Saturday, September 3, 2011

A lot of nothing and a little of something

The lack of posting around here has had many reasons, family stressors aside.  The other day,  I was trying to chill on my porch reading the latest issue of Studio magazine when I got totally inspired.  I decided to go into my quilting room and re-do.  Of course all that did was make a just terrible mess in both the room and in my disposition.  On and on and blah blah blah....Today, I feel better with this small corner organized.  My Civil War fabric, fabric that is already ironed on on Wonderunder for applique, "new" fabric made from scraps, and scraps from oil cloth etc are all in labeled boxes.
 When I was taking a picture of the organization, I decided to also photograph Emily's jacket from 3rd grade. The summer before I had had a terrible back injury leaving me unable to sit or walk seemingly forever.  When finally I could sit awhile I took this old jeans jacket from Goodwill and sewed her name on the back in sequins, by hand.  At the time Emily was in a prestigious school where the girls already were comparing labels on their clothes.  All the girls in her third grade class wanted a jacket like this with their names.  We didn't tell them that I had made it, so they assumed it came from their favorite (at that time) store, The Limited!  There were a few lessons in status and labels learned that year. That was 18 years ago and the jacket on my wall is now practically Vintage!
 Today I went with friends to IKEA.  In the children's department, I found this duvet set.  This child's duvet cover for $8 or $9  gives me 2 and a half yards of fabric almost 50 inches wide, plus a little pillow case.  I am delighted.  I think it is adorable.
As for quilting, I am working diligently on Evangelina's quilt.  I cannot show it because her mother, Joy is nosy.  Evangelina is refusing to be born because her mother is sooo ready for her.  A portent of stubborn things to come:)


Exuberant Color said...

The Studios magazines have the same effect on me, I want to dive in and reorganize, but the mess to get it all sorted is overwhelming.

joy said...

Evangelina's mother is SOOOO nosy.