Monday, October 18, 2010

Ugly as sin......

Well, what turned out to be sooo much fun to put together without thinking, turned out to be ugly as sin!! It is hard to put together something pretty when you have limited yourself to using what is already cut and at hand...using up without adding anything else.

So, I can put it together and put a simple border and give it to a long armer for donation to the soldiers. I can do a quick quilting and donate it to the cancer women's floor at the hospital. I can cut my losses and just give the blocks unset to my sister....oh what to do with the uglies????


A Quilter Awakens said...

Why oh why do you think it's ugly?!? I think it is charming! Karmen

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Quilts aren't supposed to always be perfectly matched and color coordinated. It is the quilt that is pieced with the remnants of life that are the most beautiful. Find the beauty in the pieces. I love it!!


Joy said...

I think it's lovely and bright and cheery!! Do you have a Linus group around your way?? You could always donate it to them to pass on the children's hospital :o).
Joy :o)