Friday, April 29, 2011

Cuddle quilt made from scraps..or getting the red and white out of my system

I am humming along in the quilting room with my wonderful daughter Emily. I am trying not to count the few days left and enjoying the moment!  She is making bibs for gifts.  She is a perfectionist.  She does not care if the bib will soon be covered with mashed green peas, she wants every bit of the bibs to be like a piece for competition.  I love to be with her and hear the hum of her machine in the same room as mine.  I have been working on the birthday quilt of the last post. Then it occurred to me that this Wednesday is Guild and I do not have a cuddle quilt for the month of May done yet.  I pulled out scraps from my stash and put together this tonight.  The little center red squares have been cut at least 10 years.  I found them in a pile in some box and decided that if I was keeping them for some reason, I should just use them up.  Since I am all about the red and white from the recent NYC exhibit, I decided to use those colors tonight.  From the scraps in my stash comes this top just finished for my cuddle quilt donation on Wednesday.  When my daughter goes out with her friends tomorrow, I will have time to quilt it.  Tonight life is especially sweet.  I am grateful.
OMG!!!  I am looking at this in the light of day and I see a  mistake made in the rush of night!!
Too bad I am not a perfectionist like my daughter cause this is going out just this way, I am just surprised to notice this now after taking the pix for the post, etc..ha ha ha

OMG!!!  I see two mistakes...jeeze louize, I guess I am a mess!

Next edit:)  Now I think that this quilt is like start out doing one thing, and then all of a sudden it ends up something else.  And, it is ok.  The "mistakes" add a randomness that gives character..I am just fine with it.  Good thing!

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