Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I hate Parkinson's disease!!!!

My mother is getting worse. I want her to be perfect forever. My grandmother died at 99 and I told my mother that she owes me 9 more years. She said...."Please don't make me!" It is not my call. Thank God she still has her mind and thus this poem.


Like a smashed tomato, so true
Sqooshy red eyes and a nose full of goo.

This is my pity party and I’m not inviting you.

Frustrated, infuriated, I know the reason why.
Unbidden grief engulfs my soul
All I do is cry

Sorry not returning calls; busy drying my eyes
Forgive my self-indulgence - guess it was no surprise.

I have not been myself these days. Please let me make amends.

I love you lots, you know I do !
Hope we still are friends!

Alice (4 oct 2010)

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