re-arranging the entire darkened room with spaghetti, popcorn, cheeze-its,  OMG  And, they were loud.  They had a  marvelous time annoying old grandma....and just plain having creative fun.! 
Here they are trying to soften me up and say, "Sorry"

These are outfits on sale at Target for 90% off sale, at least 6 years ago.
I certainly got my money's worth as they  have worn them every year when fall comes.

I have been cutting and auditioning some blocks.
Way too fun to play with my African fabric.
The children have announced that sewing is not their "happy place", like it is mine.
It is not that they cannot do it, etc. etc. , They said so, very politely, but.....
Fine, I said...follow your own dreams, but can I use  your design walls for now?
The above UFO is on Dylan's design wall for now.  It is part of that purple challenge that goes on and on forever and never seems to stop.
The bottom one is on Lynsey's  design wall.  It is a UFO I started in Sherry Lynn 
Wood's class when she came to Charlotte.
I call it "Good Folks" because we had soooo much fun in that class.
Tonight I even started a few potholders!!
If my darlings...and even my DIL knew how very relaxing making a potholder can be.  If only....
This grandma will sleep soundly tonight...Dreaming of school starting again tomorrow!!