Saturday, August 20, 2011

3 P's. Purse, Pigs and Potty Training

The first P is the purse insert that I spent all night working on and is not really the designer brilliant item that I envisioned. My new Marshall's purse needed a place for my cell phone so I would not have to spend valuable sewing time looking for it in the bottom of the purse.  I decided to make it.  I took my oilcloth scraps and made this pouch adding strong Velcro to both the pouch and sewing the Velcro directly onto the purse itself.
 I thought that the one strong wide piece of Velcro down the middle would be enough, but  no, so I had to add a strip on top too.  Annoying because it had to be put on the purse as well.

Good idea maybe, a bit sloppy on the execution...time will tell whether or not it works.

Next P...Pigs
 Today we took a trip to Windy Hill Orchard in York, South Carolina.  We got Gala apples that were picked yesterday and checked out the pigs.  Grown up pigs are let loose at the end of the season to eat all the leftovers...nice Christmas holiday for them.
 These baby piglets were a great success with their tails wagging and their squeals.  Even I was surprised that the pigs didn't have curly tails like in the books.  Baby and grownups alike, had straight, hairy tails!!  And too, I was surprised to see black pigs and not pink ones...still cute, cute, cute!

Next P is potty training...Oh, the joys of this I had so quickly forgotten!!!!
Such an exciting weekend so far....tomorrow a day of rest at my sewing machine:)

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