Saturday, August 31, 2013

Some things that make me happy.....

My girl picking beets in the Cork family homestead, Ireland.
 My girl and her man on vacation kayaking in Croatia last month....
Cooking up the one and only Butternut squash from our front garden.  It came from a seed blown in from somewhere...just for our dinner table.  Love...
 Fixing up our son's old room into a room for the grandchildren.  This is a lamp that my now..61 year old brother's...made in shop class in high school.  By pushing on the tail, the lamp goes on and off.  A perfect nightlight.
 I am thinking that this airplane quilt that I made for my son when he was young, would be perfect for Dylan's bed.
 Tonight's fun was making an airplane pillowcase to go with it.  All French seamed and all!!!  So easy and so relaxing...
So much to be happy for.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Rule Follower

 Between ennui and hysteria...tonight I have been pacing around the house.  Finally..I started a project.  I am in two groups that are doing "Block in a box. or block in a bag".  I am sorry that I cannot find a link for this.  Everyone chooses their fabric and one 12.5 inch block.  We put our fabric in a bag/box and pass it around.  Each person makes his chosen block out of the fabric of friends.  
In one group I am making my secret block 14 times, in another group, 8 much fun!!

Tonight I chose my fabric for the IQ group...My Civil War fabric...and I made my block. 
No matter how much starch and perfect whatever...scant 1/4 blocks are
  I ate chocolate pudding:) again.... I know the cure!!

Bravery and Such

Here we are....all done....Jenny's comfort quilt for her bravery at fighting that mean ol' snake called cancer!!
 Cute pink sock monkeys on the back for some levity...we always need that.
 Given with love and with Pentel Gel Roller fabric pens so her friends can sign in the yellow lattice.
 Sisters hanging together through the hard times...a wonderful thing.

 Speaking of bravery...guess the fighting is over for the evening at my house!!  TBTG Pumpkin and Zoe...this is more like it.
I was reading an interesting article about used clothing and recycling and quilting, etc on Barbara Brackman's blog...then I scrolled down to see her next post ......Barbara Brackman take on Twin Sisters...pattern...I loved them both.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Busy Day...

Lynsey's quilt with the soft and fun Bugs Bunny flannel backing...all done and ready to deliver!!
Someone loved his first day of 3rd grade soooo much that he wished it would not end.

And, cousin Ann left sad...She was just what the doctor ordered for fun and helpful and just the best. 
 Zoe thinks so too!!!  Have fun in L.A. Ann before you are back home in London... We will all miss you sooo much(: 
 Pumpkin too...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Messing Around with Liberty Lawn....

Thank u Muggs for the funny.
Below...the Liberty Lawn fabric...Ann said that the display quilt was a strippy..with different width fabric.  I want to keep these fabrics together as they are so soft and different...Any suggestions on how to do it??

Then..I am getting rid of ha.....
 I found this 1970 calendar card from when I was studying in Russia.  It commemorates the moon thing..You know, "One small step for man, one giant step for mankind!!"  I just cannot throw things away.....sigh..

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bearing gifts from London Town

Ann came today from London bearing the most treasured of all gifts...Just guess what she thought I might like...???  Come on...just guess............
 OMG  A packet of Liberty of London FABRIC!  
 How ever did she know just how much I would love, love this gift?????
Thank you so so much, are the best!

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Midnight Solace

 Jenny's quilt top finished..a disappearing nine patch...for signatures.
Small things with great love!!  Thanks for the advice, MT.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Easy Sunday

Ha ha...this is why it was so easy...a visit to much fun!
 Arranging the blocks for the disappearing nine patch..for Jenny's quilt.
My man had a great day, so I had a great day...funny how that goes....AND....
Such an adorable funny I found on La Vie En Rosie...Just gotta laugh you know.
P.S.  I had beer and chocolate pudding for dinner...and so it goes:)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mrs. O'Crab does Retail Therapy

Cheering self up this morning...I was off to Guild Sit and Sew...Half way through it, I realized that I had left the 8 crucial yellow charms at home.   I was so hoping to get a head start on Jenny's chemo quilt.  I got so crabby at myself, that I left after lunch.
 The quick disappearing nine patch is not so quick when it is out of whack..just like me....
 Whining to self on the way home in the pouring rain, I spied Tuesday Morning...Perfect to self medicate with browsing or more...:)   I came upon this three pack of a diaper material.  It is a great waterproof fabric that I will challenge myself to use in a different way...since I do not make diapers....$3.99 for 3 fat quarters.
 A 7 piece fat quarter pack for $9.99... a farm scene...I could not pass up.  In my mood, it seemed that I could not pass up much.!!
 Velcro is expensive without a coupon...Here for 99 cents a Velcro in different colors...again, the diaper department...who would guess????
 I ruler that I did not need, but could not say no to because it was totally cheap at $1.99.
 Interesting elastic in bright colors.
 A random ruler that I have never seen before, called my name.
 And, a broom for Lynsey.  At age four, she can start to earn her own quarters by sweeping the kitchen floor...By putting all the Grans to work, soon I can just sew away all day long.
Just sharing...  And I know that tomorrow will be a much better day!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Quilt Top Done...

Yesterday I found the last two lost things from my studio re-do.  I found the number blocks for this quilt and I found the remote to my quilting room some random laundry basket upstairs!!  Great news for me.  Tonight I finished this quilt top.  Tomorrow I will spray baste it as it will have flannel on the back for the cold daycare naps!!  It is kind of busy, but at 4 and a half, so is she!!
 I put this cool eyeball fabric in the border.
 Did another bib!!  I even finished my secret block for the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild block in a bag.
Did another candy wrapper pouch for Dylan to keep his money in:)  I am even putting the three year old to work now!!
Today I bought some lipstick.  I have not worn lipstick in a few years.  My mother told me that under stress, I must dress well and wear lipstick. 
 Can u believe that at my age I am listening to my her age!!!!
 With her Parkinson's, she is the expert on stress.   I could never be bothered with any of that...I would rather buy fabric than clothes:). have to even listen to my daughter.  She told me to try harder....Lordy...

Tonight the Mr. decided to power clean the back deck.  He did it from a sitting position. I have vowed not to hover.  I have vowed to quilt.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

On the Wild Side

Today at the back to school section...I found pencils that were already sharpened...!! Ha!  Such a splurge...Mr.O'Quilts was not impressed, but the Mrs. is quite delighted with her find.  They are all in the quilting room perfectly available:)
 Tonight I decided to make the candy pouch for my daughter-in-law.  If I had wanted perfection, I am thinking that it was not such a good idea to start a project after Harp and Hexies at the local Irish pub....hmmmm

I always love the chalk cloth from Oilcloth Addict.  Putting a bit of chalk inside the pouch is a nice touch too.

You just cannot control a quilter!!

Just the Belfast Mill where my man and his Irish band played tonight.
Just in case you thought that Hexies were just for doctor visits!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Two is better than one

I got it!  I have three boxes here of Civil War repro fabric.  I guess I am saving it for heaven because I have not touched any of it, until today.  I think that the next block exchange I join should have 12.5 inch baskets with Civil War fabrics.....Reminder to self...
 I have fused these two blocks now...not a dent in my fabric

Help Needed

I am beginning to think that "None of the below" is the answer...What do you think?

I like the red here, but it is not the right shade.