Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Retreat 2, Fabric

Going to a retreat with friends means laughing and sewing, not shopping??? Not shopping...so why did my car go directly to these stores, both on the way up to Lake Lure, and on the way home?  I tried to swerve, but I couldn't!  My cars fault??  My friends fault??  NOT my fault...
Not my fault that Schoolhouse Fabrics in Forest City had so many civil war prints!!!
Not my fault that the Asheville Cotton Company had a sale table with some 70% off fabric! AND 20% off all the rest of the fabric!!
Not my fault that this awesome new funky store, Kitsch,  had the last day of its 20% off sale while we happened to be there!
And not my fault that Foam and Fabric in Fletcher had my favorite bug fabric at 50% off!
But it is my fault and that of my friends that we had so much fun!!!!!
My fabric, all washed and folded and touched and loved already.

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