Saturday, November 26, 2022

November End

My physical therapy has now ended...sad but true.  My  insurance said enough was enough.  I tried to stand on one foot as told....He so wanted me to stand on one foot....I made him this potholder to show him that it is Flamingos that stand on one foot, not old ladies.

I told him that I understand that he pushes folks beyond their comfort zone.  I challenged this minimalist artist, that I too can do that.challenge thing.
  Vanilla is his comfort zone...Told him that was fine, as long as he tried Rainbow Sherbet.  I put this on the back of his potholder!!  Thank you Marcia Derse.

Tula's "Pining for You".kit arrived via Fed Ex on my porch last night....OMG..So wonderful.
Thank you  Lindsay   xo  You lift my heart with your generosity.
Still obsessed with potholders.
.I.found that "Fat Albert" scrap from a tie at perfect!!
Aoife learns from her Irish daddy, the concept of "working the land".

Lynsey and Dylan love my new apt complex.....I mean LOVE,  They are spending the weekend with me...Swimming in our awesome pool, Sleeping on floor blow-up mattresses. and eating in our restaurants...They are so capable and kind.  Helping Grandma at every turn.  My heart is full of love.
We played Canasta just like I did with my own grandma!!

Life carries on.  Holidays are tough sometimes.


Sunday, November 20, 2022

Bits and Pieces

Starting off here with Aoife in her daddy's care.
Almost out of potholders... sewing away with a bit of help
Found a scrap of Miccosukkee sewing from when I worked on that Indian reservation 30 some years ago.  It has been in my scrap bag until now.

The movers broke my lamp shade.  Last week the new one arrived.
It contributes a lovely glow to my apartment.

All bagged now, ready for next  year....Time is a-flying!!
Did I mention how I love to make relaxing.
When people are extra nice to  me, I give them a  potholder or let them pick one out.
Lots of nice people around here...I was down to 5, now up to 11.
I have been in my new apartment for 2 months...Still losing and finding things.
So very happy I moved.  This is the first time in almost 75 years I am spending Thanksgiving without family.  It is a shock.  I was invited to friends, but it was too  much for me to go.
There will be new friends to meet at my new complex.
My daughter is bringing her family here for my thrilled.
Happy Sunday evening..xo

 Scott Murkin  on blog

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Some Kind of Day

Samson's quilt top almost done..
It is a matching quilt (two colored blocks the same) and an I-Spy.
Samson is two weeks old, so I guess  my progress is OK
Top not finished, so on to the next endeavor:

Linda came by today....She hung this basket, separated some stuck together plastic boxes and planted my Hyacinths..So fun to go thru scraps with another scrap lover..
The basket holds the small design walls that she made for me...

Random organizing led me to a bag of sponge funny!!
Easy enough to make for my new apartment.

A great swim this morning and a new friend to help me.
Isn't that some kind of day?


Wednesday, November 9, 2022


The chosen ones:
Can you believe this.  I presented my PT with  ten potholders.  He was to choose 2.
He said he was a minimalist , conservative and did not like garish colors.
Instead of the ones I made him, See last post, He chose these two...Guess I missed that one.

Got this book from an online used book vendor....Had planned forever to read it.  Unfortunately, I spilled an entire cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows all over it....Really???  Mrs. O'Quilts, really?
It is all dried so I guess I will read it anyway.
My OT told me to do weekend activities including her exercises: 
Get out of the  house and start a new project.
So, I made her a bowl in her favorite colors.

Below, my view from my sewing machine tables:
White Camellias on a lovely crisp sunny open.
In the spirit of potholder gifts....a piece of Marcia Derse..

I am a PT failure..I cannot stand on one foot on earth, only in the pool
I did not graduate from walker to cane, since  I fell twice in one week and total 4 times since I have been here.  All not paying attention nor doing the right thing.  This last time was going from the pool to dinner for my room.  Soo proud of all my exercise in the pool  I was full of myself...I stepped into the elevator and slipped on the entry metal with my wet swim shoes....jeeze louize....Flying went my fried chicken, flying went my walker and flying went this old lady.  I  was speechless. Nothing ever hurt but my ego,  and that is substantial.  

How else would I meet the med techs around here??
 My sister came for lunch today....a nice visit and nice help.
I was a bit on the Pearlish side when I realized that Medicare was dropping me from PT in a few weeks as I have spent my allotted time..However I carried on.....

My dear man's birthday was November 7.
None of us will forget him ever. xoxo

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Pushing the Envelope in Color and Design...

 I gave my awesome PT a Halloween potholder.  He told the OT that it is the only potholder they have. He loves it but it is seasonal.  Today I asked him what his colors were....OMG he said that he felt African fabrics were over the top, and gaudy....OMG....He said he likes nature tones and is a minimalist. Jeeze Louize....I am  in trauma...How can I make potholders like that??????

Tonight I came up with these two minimalist, nature colored potholders....It's a  real stretch for me.

I am giving him two.  I will put these two in the pack of 10 and let  him choose.  Very interesting to see what it will be.. I think I got the nature colors correct, do not know about the minimalist???

Aoife is growing by leaps and bounds. She can now count from one to ten....She only leaves out the 3, 7 and 10!!  Thats ok...
For sure she is starting out early on the sewing....

Her  family is way so proud.

The 13 year old grandchild, Lynsey is asking for a goat for Christmas...OMG

I slept a lot today...I am just going along with it.  I open my back door with the screen attached.

I lean back in my recliner to enjoy the breeze...Ooops...sound asleep goes this old lady

Is that called retirement????

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Halloween in Portland

Two year old Emily in pumpkin costume I made for her 38 years ago
Below, two year old Aoife in the same costume.

Meantime, Aoife's daddy made a spider cheese with pastry

Halloween as only a two year old can do.
In the glow of being an only child.
Below, the Halloween quilt I made  years ago.
Family gifts of love...My sister brought my favorite flowers,
My girl sent my very very favorite chocolate,  From Portland came, just in time for Halloween, Tony's pieces with crisps and nuts....LOVE!!
It seems like only yesterday!!!! Aoife at 4 months.
Last year, chicken and the egg!

The Charlotte grands went with their  cousins and  had grown up fun.
I fell on Sunday  night....It put me right down in the dumps.  Pearl was clamoring at the door, but  I called security....She scadaddled!!!!! Once again, I only hurt my pride.  This is the  gift of being a substantial woman.
Grateful for my sister's help today and all the friends who put up with me.
Happy yesterday's Halloween and welcome to November!!

ps..Thank you for all the nice comments the past few weeks while my head was adjusting....once again.
Lots of hugs and love to you all!!