Monday, August 8, 2011

The new change purse and continuing saga

Well, on the way to the pool this afternoon, I decided to drop by Marshalls to see if there was a purse that I liked since mine was getting oh, so ratty.  I was just looking around when a clerk came to me to see if I was carrying a Coke..  Of course I was!  Always I am...Me and my diet Coke are best friends.  This time again...the bottle was leaking in my purse all over the store leaving a trail, not to mention what it was doing to my ratty purse.  I was so embarrassed when I saw the girl coming with one of those big mop and bucket items to clean up after this eccentric.  Sigh!  The good news is that I found a new purse for $20.  I got home and emptied the wet contents of the ratty purse...I will spare you the details..As it all was drying, I realized that I was not a silk purse kind of woman.  I am a oilcloth woman!!, diet Coke and an oilcloth purse for leakage!
 The next blunder was sewing the zipper on the wrong end..the black was supposed to be on top.
 Here I am using my trusty new teflon foot for slippery things as I attach the scraps I had purchased from Oilcloth Addict when they had their postage free holiday.
And here I am making the big zipper the right size by sewing back and forth a few times.  Below I use clips instead of pins so the oilcloth will not mark.
The purse tutorial comes from Momtastic.  Sigh...too bad I am not a silk purse kind of woman!

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